Michael Irvin would ‘immediately’ trade the No. 2 pick for Antonio Brown

Niners are in the market for a game-changing target to bolster the offense

Karl Buscheck
January 07, 2019 - 3:06 pm

Suffice it to say that Michael Irvin, the Hall of Famer turned NFL Network analyst would do whatever it takes to bring Antonio Brown to Santa Clara.

Damon Bruce asked Irvin if he would trade the No. 2 pick in this year’s draft for the estranged Steeler and his answer was emphatic:

“Immediately. Immediately,” Irvin said on 95.7 The Game before stopping to laughing. Let me say it again, ‘Immediately.’”

(Continues laughing).

“This is Antonio Brown. Are we hearing this right? My body shivers and shakes at the thought of Antonio Brown with Kyle Shanahan.”

“Antonio Brown is not a problem. He’s not a problem. He’s never been a problem. Let me tell you what’s going on in Pittsburgh — he’s never been a problem — but he’s seeing what’s going on in Pittsburgh just like everybody else is seeing what’s going on.”

Irvin proceeded to go in depth on why the turbulence in Pittsburgh isn’t Brown’s fault and detailed why the pairing of Brown and George Kittle would make the offense “almost unstoppable.”

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