Mark Davis takes blame for Raiders’ season, discusses stadium plans for 2019

Silver and black owner says he’d like to play in Oakland in 2019

Karl Buscheck
November 12, 2018 - 12:25 pm

In the wake of the Raiders dropping to 1-8 on Sunday, Mark Davis, the club owner, sat down wit ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez for an extensive interview.

Davis, whose first season with long-sought after head coach Jon Gruden has not gone to script, took the blame for the state of the Raiders.

"I always look in the mirror, and the buck stops with me," Davis told Gutierrez.

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"Where this team is right now is my fault,” Davis said. “We haven't been able to build a 22-man roster. We haven't been able to give this team a chance to win because the reconstruction failed. We failed from 2014 on to have a roster right now."

Among myriad topics, Davis also addressed one large logistical concern: where will his team play in 2019?

The Raiders are moving to Vegas in 2020, but the team has no lease for next season — and Oakland threatening to sue the club.

"I personally want to play in Oakland," Davis said. "I absolutely want to play in Oakland. We have a completed lease sitting with the city council, that all they have to do is agree to it and we're here next year."

Davis went  on to insist that possible litigation wouldn’t change his stance, even if it’s not the savvy play from a business perspective.

“Emotionally, I would say, why would I give them $3 (million), $4 (million), $5 million in rent that they're going to turn around and use to sue me?" Davis said. "But, at the same time, if they'll have us, I can't turn on the fans. I can't do it. And this is terrible negotiating I'm doing now. I'm going to get killed. But that's just the way I am. But, if in fact it does get ugly, and can't be bridged, we do have options."

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