Klay on Draymond’s death threat: ‘I think D. West had the appropriate response’

Splash brother weighs in on ugly Twitter incident

Karl Buscheck
May 08, 2018 - 1:07 pm

A couple of days after Draymond Green was the target of a wildly inappropriate tweet from a purported comedian, Klay Thompson addressed the topic after the Warriors’ Tuesday morning shoot around.

For reference, here’s the tweet:

“Oh man, that was uncalled for,” Thompson told reporters. “That was pathetic, honestly.”

“I think Draymond said it best, if you feel that strongly over a game, it’s not healthy. And (it was) just unwarranted. Don’t wish harm on anybody. It’s terrible.”

Klay also gave a nod to David West, who replied on Twitter in NSFW fashion.

“I think D. West had the appropriate response.”

West is the renaissance man of the Warriors and also the resident enforcer/big brother.

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