KD on NYC billboard: ‘I’m not really impressed with that type of stuff’

Back-to-back Finals MVP inundated with free-agency questions amid Warriors’ East Coast trip

Karl Buscheck
October 26, 2018 - 10:00 am

As has been long expected, Kevin Durant was one popular dude when the Warriors landed in New York City on Thursday night.

A herd of reporters had plenty of questions for Durant, subject of rampant speculation about a potential future move to New York. Durant can opt out of his current pact with the Warriors at season’s end.

First, KD was asked about the following billboard that popped up outside Madison Square Garden, the cathedral of the Knicks.

"To be honest, I don't know how I feel about that type of stuff,” Durant told reporters. "It's cool. No disrespect, but I'm not really impressed with that type of stuff. I just really like playing basketball. ... I know all of that stuff is a part of it, but for me I don't really get up for that stuff."

According to The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson II, Durant isn’t even concerning himself with his looming free agency, except when it comes to the money.

"I'm not thinking about none of that sh--," Durant told Thompson on Wednesday. "I am thinking about the money I'm going to get. I never got the (massive) deal. I've just seen a bunch of dudes around the league making so much money — and I'm happy for them. But I know I deserve that, too. That's the only thing I'm probably thinking about, to be honest."

File that one away, doesn't sound like he's looking for any more one-plus-ones. Mr. Durant is ready to get paid.

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