‘My gut tells me that they’ll trade him’ — ex-GM predicts divorce for Khalil Mack, Raiders

Vinny Cerrato breaks down the Mack situation with ‘Joe, Lo & Dibs’

Karl Buscheck
August 01, 2018 - 11:34 am

Former Washington GM and Niners exec Vinny Cerrato joined “Joe, Lo & Dibs” on Wednesday to offer up his thoughts on Bay Area football.

Suffice it to say that Cerrato isn't optimistic when it comes to the situation between the Raiders and camp holdout Khalil Mack.

“Sounds to me like what he wants is probably more than they want to give,” Cerrato said on 95.7 The Game. “Or they’re not interested in signing him long term is the way it kind of sounds to me.”

Following up on that question, Cerrato was asked if he sees Mack in the picture in the long run for the Las Vegas-bound club.

“My guy tells me no,” Cerrato said. “My gut tells me that they’ll trade him and try to get some good draft picks for him. That’s what (my gut tells me) — especially if he holds out and especially if they’re doing well in the preseason and the defense is doing well.”

Cerrato offered the following theory as to how new head coach Jon Gruden and staff could view the defensive centerpiece.

“Maybe they’re not in love with Khalil Mack… If they’re not all over him to get him back and stuff, maybe their evaluations are, ‘You know what? We’re not going to put all our resources into him.’”

Jump to the 34:48-minute mark in the podcast below to hear the full interview with Cerrato and skip to the 37:14 mark to listen to his thoughts on Mack:

JLD - 8/1/18 - Hour 1 - Giants & A's Deadline

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, August 1st
Joe, Lo, and Dibs kick off the show discussing whether the A's and SF Giants were winners & losers at the deadline. Then they discuss the news out of 49ers Training Camp. Fomer 49ers Director of Player Personnel, Vinny Cerrato joins the program. 

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Lorenzo Neal is not his seed. This is Jolo and did on nine. We'll keep the luck. You always do actually an accurate and just listens to music walking and I discuss in my bag them up gradually I'm good to go he needs you walk up music. Nobody is not a super. I'm pretty guarding the six foot while 511. Sophomore getting smaller every day. To honor and something pounds of ground brown alluded to ground into yeah. McCain's judgment one. And somehow. Should it come into this thing at the spirit zero we're going to say OK guys beat as we all aspects Nadia I'm Franken. It was the cool. I do enjoy good morning good morning good morning to you all up and welcome the Joba this you're at 957 the game action packed show from start to finish. Vinny Cerrato who was part of the brain trust that drafted TERRELL OWENS back and who what was that I don't know. But ninety's coming up in about thirty minutes of talk about TO the hall of fame and everything in between Jason McEntire from the big lead and at best one at 730. On the drain on green tryst in top. Wrapped Bobby Evans general manager these Everett's is good giants at 830 will talk to him in this post trade deadline world and Alex Pavel ditch at 930 in addition. You had an opportunity to win a thousand bucks at 7-Eleven. 811 and 9/11 and its it's split up the Jerry Rice at 8 o'clock this morning. Absolutely shell yeah hit the button and walk out that it could show a lot of for a promotion feels like we had some fun I don't know how to slow one of the four I can't wait till we get bigger the 12 PC and very look at more. And public in my got a lot of ways and barely eased into the water on that at about 645. You'll get that. I'm okay reading in the day about 645 but we begin at. With the MLB trade deadline comes and goes and there's a flurry of activity but locally. Silent as can be. Giants do nothing BACM pat had to deal for Mike fires in the works it got close but fell apart at the last minute the a's didn't come away with closer juries the million it's important to note that. Trade deadline deals don't have to necessarily be pigeonholed to that final fifteen minutes these of the moves made in anticipation. Of the trade deadline so. As you look around the Internet today as you find your way to radio and TV. Everybody's got their winners and losers now granite none of these guys are even laid for the new team yet. But there are winners and losers everywhere let's start locally. A's giants winners losers IDC it. I would say both as losers all the giants I think greater losers in the eighties because he didn't do anything in all your division rivals stocked up. For the days you get the sense that the deal they wanted to do wasn't one that was able to go through but it might still because you get into the waiver. Trade deadline where a player has to clear waivers bubble Bobble put them when this liter six on through all the talent at. Point being it's not over it's over for either team. The giants we pretty much know aren't gonna. Based on the comments from Brian saving and we have Bobby Evans later today and will reaffirm their belief that. They think that you win with what they have for the is little bit and scratch your but it's not yet a done deal as far as trades go. You got them as losers but I would imagine not big time losers now sit here emulate my god what a swing and amassed just overall it's well I've got to pick one I can't pick winners and writing I've just a little bit of a bomber for the giants you expected it to be as such so it's not like your devastating there you were broadsided by and you thought they'd stand pat. And they did but everyone else around them gotten better so you have to give them the L giants probably used up all of their modes on that Derek Rodriguez transaction which caused virtually nothing and he pitched another gem yesterday. In route 282 game sweep over the Padres shut up the Padres for. Show and I inning each night. Combined to shop for about 10% and an entire series the Padres in the giants off today on to a four game series in Arizona. Over the weekend winners