MMQB feature reveals Gruden is still as fired up as ever

Gruden details his return to the Raiders, hints at Lynch’s future

Karl Buscheck
February 20, 2018 - 2:11 pm

S.L. Price, senior writer for Sports Illustrated, has penned an opus on Jon Gruden, the fiery coach of the Oakland Raiders.

The extensive piece, posted on The MMQB, provides all sorts of Gruden and Raiders-related nuggets. Right off the jump, Price reveals that Gruden wants to write a story called “The Football Gods.”

“I thought I could write a cool Broadway play,” Gruden said. “I really do want to write this book. But I’d rather it be a movie.”

The play/book/movie would be about how “your passion leads to your heaven,” Price explained.

Gruden, whose return to the Raiders has been shrouded in mystery, had dinner with his wife, Cindy, and team owner Mark Davis the night before Christmas Eve in Philadelphia. Gruden was on the call for Raiders’ Christmas Day game against the Eagles. That's when Davis finally thought Gruden was heading back to the sideline.

The ex-ESPNer offered a very Gruden-ish answer for why he finally returned:

“I got tired of sitting in a dark room, watching tape by myself,” Gruden says. “I took rumba-dancing classes; that didn’t last — I wasn’t any good. Bought a boat; I never used it. Live on a golf course; I never play. I’d go to the FFCA early, and next thing I know it’s 10:30 at night. I’m thinking, S---. I’m wasting my time. I got to go compete.”

Gruden is also well aware of the reality that he has a major target on his back:

“So, you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to come back and put it all on me. Everybody’s going to want to kick my a--, step on me. They can’t wait to talk about what a dumba-- I am, and how s----- I was to start with. How ‘overrated’ I am. I hear it all. I know it’s going to happen. And I’m like: 'Come on!'”

Price also details an encounter between the coach and a fan at Ricky's Sports Theatre and Grill when Gruden offered a hint about Marshawn Lynch’s future with the Raiders.

Gruden met with the running back at the Raiders facility and told Lynch the following:

“I said to him: ‘I need Marshawn Lynch. I don’t need this part-time Lynch. I need full-time Lynch.”

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