Mish: 'Giants appear to be a fallback option' for Stanton

Sirius XM hosts says Giants are still in the race for NL MVP

Anna Kagarakis
December 08, 2017 - 7:53 am

USA today

Sirius XM's Craig Mish, who has been all over the Giancarlo Stanton trade, joind "Mornings W/ Joe, Lo & Dibs" on Friday and said the Giants aren't out of the sweepstakes just yet.

"It could take a wild scenario for (Stanton) to get to San Francisco, but I wouldn't eliminate them." Stanton said. Mish added that the orange and black "appear to be a fallback option." 

Check out the full interview with Mish in the podcast below:

Craig Mish

Mish's update that the Giants remain a "fallback option" comes on the heel of a Thursday night report  from Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic that Stanton won't okay a trade to San Francisco. Mish had reported that the Marlins list of approved teams was the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros.

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