Klay scored 43 points on 4 dribbles and even LeBron James was impressed

Splash Bro knocked down 7 triples in rout of the Knicks

Karl Buscheck
January 09, 2019 - 1:42 pm

Klay Thompson delivered the kind of performance that only Klay can on Tuesday night at Oracle

En route to a 122-95 hammering of New York, Thompson needed just four dribbles to pour in 43 points. Watch for yourself:

It’s one of those performances that makes you go, “Wow.” Or, in the case of one long-time Golden State Rival: “This is dope !!!!!! Just 4 dribbles!! / Take notes kids/adults"

LeBron’s IG shoutout does leave one to wonder…

Klay, a LA native, is the son of Showtime Laker turned team broadcaster Mychal Thompson. Klay becomes a free agent this summer.

LeBron is the foremost recruiter on planet sports. Last month, the NBA fired off an anti-tampering memo, perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not, in the wake of comments by James regarding Pelican star Anthony Davis. A storyline to watch? Or not. Only time will tell.

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