Kevin Harlan clears the air on comment Curry will miss 3 more weeks

Veteran broadcaster joins Damon to talk Steph and beyond

Karl Buscheck
April 19, 2018 - 4:26 pm

Kevin Harlan, the legendary NBA, NFL and college basketball broadcaster, accidentally set the hoops universe on fire on Monday night when he reported during Game 2 that Stephen Curry was set to miss another three weeks.

Harlan had received that intel from a pre-broadcast meeting with Steve Kerr, his former TNT colleague. The Warriors head coach has since shot down the report, dismising it as a “miscomunication.”

On Thursday, Harlan stopped by “The Damon Bruce Show” to clear the air.

“Steve said, ‘Well, he’s been out three weeks. Normally, an MCL sprain takes six weeks to heal fully. We’re in week three, so you can do the math.’ And that was it.”

“And I did the math. And I flunked math, obviously, because I’ve gotten a lot of people -- some of your writers in particular -- who I know are facing, I know the writers out there are facing a lot of pressure from the fans.

“Saying, ‘When’s he going to be back? Like, no ones’s saying anything.’ So, I guess when I come rolling into town and get that little bit of information, which, that is how I took it. It was three weeks. But the doctors I think are probably telling the team it’s going to be less than that.”

“But Steve, as we know, always operates on the side of caution. That’s what he was telling me.”

Check out the podcast below to hear the full interview with Harlan:

Damon Bruce is joined by Kevin Harlan

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