Durant on Anthony Davis trade rumors: ‘Why not do what you want?’

Pelicans superstar is reportedly set on exiting New Orleans

Karl Buscheck
January 28, 2019 - 10:05 am

The NBA universe awoke on Monday morning to learn that Anthony Davis is reportedly aiming to take his talents elsewhere.

The report immediately raises speculation of Davis landing with LeBron James and the Lakers. Paul is James’ long-time agent. Per ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski,  the Lakers have been "determined" to acquire Davis.

Unsurprisingly, Kevin Durant was asked about the subject du jour following Warriors shootaround.

“It’s definitely a topic of conversation,” Durant told reporters. “All NBA news is. I mean, it’s not that serious. So, why not talk about it?”

“AD wants to play basketball somewhere else,” Durant continued. “It’s not like the president shutting down the government.”

“It’s basketball, so, of course we talk about it. We all, as players, we want guys to do exactly what they want to do in this league. We have a short amount of time, so why not do what you want?”

The NBA trade deadline arrives Feb. 7. Stay tuned.

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