McGwire says he ‘absolutely’ would have hit 70 homers w/o PEDs

Ex-slugger became 1st player to reach 70-homer plateau in 1998

Karl Buscheck
April 09, 2018 - 1:29 pm

Former Bash Brother Mark McGwire has offered up some bold claims, twenty years after breaking the single-season home run record.

McGwire, who lost his record to Barry Bonds (73) in 2001, believes he would have reached the 70-home run club even without the aid of PEDs, as he detailed in an extensive piece with Jayson Stark of The Athletic.

"Absolutely," McGwire said. "I just know myself. I just know. I was a born home run hitter. I mean, unfortunately, I did (take PEDs). And I've regretted that. I've talked about that. I regretted it. I didn't need to. That's the thing. Didn't need to."

McGwire, who clubbed 363 homers in 12 seasons with the A’s before heading to St. Louis to smash the record and cap his career, still doesn’t seem to want to take any blame for his transgressions.

"There wasn't anything going on (to keep the sport clean)," McGwire explained. "The game has done a terrific job of doing what they're doing now. I commend them for doing it. I think we all wish (testing) went on when we had played. But unfortunately, it didn't."

McGwire is currently the bench coach for the San Diego Padres. 

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