Klay likes listening to classical music or nature sounds while visualizing making buckets

Splash Bro pulls back the curtain as Warriors get ready for WCF

Karl Buscheck
May 13, 2019 - 2:52 pm

With the Warriors getting ready to reveal the Western Conference Finals against the Blazers, Klay Thompson was among the Dubs who spoke at practice on Monday and the guard did not disappoint.

Klay revealed that he’s done a lot, on the mental side, when it comes to growing his game this season. He’s been reading on the internet, learning from Steve Kerr and Tony Robbins, the life coach extraordinaire who worked with the Warriors last year.

Klay has also soaked up knowledge from David West and Andre Iguodala. Andre told Klay that Tiger Woods visualizes every shot before a round. So, now Klay does the same thing...

“I try to put on some classical Pandora or some nature sounds. I can’t listen to like rap or hip hop when I do it because then I just get distracted.”

“But, something pleasant in the background. It’s nice, man. It’s a challenge. It’s much harder than working out but — especially for me — my mind races. So, it’s good practice for me.”

Favorite classical reporter, one reporter followed up...


“No, man. Mozart. Beethoven.”

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