Let’s pump the brakes on saying Richard Sherman is washed

Veteran corner has produced some good and not-so-good camp moments

John Dickinson
July 31, 2018 - 4:25 pm

Seen a lot of quick takes with respect to how Richard Sherman has looked during the first week of 49ers training camp as the now 30-year-old cornerback attempts to return from a ruptured Achilles.

Some of the reaction to a video of Sherman getting smoked deep by Marquise Goodwin during Sunday’s practice made it appear as if the ex-Seahawk might as well retire on the spot.

The reality is that was Sherman’s first rep in his first practice in pads since the injury. Sherman was also going up against a wide receiver with world-class speed in Goodwin. Sherman also got beat for a catch during team drills at Tuesday’s practice by Pierre Garcon on a deep ball thrown down the sideline by Jimmy Garoppolo.

It hasn’t all been bad for Sherman however. He had two pass break ups during one-on-one’s on shorter or intermediate routes including one against tight end George Kittle. Sherman also picked off a Garoppolo pass intended for Garcon on Tuesday.

In simplest terms, Sherman has never been a speed demon and relies on using his physicality and jamming receivers at the line of scrimmage. When he’s been able to do that both in one-on-one’s and in team drills he’s looked very much like his former All-Pro self. The 49ers are also taking it easy with Sherman during training camp by having him practice for two days and then taking the third day off. He’s still not 100 percent.

It’s far too early to pass judgment on where Sherman is at or how much he has left in the tank. Let’s wait and see how he looks in actual games that count before saying he’s washed because a dude with Olympic-level speed blew by him in a video that went viral.

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