Mark Cuban says Lacob has done a ‘phenomenal job,’ plus thoughts on Bob Myers, Don Nelson & running for president

Mavs owner joins 95.7 The Game for an exclusive interview ahead of Oracle regular-season finale

Karl Buscheck
April 05, 2019 - 11:33 am

Ahead of the final regular season game at Oracle Arena, Mavs owner Mark Cuban, whose club famously lost to the "We Believe" Warriors in a historic postseason upset, swung by the 95.7 The Game on Friday morning.

Cuban told Matt Steinmetz and John Dickinson that his favorite part of going to Oracle Arena was always getting showered with “Cuban sucks” chants. The Mavs boss also chimed in on his view of Joe Lacob, his Golden State counterpart.

“Joe’s done a phenomenal job — with bringing in the right GM, bringing in the right staff, bringing in really smart people,” Cuban said.

“Bob Myers is one of the best in the business. Sometimes you’ve just got to let really smart people do really smart things, and Joe’s been great at that.”

And that famous light-years line, how’d that go over with the other 29 owners?


“Everybody got a good chuckle,” Cuban said. “But we all have egos and we all say stuff that we kind of look back and shake our head at. But, look, when you’re winning, you’re on top of the world.”

A few quick odds and ends...

On Don Nelson:

“He’s the Godfather. I don’t know if you’ve seen him recently, he’s got long hair. He wears these black suits. He looks incredible.”

“I’m hoping he’s going to make it to Dirk’s last game in Dallas on Tuesday. It will be great to see him.”

On if he’s ruled out running for president:

“Not 100 percent, but it’s not a likelihood -- let’s say it that way. The definition of bad parenting is having kids nine, 12 and 15 and running for president. So, if I didn’t have kid, I would definitely do it.”

On the worst thing about being a billionaire:


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