losers how did you see it right. I don't think you can sit and say that the ease loss we know Houston made some. A movie you look at around and see who made a mover too there was some. There was some movement wasn't necessarily a lot of movement the big fish didn't Lee harper and not make it you know chip the wade didn't happen. When when you look at the ace. Did they lose they went on you look at the giants they wanna one. But if you just talk about forming mentor and a psyche point of the teams. VA's believe. Wanted to better teams in baseball we looked at they've been streaking one and hottest streaks yet they ran into a hi team lassie last series and lost that series but. Mel may bounce back. And start to play well this one too. If you look at it so. Do they really feel that they lost the the real that they feel that they really are losers. Those men in that locker room Bobby Evans those players those different guys and that they believe they have a chance to get the playoffs and they believe that they're going to do well. They think they do play within what we had guys only show they talk about eight you don't just look up born. Winning like one is don't look a bald people we are good team and we're not a surprise anyone. You look at the giants. How they feel what's their mindset they feel do they really feel like winners. Are they really feel like losers you think about what's happening they talk about we have probably until on the phone heat on malign what did he say while. They say they see me play and what's going on they don't know what's won't. So you have a mental from a psyche point you have a team the giants an organization and we sand. We got older players don't know what's going on not necessarily got to make a push. You have two different mindset that I think one side is a winning and not losing I think the other side stills and losing stayed in my. For his competitive as the giants want to be. They sure as hell don't do a lot knee situations that's not a pro or con but just look at rap. If you're at dodger fan you picked up Manny Machado and prying closure over the last couple weeks. Those are Soo huge ads in the playoff push you look around the rest of Major League Baseball the yanks were all true aggressive bringing in Zach Britton in JA happ. All baseball all the contenders were making moves except for the local teams now again not to say it's pro or con but. Everything with the giants from the start of the season until now has always come back to the same thing. Well they're not gonna cross that CBT competitive balance or shall not gonna put themselves deeper into the tax on bank understandable. But that keeps coming up it leads me to believe. They have something really big in store for this offseason. If avoiding those extra financial penalties this year means this much watching everyone around every big ticket item team in the Major League Baseball organization. Out there acquiring players in making moves. It leads me to believe these guys are thinking they're so much more to be had in the off season from a spending same point. We're not gonna go ahead jeopardize that now my putting ourselves in and attacks from what. A fifth straight year we wanted to reset those penalties bring him back to the lowest possible level. And we wanna make a splash maybe that's good for bomb garner. Maybe that's good for the Bryce Harper rumors but regardless collection don't learn much shot oh Landon and already loaded team while you do nothing. There's got to be a reason for. Yeah and the reason will be to spend in the offseason I firmly believe in and Greg Papa who joined us yesterday was talking about the outfield that needs to be completely reworked. And you're not gonna rework it with five million dollar a year. Punching Judy kind of players and this is not stick shot and Austin Jackson. But you need to bring in the real slugging it. In your outfield because right now you don't have virtually any of it last fears even last in baseball and homers from. You're outfield so that's an aerial span if you decide bomb garner is worth whatever he's gonna command twenty million herself. You spend on Hammond. You don't worry about going over the threshold next year if yeah Handley misses this year. Better shape today. Or free deadline and when I mean pre deadline I mean. Incorporate about a week or so right include the the shot no trade include the Britain trade all the stuff that's gone on the last couple weeks that's considered pre deadline and then there's today. Are the giants and or eighties were they in better shape before the deadline and they are now or they in better shape now. That they were for the deadline I needed giants are in worse shape because their rivals all got better and you'll see it today with Arizona's improved bullpen when the giants are tomorrow rather than their four game set. In Arizona Diamondbacks are better for the EA is I think they're just as good because Seattle didn't really do anything significant to the aids. Probably better off because their rival didn't get better. What do you got in I think the government did on the and the east. That'll be seeking its its other flat amount Ohno I'm gonna panel anyone that goes that's our task here he'll go for a I think. People a flag I got ya know flag you know what I like I'm glad I don't I don't worry Arab and you yeah he. The eighties have look at the guys that they have that we're in the form system look at the guys are now on to continue to be on the big board roster look at weren't there yet. They're earning good point there and a good spot. They have some guys that can control they have some guys that have a lot of talent guys it just kind of got on there in New Kids On The Block. So when you think about what they had. In their cupboard compare with the giants haven't recovered. The giants the form teams not that good regular ballclub has aging ball clipped the a's are still in a very rare but that shapes I think these. They dated in great shape they're big they're in contention