'Let's make it happen' — Steve Kerr is on board with Guru vs. Jordan Bell

The much-discussed matchup is getting closer and closer to happening

Karl Buscheck
November 07, 2018 - 5:32 pm

The Guru vs. Jordan Bell one-on-one showdown is one step closer to fruition.

Steve Kerr joined "The Damon Bruce Show" on Wednesday afternoon and offered his blessing.

“Let’s make it happen," Kerr said. "We’ve got to make it happen.”

Before playfully pointing out that he has to check in with basketball ops czar Bob Myers, he pointed out where he stands on the idea that Guru can take it to the rack against Bell.

“Yeah. He’s not scoring," Kerr said.

To review, the fun began when Guru told Steiny that he could score against Bell one-on-one:

Then Bell replied on IG that if the post got 10K likes, the matchup would happen. So, here we are, closing on the fun. 

You know what to do, hit that like button.

--UPDATE-- @jbell says 10K likes to make this happen! @darylegurujohnson really thinks he can score on @jbell. Steiny strongly disagrees. Hit that Like button if you want to find out who’s right.

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