‘That moment was the beginning of our run’ — how Dray and Steph’s night out sparked the dynasty

Warriors defensive general shares favorite memories of No. 30

Karl Buscheck
October 11, 2018 - 12:23 pm

ESPN’s Sam Alipour conducted an extensive Q&A with Draymond Green in Tokyo, and, unsurprisingly, the loquacious Warrior dropped all sorts of gems.

Most notably, Green recalls the time in May of 2015 when he took Curry out, as a means of pulling Curry, and the club, out of a 2-1 hole to the Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference semifinals.

Here’s how it went down:

Last question: Steph gave his favorite Dray story. What's Dray's favorite Steph story?

Let me think of one that protects his image. (Laughs) My favorite Steph story goes back to the beginning of all of this, right before our first title. We were in Memphis, down 2-1. Steph wasn't playing well, and it felt like the world was collapsing on us. So he was in his room, doing nothing, and I called him: "Hey, let's go get a drink." "All right, cool." So we go to Blues City Cafe, drink a bunch of drinks, eat a bunch of garbage and have a bunch of fun. And we won the next three. That moment was the beginning of our run, where it could have gone all the way left. We just needed to just get away from the game.

Then we're in Cleveland, down 2-1 in the first Finals. Steph was struggling, so I took a bottle of wine to his room. So it's just me and Steph, in his room, crushing a whole bottle of wine — and we won the next three.

Those are the moments I'll never forget. That's my guy, man.

One look at the cafe's Yelp page reveals an absolutely delicious menu.

Green also had a memorable response when asked if LeBron James can transform the Lakers in a flash.

“S---, he changed Cleveland overnight.”

Amid the entertaining back-and-forth, Green also said he’d like to play 15 seasons, and discussed whether they’ll all be in Golden State:

“I'd love to (retire with the Warriors). When you look around the league today, how many guys have been with one team? Kobe, Dirk (Nowitzki), Duncan, Manu (Ginobil). It don't happen like that anymore. That'd be amazing. But at the end of the day, it's a business. Let the cards fall how they may.”

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