The Disgrace at Chase: Lo & Dibs are going 1-on-1 on Wednesday

The epic showdown will be streamed on IG Live starting at 9am

Joe, Lo & Dibs
February 13, 2020 - 10:13 am
The Disgrace at Chase

It's a rivalry as old as time, Lo vs. Dibs.

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And the latest chapter in the eternal struggle, aka The Disgrace at Chase, comes on Wednesday, Feb. 26 at 9am when Lo and Dibs will be going one-on-one on the Warriors home court. The historic event will be streamed, in its entirety, on the @957thegame IG Live.

"I don't know if his ego can sustain this kind of Titanic defeat," Dibley declared, adding that this will be the biggest loss Neal, the 16-year NFL pro, will endure in his athletic career.

Lo, meanwhile, claimed that the only way Dibbers will win is if he gets hurt or if there is a monsoon.

The final two hours of the show, in particular, were can't-miss stuff, as Lo and Dibs traded barbs.

The Billions on Twitter are backing Lo.

And Fortenbaugh Palace is already setting the line.

Joe has more thoughts.

And the final line...

There could be a doctor in the house.

Stay tuned for all the details on this watershed sporting event.

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