‘The world wants this dysfunction’ — Matt Barnes texted KD & Draymond in effort to broker peace

Ex-NBAer praises Draymond as a teammate, says situation has been blown out of proportion

Karl Buscheck
November 14, 2018 - 2:08 pm

Matt Barnes, the former two-time Warrior and 2017 NBA champ, joined “Joe, Lo & Dibs” on Wednesday morning to lend the perspective of a longtime NBA veteran to the brewing controversy surrounding Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and the Warriors at large.

Asked if Draymond is difficult to play with, he instead praised Green the teammate and said the entire situation has taken on a life of its own.

“No, not at all,” Barnes said. “Draymond is one of the best teammates around. His teammates will vouch for that and guys around the league that know the game understand that.”

“I think when you play with a passion and lead your life with a passion, sometimes it’s not always good. Sometimes some bad can come from that, but I don’t think this situation, overall, is bad.

“I think, right now, we live in a world where everything is scrutinized and there’s so many cameras on you all the time. I mean, this kind of stuff happens ALL the time. I mean, people come to blows in practice or sometimes it’s a heated exchange during the game.”

“But I think just the fact that this is the Warriors, everybody wants to blow this out of the water.”

Later, Barnes addressed what head coach Steve Kerr needs to do to stop the situation from escalating and praised KD for attempting to keep story in house with his curt postgame comments on Tuesday night.

“We’re brothers at all times,” Barnes said. “But sometimes you’re not going to like your brothers. Sometimes you’re going to want to cuss your brother out. And that’s happens all the time, but that’s okay. That’s healthy.”

“So, I think the situation is, obviously, catching a lot of attention, 1) because it’s the Warriors but then just as players and knowing KD and Draymond both very well, this is going to be water under the bridge.”

Barnes then said these kind of dustups are commonplace before revealing that he had reached out, individually, to both players.

“It happens all the time,” Barnes said. “The only reason why this is the biggest story in sports right now is because they’re the best team in the world.”

“I texted both those guys last night saying that, ‘This is what the world wants. The world wants this dysfunction between you guys because when you’re at the top, it’s lonely up there and people are always bidding for you and people always want you to fall.’”

“So, I was telling these guys that this is exactly what the world wants. The world wants this dysfunction. And I think it’s up to them, and I know that they know it’s up to them to mend this and keep it moving.”

Jump to the 22:01 mark in the pod below to hear Barnes in his his own words:

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