Morosi says Bumgarner's return is 'one of the most impressive' parts of the 2nd half

MLB Network/ Fox Sports analyst joins “The Damon Bruce Show”

Karl Buscheck
August 11, 2017 - 5:23 pm

Amid a last-place summer, one of the rare bright spots for the San Francisco Giants is that Madison Bumgarner has officially rediscovered his vintage form.

In his six starts since returning from a stint on the disabled list with bruised ribs and a sprained left shoulder, the left-hander has let in just 11 runs. MLB Network/ Fox Sports Jon Morosi called that run one of the most noteworthy performances he's seen since the All-Star break.

“Bumgarner's recovery, given the dire natural of the prognosis after the accident happened, to me, what Bumgarner has done is one of the most impressive things we have seen in baseball in the second half,” Morosi told Damon Bruce on 95.7 The Game on Friday. “I really feel that way.”

“To me, with what I've seen from Bumgarner, he has been really exceptional the last several weeks and the Giants can at the very least depart this season, Damon, with the knowledge that their ace is still their ace. And that is very consequential.”

Check out the full interview with Morosi in the podcast below:

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