they spend no money that's the best possible shape you can but you still have a lot of talent I'd love Malibu beach house without having to pay for would you really. Yes you can get that have been added tax and be treated at a pay taxes on a still but how would you say your Ewing great shape. If you don't have a good necessarily good form system packing say in great shape if you don't have a lot of young talent and he's in great shape if need aids in giants and hand. He got a don't have aging talent and you have a lot of money on the books that's a great shake. So I think it bays are in a very very good position because through out they have I think they have little bit more longevity right. A financial standpoint and youth infusion standpoint they're in excellent shape it's just somewhat. If not the pile want it just somewhat. We're seeing disheartening when you watched the yanks make move. The Indians make moves the Mariners make moves the Astros make moves everybody that is in this race was out they're dealing. Except for you. You got the million but he knew he needed Frontline pitching in Latin get anybody now granite fires is probably still coming over that's how this kind of appears at the moment but. Got thrown out there I mean you're this is a year for the first time in a few years you're listening you'd like to get at least modestly aggressive at the deadline modest decision that. We'll get in the more this later Bobby Evans is gonna join us at 831 question out of the gate did you call Washington about Bryce Harper. Obviously didn't get anything done they're no one did harper stayed in Washington and they eked one out against the Mets yesterday everyone see that. 25 to four ways your final shot out the Mets turf. I'm watching the Mets and continuing to do met things and regularly but news out of forty niner camp in Santa Clara it is not good. That is next Jolo and did not accustomed. 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No word on the street is that there may or may not have been a 12 piece. Thrown at least thirty dental essay or here recently that's coming up at six fortified Vinny Cerrato. Former Redskins general manager coming up in about fourteen minutes at 630 great that you let us. Jolo and did not 57 the game Bobby Evans giant general manager today. At 830 did the giants reach out to the mats to inquire about Bryce Harper inquiring minds want to know we will find that out at 830. Itself. News out of forty niners can't. We tended to. Over analyze things that happened it can't it's because we love football that much I'm not just speaking about this room and speaking of this country BC one little. Cell phone video from a fan of wide receiver beating a corner and all hell breaks loose on whether or not you should get rid of the corner and whether or not he should pay the wide receiver. But that's part of the fun of all this you don't take it too seriously you enjoy it. You study it you embrace it but you don't read into it too mocks the one thing. Every team every fan base is trying to avoid this time of year. Serious injuries. And so far locally it appears that had us in the case in the first week can't. Gary Connolly obviously battling some issues with the raiders and now word out of Santa Clara former first round pick Eric Armstead. Is being listed as week to week. With a hamstring strain he suffered very recently Yip reportedly wasn't at practice yesterday so now being listed as week to week. Armstead as many of you know has shall we say failed to meet expectations. Since being drafted as a top twenty pick. Adam or get a few years ago he is set to enter his fourth. NFL season the team has already picked up his fifth year option which is gonna pay just south. Of ten million dollars next season the official number nine point 046 million just six sacks through thirty career games. Week to week. Could be fine plays week one great but is there any minor win more pressure on him this season that Eric Armstead because this is gotta be the year a year for. The excuses are dot. Yeah I think Josh Garnett was the first name that popped in my head that he may not even be relied upon he may not even be either so the pressure is on Armstead because of what you said about his fifth year option being picked out. They made a certain commitment to end. And now it's time for him to show that he is a legitimate. And FL player forget the first round label because he hasn't played up to that of course he asked to display up to the label of the NFL starter and then god. Played this year play next year and then may begin another contract but. Six sacks in thirty games over the course of three years by the Lance got 48 game tonight that's not. You know fifteen sacks and 48 gains would could be a B five yearly should be. Pretty good not bad not great but not bad but six and thirty that's big time this of. And blow to B Lis said it week to week with a hamstring injury these things can linger they can be nagging me can be troublesome or you can rehab that you can move on. He's had three years in the league this is fourth can't yet he means he worked in the experience as much as anybody else right day he he does enjoy and he even in OT ace issued the guy was injured hand and foot surgery. Had a clean up done so you look at some of these lingering injuries from this guy who hasn't given you a colossal amount of time who's been injured. Throughout his career in not just that hasn't put a lot of time on the feel even when he was well because of lack of ability to get it done so yeah without a doubt this is a little trouble in here down the guys hamstring is kind of tweaked it BC back in a couple weeks but. He needs the time he needs blood got there and get better because. They're physical up their camp right now and offensive line you know is not necessarily solidified you got guys battling for position. So practices very very important in Armstead is that got it needs to be out there to get those reps so. This is a warming to pick the the figure