Klay shows up on ‘Space Jam 2’ set on crutches, Draymond also appears to make a cameo

Green’s potential role in film remains unknown

Karl Buscheck
June 27, 2019 - 10:11 am

TMZ Sports

TMZ Sports dropped some super grainy, yet intriguing, videos and photos of the “Space Jam 2” set on Thursday morning, most notably those including a crutched up Klay Thompson and a No. 23 who looks very much like Draymond Green.

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Klay, already confirmed to be in the movie, got a hug from LeBron James, while sporting a lone crutch.

Draymond, who is represented by LeBron’s shadow agency Klutch Sports, has not yet been linked to the movie, but a guy who looks a lot like him is seen on the floor alongside James and Anthony Davis.

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