Matt Olson on the A’s amazing summer run and the ‘unbelievable’ Matt Chapman

Oakland 1st baseman stops by for a wide-ranging discussion with Damon

Karl Buscheck
August 20, 2018 - 5:08 pm

Matt Olson, the Oakland A’s emerging star at first base, joined “The Damon Bruce Show” on Monday afternoon for a fun and entertaining conversation.

Olson told Damon about his unique batting stance, Ramon Laureno’s epic throw earlier in the month and the moment the A’s knew this was for real.

Olson also brushed aside the notion that the upstart A’s are “overdelivering” (jump to the 5:55 mark):

“I think inside the clubhouse we wouldn’t call it overdelivering. I think we saw the possibility of being a playoff team and the potential that we had.

“I do think the chemistry has a big part to do with it. We’re a loose group, had a lot of fun, but at the same time, when we step on the field everybody together (has) one main goal and that’s to win.”

“Selfishness will kind of bog teams down and get in the way and there’s none of that going on over here. To go along with that, we’ve got a lot of talent.”

The first baseman also offered a full vote of confidence when asked if he thinks Matt Chapman should win a Gold Glove.

“I personally think he deserves one,” Olson said. “I think most of the defensive metrics would agree with me. The guy’s unbelievable. I’ve never seen anybody at third base do what he does. It seems like nightly he’s putting some sort of highlight reel together."

Damon Bruce joined by Matt Olson

The Damon Bruce Show
Monday, August 20th
Oakland A's first baseman, Matt Olson, joins the Damon Bruce Show to recap a weekend series win over the Astros. 