option this is as here this is the year that either he plays well. Are you don't they won't bring back and I got to bring him back is gonna go to free if free agent market improves up after the season. We Armstead down that means other bodies need to step up the one got to keep a close eye on over the next few days rookie seventh round pick Julian Taylor's 65280. Pounds out of temple ran off 48340. Very athletic with a lot of upside and downside is that he only played fifteen games in four seasons but the temple owls so he's role he needs to be developed. His lower half isn't as thick as powerful they say as you would want from the position bot. Kyle Shanahan did say. That Julian Taylor. Has done enough do the first week of camp to earn himself. Some first team reps that's pretty high praise for a seventh rounder at a temple when you've got other guys like Ronald Blair on the roster who many thought would step into the role. Not saying this guy's gonna be the next aging Colbert who made it rain is seventh rounder last year but just keep your eyes on Julian Taylor moving forward. Armstead definitely a niner in the cross hairs when it comes to pressure Jimmy eagle dropped below has to be when you throw out there which I think is an interesting debate because some would argue that now that he's got the contract there's no pressure whatsoever on drop low. Rubin Foster facing pressure as well. Cody C the most needing to. Depends entrees because can be great roster Foster Macay in terms of the overall pressure face is Armstead rank above those guys in your opinion. I didn't rumors roster still has number one because of the scrutiny of what he went through and the position he's being asked to play in his second year and last year he had a good year. But not a great year because he was injured it in and out nick knack injuries when he played he played very well. Now you know he's only a play fourteen games at the most because of the suspension so. He asked to have an impact full. Fourteen I would think drop below second because he is now this is near global icon status and then from there you have to look at. Armstead. I don't think is getting getting nine grabs you need somebody be that 8090 grabbed guy and I think it's got our sons I would put him right. Maybe that's not pressure more if we do the four shots that I might not pressure however nine. It's Joshua Garnett just trying to make it team there's some pressure that Richard Sherman trying to prove that he still has enough left in the tank to contribute both off the field which we've already seen. And on the field which remains to be seen moving forward. Pressure look around the steam pressure wise this drop below even feel pressure this season once you sign a deal like that is there any way to genuinely feel any pressure. I think he's gonna have he's gonna set the are high for himself to do well performed well. I don't think it comes down to necessarily wins and losses. That he comes on how he performs. I think god they're may lose games 31 when he won. In east you know put it in the long 33 touchdowns and he has 34 warning yards. It's not on him and no interceptions. So pressure in that regard for him to play well I think that's okay but if you same after the season. Will he be here yes you talk among the lime argue to Mark Rubin fosters more pressure on him will he be here to his season. Yes even replays were bad yes. But would he be heart disease and guess who look go down the line to what Richard you know different guys that have pressure on them to play. Play well. Most of those guys you guys lose to will be here after the season. Garnett has the most a lot of pressure because here's a guy that may not be on a team but I think he understands that ain't necessarily back. But Armstead demean. He has the most pressure because it affects. He's he's he's in a situation in the doesn't play well he's not an anti if he doesn't play well he does knocks the team's gonna go out there even beat him up. He needs to make sure that he plays well he's not he's a six innings any injured so what if he doesn't play well what if he'd right now Michigan kid seventh rounder. What if he takes his job and he doesn't get back he just lost value now he goes in early eighties looked as a backup you're looking to Boston on. The faucet and run he can hit it into every goes doubt his ability to play right. It's a matter can a guy state candy guys stay healthy and can eat cake here is awful stuff. If those things in place yes Jimmy gee look it is talent. Peoples of bald look we his body work can he play yet skinny build a ball canny move out of pressure Kinney and loot is you Smart guy. All of those who you talk about the guys you guys alluded to those guys pass the test. The one guy that has not passed his test yet and for years. Is you know is almost there so when you look at elect debt. He has to have the most pressure because he hasn't passed any tests in he's been there the longest on his organ in this organization and had the most. Opportunities to perform and perform at a high level. Because why his first round pick you're gonna get those opportunities when you first round big because the organization is invested in new so without a doubt. He has Democrats. Got very energetic and in their highlight that I was doing it. It went in and around really guy can't can't for two minutes and thirty minutes to go around. Again that jury look this could steal the round action at the Pentagon. Saddam in no I haven't had de La Hoya against two did address that stole those rounds into the fight Mayweather was the key to that right. Well he's eating a lot of things I mean he'll engage in any part yeah around and you could uptick there would have been attending Rao yeah. And I I don't know what happened at dinner are. There's yeah. Air Canada slipped into the epithet at a press can and if that. Itself in both negative and positive routes for example the pressure on Rubin Foster comes from a negative route he needs to prove he's not who