Stein: 76ers made a ‘clandestine’ run at Bob Myers last summer

Warriors basketball boss is among the most respected executives in the NBA

Karl Buscheck
April 17, 2019 - 10:50 am

Last summer, in the wake of Bryan Colangelo’s Twitter-burner-fiasco, the Sixers reportedly took a big swing (and a miss).

Marc Stein of The New York Times reports that the 76ers made an unsuccessful play for Bob Myers, president of basketball ops/GM of the back-to-back champs:

“The 76ers tried to stage their own such coup last summer after the Bryan Colangelo Twitter scandal. As The Times reported last July, Philadelphia made an ambitious attempt at trying to hire Daryl Morey away from Houston — and I’m told Philly also commissioned a clandestine run at prying Myers away from the Warriors that was likewise rebuffed.”

After Magic Johnson’s seemingly impromptu resignation from the Lakers last week, Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic, weighed in on Myers’ potential fit in the LA.

“Magic Johnson suddenly stepping down as the Lakers president of basketball operations on Tuesday leaves a void in their front office as big as his persona. And the Warriors should be alarmed. Because Bob Myers makes a lot of sense for the Lakers.”

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