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Here's the 32 slot on the. Okay. We want floppy. That's okay. As ultimately. Well why. Party time don't play indeed Vince control O'Neill great call Matt Olson at the big walk off home run to keep up the Houston series. On Friday night pretty good timing for his first career Major League walk off Matt thank you so much for joining us this afternoon how are you sir. There there are no don't fantastic by the way much like the aids is a team do you. Are shown up earlier than expected we usually we don't get a lot of guys who call in early we do appreciate it thank you. I've lived so well get stricter and more. How low we hadn't yet. We wanna get you out there it is Strachan and get already for this one. So had you ever hit a walk off home run in the minors or do you need to go like all the way back to little league for your hero moments. I knew one last year in Nashville. It's obviously a way to curtail or build it up. Arrogance but exacerbate. I bet your your batting stance Matt he is somewhere in between Paul Bunyan within acts in coney and the barbarians standing with a sword like. I absolutely love it your batting stance might be one of my favorite things about the entire baseball season this year. Where did your stance com from how did you develop it. Who's the one who told you to get your hands so far away from your body. All he did it myself. When I came up here and then Tony sixty. And I sat down with booed here did that can. You know it is did you loose on a prudent. There's been saying there are gonna get exposed here and you know some changes. You know good mechanic he short armed. In a certain place in our power difference. The included student. Widget syndicator and they did not achieve that they'll put so much so did you find a way to beat. Sure direct the ball. Started with just put my hand others all on a early. And then do. What we have now in permanent but that I'm in everything. And looks like here pay your hands are just right over home plate before the pitch evening comes anybody get out. On you for crowding 'cause it looked like your crowding you just got long arms in the damn panzer over the plate. Yeah I got a long armed voted on until it start and went about their. Nobody is nobody get armadillo like a summit in that order but. Hopefully urban gratitude I get there that you. Well things are certainly being gone right for you and your teammates Matt Olson a.'s first baseman here on 957 game so the home plate coal that was overturned on Friday when Ramon Laurie on now. And he came in in the ninth inning I'm sure you've seen that replay a few times by now. Are you surprised that that call was flipped is I was because I didn't think it was conclusive. Then. I think I think a.'s caught a little bit of a break there which you don't need to apologize for and are you I'm looking for all the breaks I can get put her. When you look at it who are you surprised to see that was overturned. I don't know and it took awhile to. Deciphered so. I'd say a lot of time does it take bell on religious they'd do it. At the plate standard regular return to put these guys. As somebody different camera angles. You know they're out there. The orgy Ricky ponting and turner. Either the other angle. Well because this that we see younger you'll be good news of course there. And looked I didn't look but he could have gone either way. But I think Gloria he he got that ended urges a second or. You guys have taken it certainly stepped set the stage for your dramatic walk off in the tenth come back with all those doubles on Saturday. And then Frick convert Lander man he's just got this team's number doesn't think. Well I mean you got to home a little ever I mean. And crooked number couple times but it just feels like. Verlander is one of the all time these killers out there. That he you can probably do that for a lot of these there. Did exactly that are out there. We got scored on runs that he'd be happy but I you ought to at a speed chart I mean. You know he can't expect it out there and put up any and Verlander. So. You know we know obviously great insurance. Now they just they got balance yesterday. A's first baseman Matt Olson here on the Damon Bruce show so I got to ask you one more question involving. Ramon the rope. Look Cannell was at first base denied that he made the throw with the year down in Anaheim. But does that throw Matt changed the way like you pay attention now to when he's out there like he might never looked at a cut off guy again I think could become a view from. There's an up close. Look at that is you're wrote that saw. Co op approach water like Woody Allen you know I've I've never seen somebody who can. Make it flat martyrs. Yeah. He's shut up pretty quickly but it bit him in the chest. You know it is. Not only arm strength the accuracy but he makes boot loop. This pretty incredible. Matt it's the lowest payroll in it in baseball. How is this happening if it doesn't seem like a single person who covers this team can really figure it out maybe someone playing for the steam. Can help me understand how you guys have over delivered so much so quickly. You know I think. It says the call about Greenwood color or were delivered. Are they. We saw the possibility of being a well in the potential though at all. I do think the chemistry as a departed duke doing it. We're a loose loose group a lot of on good. The same time you step on the field everybody together. You know what main goal at Bristol where. So there's this quote walked out of bog you down and then get away and there's none of that dog on a career. Another Obama that we got a lot of Allah. No doubt you guys have a lot of talent it's it's going to be around Oakland for a long time to it. It is surprising I mean though there's no reason to pretend that I think a lot of a six I do you guys did god bless you but. 26 games behind the Astros last year. You were about twelve games out in mid June and now you're just to gain behind them it's been an unbelievable stretch of baseball. Matt was there are a series. Or a team meeting. Or road trip where you really felt. Like the cosmic tumble Ers turn in your direction where he started written off thirty something that a forty something games. Yeah I don't know there was one specific. Time. The first thing that popped in my head right there was no words. When we came back in Houston. At their place last hours they're well excellent. Finger down or not them. Out there in Maryland and we came back it was a game we ended up losing. Or metal wouldn't buy it. But you know we went into Houston and played them really well at their place which. Obviously is imminent and environments. And you know about what an honor and it is kind of you know realize that it that this was real. You know however what that. Are you guys certainly haven't Matt Olson a.'s first baseman again crushing anti Syrian 24223. Home runs. 58 RBI your home run away from matching last year's total seven away from thirty home runs on the season was at a a number 2530. You had your mind in in spring training. Not Obama Geithner released. Like exact numbers are anything. Meaning either by the way so congratulations. And I thought oh good you know this so many. So many different things that happened throughout the course this is obviously last year. Well I can't about that and almost. Torii 502 months and you know whatever woods. You know so I'm going into a year I don't wanna be like. 20/20 a regular you know there is little. That he Melbourne the markers. And yards still looked at it that the here are bound ultimate muscle it got better at much like. It on I personally don't like they're going to hear what you set numbers. And don't limit yourself I mean if you ready for forty take forty right that's the way coast week that we're talking with. One of the Max because obviously across the diamond from you is Matt Chapman who is. If they wanted to Hannam a gold glove this year I wouldn't have a problem within I'm guessing you would neither. I don't know greatly. I personally thank you to third quarter. I think most of us defensive metrics recruitment. The guy's unbelievable. Never seen. Anybody at third base duty doesn't. Seen billions in nightly news but some sort Arnold and other. Which do you think is the harder play that he he makes routinely. Some. Like a stab that's borderline foul territory or the way that he charges. Portly hit balls or bonds and just bare hands it likely to die it's ridiculous. Yeah I don't know. The way to the way that he can go side to side it is it is call it onto the biggest difference sperm and the other people. It doesn't really do that governor by a suitor due to people they can do it you know. Also slowed them but. Is it lateral quickness they have the ability to go about it. Or the ball the same arm strength that it has got our. Incredible. Matt Olson joining us here on the Damon Bruce show so an awful lot has been documented about attendance this year at the coliseum it was great CNET fill out this weekend. You gotta love that place when it's rock and how much does it affect the overall feeling in this in the clubhouse in the dugout I mean I'm a big believer in. Look good feel good play good and I'm imagining it feels great to play in front of the pack crowd. Yeah it taught him good didn't that would make a difference for us it is it was great. We appreciate everybody. Coming out. You know Japanese Catholic and about in just encourage people to arm. You know obviously people listen. He was also looking at that point opens in the student. Well there's an awful lot of reasons for everyone to walk in there and enjoy some baseball right now you guys are really one of the best stories out there on a personal note. From what I can gather from your Twitter timeline. You know your from Atlanta your falcons stand that you recovered from that blown lead in the Super Bowl he had do you harbor any ill will. Towards Kyle Shanahan. No matter not sure. Dad who who's ill will towards. It. It just happened to slow things and I mean you know. Just one of those crappy scenarios. That aren't all that he and 230. And of course Tom Brady are the best out there the worst RD I got a couple patriot but he back on. Pretty much within they're there were a couple of years. I'm sorry about that I thought this act that took you out of field goal range was the killer now that's what I. But after they met it was a pleasure catching up would you men want to wish you and your teammates the very best of luck easy finish out this homestand as you finish out your season. It's one of the most exciting stories in all sports right now keep it up for us man thank you so much. Yeah. Great stuff Matt Olson Oakland a's first baseman we certainly hope you enjoyed.

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