people think he has. DeForest Buckner has pressure on him in my opinion a lot of it manifesting itself from positive roots. You want to show everyone you are who they think you all are. Buckner has the opportunity this season to emerge as not only the best player on the defense but as the future leader and team captain of this defense he shown flashes he's not be the prowess the intelligence the athletic ability. If he can make the next job. In his game this season not only is he headed for huge payday but he could be the face of this defense. Moving forward remember the face this defense is up for grabs Richard Sherman will probably represented defense this season but long term he's not the guy and everyone including Richard Sherman knows that. Rubin Foster could be that guy and he got a clean your act up for an extended period of time in order to earn that right but there right now having the opportunity is there for him to seize this season so he's got pressure big pressure writing it. The good pressure yet and the best pressure and a good coordinator who's gonna move them around to all three or four spots in the line that way they're gonna give this offense is different looks he has the speed rush outside some and obviously the power to do it inside. Timmy fun to watch him all over the line this year. Amazing no guys were talking about oppression we're talking about different positions on the line. It think about linebacker you look who's going to the hall of fame two linebackers Ray Lewis you look at Urlacher. Defensive line. Past pressures. Using linebackers. But win have you guys seen in interior defense to line probably since Reggie White that you could say that it's their team. It's their defense even though they're great guys and inside like book is the place. But accusing him think about what's not a glory position it's not but it's using it outside boy it all decking JJ watt ass question on the outside. You know those guys both good guys are using it the defense even middle linebacker safety. Our you know our our linebacker he's Vinny Cerrato former general manager of the Washington Redskins he was a personnel man in San Francisco and niners drafted Terrell Owens what does he think about Tito's decision. To not attend his own hall of fame ceremony this weekend coming up next Jolo and did not by a seven game. The game golf tournament. He's sold. And he's he's a final weeks and qualifying listeners to win a round of golf when I'm going to. It was than eighty out. 1 PM and 4 PM all these lean clean and Q&A friend could be golden would carry the big clubs and older race course in San Jose. It feels like it. McCain called. These Frontline Golden State blow burned Benjamin Moore paints and Freeman's appliance. It's the power myself. We bought some of our best selling matches. 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Vince get China with the cause you heard it here on nanny size seven game is not done a sixty victory over the blue jays clinching the series and clinching Bob Melvin 600 wind. With the green and gold Astros beat the Mariners last night to all what is now within one game of the second wild card spot. Is that of the series against the day to day coverage starts at noon right here on 95% in the game the giants won their third straight after branding Crawford's clutch single and attendees San Francisco the 32 victory off day before facing Arizona tomorrow. D'antoni did not make any moves yesterday than non labor trade deadline what's next for SF well Joseph loans as well as GM Bobby Evans. At 830 at manic had 90000 mideast right now well John has shown next year I'm manifests as a business. Sure going to discontinue. Its on 957. Big game. Dream my numbers Tristan Thompson's story today perhaps coming at a few minutes Jason McEntire for the big lead at that is one. Apparently had some details on this a couple of weeks ago he's gonna join us at 730 to tell us what he knows because there's a lot out there. We're not sure what exactly is accurate what is it. Which is right at the wheel house where how Michelle likes operate and Democrat right after yeah. I'm so excited 95 I didn't say that no interior linemen as it very rarely OK let's go ahead what was the outlay not text that was all day but I'm not telling you guys all and to send a majority of the time it's outside a stretcher inside back to those seen. I didn't. Every. I know argues with some fourteen year old and a great. I don't indicate he broke into Allegheny gravity you just. Former Washington Redskins general manager former San Francisco 49ers director of player personnel. Catch him now is the co hosted Vinny and Haney on 105 point seven the fan in Baltimore. Vinny Cerrato joining us here on 95 said in the game that morning Vinny and as always thank you for your time had severed intrigue yeah. Some Intel that we got what all of tomorrow. I'll give a lot of credence to police say that. Well tell me about this White House Lamar Jackson looking and do you see a scenario playing out where he takes Joseph Flacco is job this season. Absolutely not. Really take the job absolutely not there's no way a late into the night and day difference between Joseph Flacco looks great updated. I expect Joseph Flacco that quarterback rating ninety your higher and I expect it like 28 pledged all all six. And I think you're gonna have expressed here it because although during the ravens won't make the play out. It'll Mark Jackson is you know again. Flashes seen very inconsistent. Very inconsistent don't football bomb he. Loved what he runs around that make plate because I mean it lateral quickness is first of explosiveness is amazing but it is going to. Created just not where it needs could be yet. How about a rookie camp when he first got. Practical. So it's going to be our target market more way to after practice yesterday. A good market. I've said. What do you think Lamar prospect the first time that a low pressure every goal they are absolutely you temple where we just want him play. The