Myers praises JaVale’s perseverance: ‘That’s a testament to just who he is’

Warriors center has been an unlikely star in 1st 2 games vs. Spurs

Karl Buscheck
April 19, 2018 - 1:42 pm

JaVale McGee, who’s seized the moment after Steve Kerr inserted him into the lineup at the outset of the Warriors and Spurs first-round matchup is officially questionable with a left quad contusion.

Earlier in the week, Warriors prez/GM Bob Myers dropped by “The Greg Papa Show” with Bonta Hill to peel back the curtain and share an insider’s view of McGee’s rise from midseason trade chip to postseason linchpin.

“In life, when you persevere and you’re patient and you do things the right way, look, he’s starting in the playoffs,” Myers said on 95.7 The Game. “And that’s a testament to just who he is.

Myers then offered up a cool anecdote about McGee’s work ethic:

“When he wasn’t playing during the course of the season, after the games — these are the things nobody sees — he’d be running on the treadmill because he didn’t play enough minutes, staying in shape. For a guy not to play a lot of minutes during the regular season and then to be in shape for the playoffs is even hard.”

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“There’s no charity going on right now. This is, ‘How are we going to win a game and who’s going to help us do it.’ And Steve has chosen JaVale and he’s come through.”

Check out the full interview with Myers in the podcast below and jump to 6:41 mark to hear the exec’s full thoughts on McGee:

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