‘That will tear something down immediately’ — Michael Irvin speaks on the KD-Draymond situation

‘The Playmaker’ joined Damon and dropped some wisdom for the Warriors

Karl Buscheck
November 19, 2018 - 4:17 pm

Michael Irvin, three-time Super Bowl champ, five-time pro bowler and Hall of Famer, knows a thing or two about locker-room dynamics.

On Monday afternoon, The Playmaker called into “The Damon Bruce Show” for his weekly conversation and dispensed some of that knowledge when asked about the Kevin Durant vs. Draymond Green drama swirling around the Warriors.

“There are two things you can’t bring in the locker room and it’s all colors — the black-and-white color-thing or the green-color thing," the NFL Network analyst said. "Black or white, that’s a race thing. But green is a money thing.”

“And Draymond bringing up, basically, ‘You’re here for one year.’ All of those fall up under the green issue. You gotta leave that alone, man.”

“That will tear something down immediately. It’s unlevel land. It’s unlevel property. And Kevin Durant does have a certain power. You’re right.”

“Golden State wants to do everything to try to keep him there — for me reasons. To keep winning like they’re winning, but they don’t want him to go and hook up with LeBron in LA and then have to deal with that in the West.”

“So, they’re smart. They’re smart with doing everything they can (to keep Durant) and Draymond just has to understand this. I know it’s hard — because he’s the heart and soul — but you gotta understand that.”

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