quarterback position in the game tomorrow. The 49ers obviously pinning a lot of hopes on Jimmy drop below after his five and oh finished his season last year what can you tell fans to have them maybe. Slow to roll a little bit about what Jimmy is going to be expecting facing a tough Minnesota team and we won. Well when you look at their government be sent to they have the plight. You know Minnesota deeper into that spanned you know they've got pass rush they've got people in the secondary and they've got a good at all. So it's it's going to be a top top appeal you know so I would just say being patient. Be patient because drop or can't do it all by himself and don't expect in this start out five and now again you know I I would say. Just patience and evaluate at the end of the season not weekly. Well any impatience at the raiders be. The tweaking speaking of uncle Leo Mac and head coach gruden how's this relationship and how's this story Dunning and. Something like there's a relationship. Doesn't seem like there's been much discussion from everything that huge year AA manager. Sounds good he's like. That what you want. This probably more than they want to give or are there other current event. When it kind of got hurt John. You know on an L network the other day you know they were asking me at least you know what your defense you know what great last year easily argue but what Greg with coil back. So. I don't it doesn't. To me like he's that ancient thing to assign. And if they didn't side it wouldn't shock me. Or if they thought that it would be at their number and it doesn't sound like that's what happened with oil back. If they trade that would shot me. Former Redskins general manager Vinny Cerrato joining us here on 957 game long term do you see Khalil Mac is a member of the raiders obviously they've got the contract controlled for him this year they can franchise and next season. But when it's said and done in the next couple years and the team gets ready to move to Las Vegas DC Mac is a part of those plants. I don't. My gut tell you know my gut tells me that they'll trade. And you know try to get some. Try to get some good draft picks for that that's you know especially be a holdout and especially yet. They're doing well I appreciate that defense is doing well I think that Paula got there I followed with me and Washington I mean he has basically like Jed. Graduate assistant when he was an adjective. Into an edit they had a lot of good ruptures it you know so. I'm kind of surprised but maybe get Larry I always. Alone watching the good one to coaches come and they're gonna evaluate the talent like 89 talent maybe they're not. Well Mac it's kind of what it tells it there not all heard it getting back it up maybe they're valuations are you know what. We're not gonna put all our resources. Into him. What is Gunter do from a scheme standpoint that allows the defense to have so much pressure from so many different pieces that would help them maybe offset the loss potentially of colonial Mac. Are you may the biggest thing it's just like Mike Zimmer whom he's long and basically his defense follow. Am Marvin Lewis also you know who was whipped us at Washington that it also. But what we're probably gonna do years. He's going to look at what his players do well and let them do what they do well you know and if you are if you don't have a want to pass structures are I don't like. I got a great it would split I've got a great whiskey. If I got past structure that I could do other banks systematically what I don't need the bullets you know or quite got great quarters. You know like like the ravens they have two outstanding corner with a free agent Smith. And play press man I I can put that up. You don't get after the quarterback a little bit more so there's a lot of weight and bill. When we look at this at Cisco 49ers they're a similar situation. Doesn't necessary have a guy that. Bad dog on defense they can get after the quarterback with great consistency. So was that going to be out to be by scheming your opinion as well. I would think so I would I would think you know. If you don't have the rushers because. If there's nobody that can line up you know like we were there we had you know try stately Ricky Jack's Obama. You know so. What you would line up you knew they were gonna get pressure if you knew that they would get older you know you had a chance you know to get them out. So if they don't have that you know you gotta be at the pressures somehow because they don't have if you don't have pressure and a quarterback and stand back there forever. Could it make it part time don't they spit back there's not gonna pick them apart because as good that your secondary they beat as good at all. You know they're not going to be that good they got to cover all the public. Vinny Cerrato with a 0957. Game what did you think of the decision. On behalf of wide receiver Terrell Owens to pass on this weekend's hall of fame festivities in Canton Ohio and rather hold his own little event in Chad nudity think he's making a mistake here. Yeah I I talked to you know I called him. And I could deal. I doubt bring our bring kids. You know Dick can't deceit he won't make an announcement a week that's like prior in the Alps you know and I had. I didn't want to c'mon I don't talk about knuckle under after after the there. So I'll find out more at that time but are out of it I think it by year's day. You know. I should've gone because what I saw. You know I was standing up or you know basically I had let the people that didn't bode me. And you know. They're not the people that are up there on state equipment evident so. Outlook disappointed if but that kind of EO. Former Washington Redskins general manager former 49ers director of player personnel you can check him out now is the co host. A Vinny and Haney on 105 point seven the fan in Baltimore Vinny Cerrato joining us here on 957. The game Vinny we always appreciate the time thank you very much enjoy tomorrow night's hall of fame