Myers hopes to have Curry back by start of 2nd round, if Warriors make it

Dubs exec joined Papa & Bonta to talk all things Steph

Karl Buscheck
April 12, 2018 - 3:21 pm

Stephen Curry isn’t officially set to be re-evaluated until Saturday, but Warriors prez/GM Bob Myers offered up an informal report on Wednesday on “The Greg Papa Show” with Bonta Hill.

Myers said he actually saw Curry working out at Dubs HQ that morning and was impressed with what he saw...

“I had not seen him for a few days and I actually thought he was doing more than I thought he was going to be doing.”

“But it’s so hard to tell because he’s got to be able to go at full speed. And that’s where you get to the point: ‘When can you do that?’”

“Because he was running, diagonally, from court to court. And it was a pretty good pace. I don’t think it was sprinting. And he was doing some things and I didn’t know he could do that. But, until he’s able to cut hard — or even get to the point where he’s going through non-contact stuff — we don’t really know.

“But this Saturday, I guess a few days from now, we’ll have a better gauge: ‘Let’s re-evaluate him in a week.’ Or whatever it might be at the four-week clip.”

“I think it’s going to be, like has been said...the first round is going to be unlikely, for sure. And then after that, it’s really hard to say.

“Who knows how long the first round will go on. I haven’t looked exactly when it has to end by, but the hope would be at the beginning of the second round but we have to get to the second round.”

Jump to the 7:27 mark in the podcast below to hear Myers’ full breakdown:

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