Kennedy says it’s a ‘wait-and-see game’ whether Marshawn Lynch returns

Gruden had a history of getting rid of big personalities in Tampa Bay

Karl Buscheck
January 12, 2018 - 2:57 pm

After Jon Gruden admitted rather unexpectedly during his introductory press conference that he has never met Marshawn Lynch, Lincoln Kennedy joined “The Greg Papa Show” with Bonta Hill to discuss the future of Beast Mode in silver and black.

Kennedy predicted that Gruden will want an all-purpose back who can catch passes and also run in between the passes. The ex-Raider also wondered if the enigmatic Lynch fits in off the field, as well.

“Does Marshawn Lynch come back? I don’t know because I don’t really know the answer to that,” Kennedy said on 95.7 The Game. “Marshawn, as much as I love his abilities, his playing style and his desire to be great, he’s a little bit of a wild card.”

“And I don’t know if that fits in well with what Gruden’s trying to do. After all, you remember what they did in Tampa Bay. I mean, he got rid of the personalities after a while — Keyshawn Johnson, Warren Sapp. All those guys were gone after a while.”

“So, I don’t know if he wants outstanding personalities on his roster. It really is a wait-and-see game.”

Jump to the 2:23 mark in the podcast below to hear the full interview with Kennedy: 

Greg Papa Show - Hour 2




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