game. Well absolutely you know what about my game into another the veteran guys appliance so. It would get a chance to see a lot of young guys and everybody Baltimore it is in great anticipation. But watching what Mark Jackson because there has been quite well. You know in this city about global are so it's going to be. On the watch but. You know like that they are shell. There's going to be some good things start McCain and there's going to be some bad things stood. What you wanna do it just all progress in five preceding it really gonna play a lot. Excellent good stuff many thank you very much. We've got to get into what he said about Khalil we've got to get into that at some point initial but we also have to dive into what we've all been getting very excited about for quite some time. The one to peace heard round the world that's next Jolo and did is not a bad seven game. Thinking about a new TV maybe getting a really good one this time Samsung Sony and LG are the top rated brand scored 2017. And weekend many of their best models are on sale at the lowest prices of the year who has the best deals on the best TVs. Video our only where all the Smart shoppers out. Do you buy at a club or online check tab video only because if you don't you'll be sorry. 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Look I we're going to be dissecting this story throughout the day because there's a lot to get to hear in the beauty that there's so much uncertainty around it. Is what we relish and we relishing because at this shell operating in the margin in the shadows in the gray area. Let's take you back. In game one of this year's NBA finals we all remember JR Smith at this as the story in that game but. Tempers. Flared in overtime Tristan Thompson got ejected after an altercation with drained mine green. Here's what Dray mind green had to say about Tristan Thompson regarding that moment after game one Kristin. A criminal homicide and their customers. Good. Welcome news isn't it it's Susan I'm concerned the first. It's. Sort of books about it you know Summers interview anybody with the I'm just out of here to boost its. In his own world so small. We all laughed and enjoyed the game one win. We also went on to enjoy the game to end the game three when and the game four win which resulted in a third title in four years and he saw people LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers the official and a LeBron time in Cleveland. Afterwards in game four there was kind of I. Makeshift handshake line not to the extent you see in hockey but never players talking to each other afterwards and Tristan Thompson and dream on eventually encountered one another and Thompson tried to embrace dram on to an extent. It looked as if it was a let's let bygones be by gone sort of thing and -- I was and haven't. He was not having he actually started talking trash and was asked about it at the parade yet this is a. And that's real. Additional hollering and is courtesy of colon Azubuike our good friend listen to the beginning of this again your article and a and that yeah. Got a map back to sell those things play out again we react we all move on will apparently. Apparently. At a post espy's. Exclusive. After party. Dream on interest in Thompson and counting each other and mixed it up and we're trying to get to the bottom of what actually happened this is supposedly. Eight private party held by LeBron James. No phones no cameras and very exclusive after party following yes visa which a lot of guys were in LA. And somehow. Tom sitting green encountered each other at one point. Some reports are saying Thompson hit dream on with a 12. Solemn eyes what I'm hearing he won two peas. Others saying it wasn't so much a punch it was kind of muck of facial shoved Marcus Thompson who does as good a job covering the warriors. As anyone he's over at the Atlantic he has a story. And in that story today quote. It was a sucker punch said one source who attended the party but to be honest it wasn't really a punch it was more like a shop. And from there a date says that they went on later in the evening and there were any other altercations and everyone kind of partied into the night did what do you make of this I. Think it's hilarious the whole way it's been described neat you did such a good job of walking us through the brief back story and there's obviously more between dream on and the cavs but. To see these two come to not come to blows but come to terms in the club like that. It tells me a lot of things for one thing. If you're Jamont green and you see Tristan Thompson and you're in the same venue. It can't be a soccer too much because you know that you have some bad blood to any interest in Europe would dream on said you're not cut from the same cloth. So prominent venue was another person who's not cut from the same cloth as many as someone who's thawra basketball on my face and I've had problems with. I'm gonna keep my head and as well so I don't believe that it was a sucker punch additionally. I don't believe Tristan Thompson gave them a two piece I believe he gave among hockey style. You know handed the face not even a drop your gloves and let's get it on but just cannot. I hand wash and then they were separate editorial that could give a thank you Glenn I don't think it's much more than that. To me the way it's widely being reported it was a two apiece noses sucker punch he got his face washed. It was just two guys who really don't wanna fight who got into a little mini break is for about four seconds. I'll. Licking your lips about this story all morning that lay it out for us what do you think Umenyiora these details though deep says his whole life instruct and I'd like did say it 10 and scared the islands glad that. You want to fight someone pushing you can get after the collapse back public back at CNET that CNET fight. Too many times and this is a pillow fight in also you see certain things happen go down like this to Michael K what really happened. I just know that the king had to step in him and Katie bring this fight at LeBron James shout out to probably all of see that that they need if he probably wasn't there may lead this may be punches with a game ball yet is Kate Bonnie he's an easy as the hero. Emma and Katy two superstars. With this kid that reportedly broken up. They're there you go opiates but again if they really want to get after they would've scrapped long ago he's had two guys who didn't wanna fight hold me back call me back. Well in it you're right but in the sense though you're ahead. The fake EU head. Katie team. During my OK he's a leader. You know you look at the broad interest and so both these guys tell these both these dogs go back to the corner and don't do it here but I just excited because you guys. All pain you boys been saying all meet me in a club we can meet outside a mystery all I did man BF fake news I'm not mobile me by the by us whenever. And now you have a double think does the same place in you know you said that no he's our I mean. Any push human face. Saying. I don't care it's a little push matter pollution put. Gotta go we you you want to get to the person if LeBron said don't fight the club I gave it. Would you consider it lets go outside imminent say it be cynical outside behind back to whatever. Guys we'll let you go outside that they can act like that all we let that happen when he gets that when he knew that two guys. That are heated. And it's a certain situation in and I hate we viewed I think by this thing going down here and don't take bad here and we got easy take it here pick Democrats ready a don't get here. If they really sort of go. They can walk outside in the Alley no one around and make animated ring. And if like there are no. Okay. The guru I'm excited during and the app I highly doubt. And I didn't want to do anything and admit that it would drilling here but it's momentum. Hertz is down south are getting hit in the in my life back to cue up some guru I'm excited tonight Florida yes I just violent and immediately flagged shadow guru by the way who. Accidentally. Triggered a fifteen person and station group text message last night. We guys on this thing thankfully no it's a winning what began to groom was trying to post a message on a Pittsburg pirates message board about how they're going for it this teams to win the World Series in twenty when he any laid the whole thing out. But somehow. Being guru rather than posting it where he wanted to posted in this pirates forum. He hit a button that sent it out to this 9570. Gained group text he created which is a bunch of producers and on air people. The side bets is on it. If this thing went on probably 2030 messages kept blowing up everyone's thoughts on all of this nonsense. Culminating with a everyone. Pretty much trying to get an opinion at a assignments did you know he would not wanna be on the of course of course Ellis ball was going off repeatedly and was clearly probably very upset about it. And everyone just kept instigating it that looks out. I'm your effort it'll be great if I assignments plays year old Tristan and tries to give guru little two piece today. That leads into the big question of the day. Marcus Thompson from another source regarding this op has it as a face much wasn't so much a punch it was more a day. Face mush another source described it. Other reports have described as a legit punch maybe even a quick 120. If it's a face much. What would you rather be on the receiving end up the face lush or the bowl of soup JR Smith threw at an assistant coach a few months ago during the regular season. Think about guy outlets that put you at a date Eumig simple gimme basement you would rather be face most of the club. Then probable superstar on you got to sue and I got a he pushed it and get to you later don't just yeah did you did and now we're talking about two weeks later and you did. Listen guy discard any kind of pushed my face I'm like OK I mean did she saw Mike are on the did you soccer obligate you suck okay. But do that's so good I don't you'd go to a simple new 'cause it is hot I don't simple and you. Now you got to changeable UK this element did you later on your take off your shirt you gotta go take a shower that's simple your face so Paul Brennan got you caught it is. Even when you think the first the Christmas you're thinking about you walk away you've got so all of you face you gotta go get it out you gotta get some consumers is. Are right let us but getting hit with soup implies there could be some distance between you and him which also implies you may not have been able to get to him for retaliation. If you got touched if you got base much and then you're right there you were clearly within striking distance and there are no reports of you doing anything retaliation. I'd almost rather get hit with the suppan and be able to argue attract. Yeah Adam but he threw soup from across the room at the time I got there there fifteen people breaking us up I like to get on base most and it's like. You know you can't claim everyone jump then you're right there. Plus you've got the whole idea of germs you don't know where that hand stand in both suit most likely is a nice hygienic. High quality broth. You can't assume that it's okay right I was I'll have to do maybe isn't the stupid if it's just okay for Scotland and you don't have enough. Honestly that's normal after. They're good just use the restroom and not wash his hands without you know faced with with that and I are almost you're almost not just getting face must you're almost getting. You know what much and he potentially actually T back he could have that that MLB affliction the hand foot and mouth disease that is ravaging New York organization TSA in August to Scarborough also bug me any day of the week so you really read his column and get boasted distorting your face in his Rendell no indication was that it was thrown on an individual's faith it was. Also now able to there was a little bit of it.
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