Joe Theismann rips Terrell Owens: ‘He doesn’t give a darn about anybody but T.O’

Ex-Washington QB calls out former Niners star on ‘Joe, Lo & Dibs’

Karl Buscheck
August 02, 2018 - 9:13 am

Joe Theismann, the former Washington quarterback, launched into an extended rant when asked about Terrell Owens’ decision to skip out on the Hall of Fame weekend in Canton.

Here’s how Theismann put it on “Joe, Lo & Dibs” on 95.7 The Game. It’s worth pointing out that Theismann is a two-time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl XVII champ and member of College, but not Pro, Football Hall of Fame.

“To be honest with you, we’re wasting too much time talking about somebody who is so insignificant,” Theismann said. “And you look at the type of person he is, you look at the type of teammate he was, and he’s in the Hall of Fame because he put up a great career.”

“If you’re a receiver, you certainly don’t get to the Hall of Fame by yourself. In the world of National Football, you don’t get there by yourself at all. You have teammates. You have people that have committed to you.”

“I just think of all the people that he is insulting that helped him get into the Hall of Fame. But, of course, knowing and reading about T.O., he doesn’t care. I get the feeling, and this is just something that I perceive, he doesn’t give a darn about anybody but T.O.”

“And so, he’s in his own little world and soon this will be over and he’ll be a part of something in the past and he will have earned the right to be in the Hall of Fame, which I commend him for, but other than that, I think it’s a great insult to those men that are in the Hall of Fame and to the Hall itself.”

Jump to the 24:27 mark in the podcast below to hear Theismann in his own words:

JLD - 8/2/18 - Hour 1 - Johnny Cueto needs Tommy John

The Morning Show
Thursday, August 2nd
Joe, Lo, and Dibs kick off the show reacting to the report that Johnny Cueto will receive Tommy John surgery. Then they discuss Kyle Shanahan's comments regarding the Right Guard battle for the 49ers. Former NFL MVP, Joe Theismann joins the show. 

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Are you. Harrowing year rear end you made it and that's. Wow really you don't really. They welcome to Joseph blow or did zero I 95 cent in the game headset microphone on in his seat is the great and I. Country credible and honest that. I've said. Plus 350 tell the 3:50 I am Mike on a whole day you know what I thought all day all yes it was 2000 X darting up and paid off yesterday Cody was beaming this morning had no I don't know if you noticed when you would likely go to. Real. Could very yeah the big. It deals are hey I'm unit though. Yeah she supported junior Bernard now. Brazil great now I have no other rooms screwed around and my first thought was I gotta I gotta be it opened the show we can bust them up. And you came running in here tell you sweat pants and all know compared to another thing that way too tight we had that discussion. That I cannot. Lisa business were but is it hard for Jorge get this isn't to heat this is the place of business. Any who welcome to the program should. Things are we where we live in is more downside is 9570 integrated joked I he's been coming up at 630 Greg pop at 830. Richard really at 930 those are your gas in terms of times you need to mark down. 7-Eleven 811 and 9/11. The opportunities for you to win a thousand dollars and at 8 o'clock sharp a chance to win a round of golf with Jerry Rice and Lorenzo Neal. Good to see everyone today football's back we obviously have our locks for tonight's hall of fame game it's the ravens the bears ended the show. Think about bringing back low vs to have what I. I love it as defending champion I've been sitting on the title all year I've just been waiting patiently for the contender to try to to grasp the ring yet again you won a I was vanquished by the the former NFL great but in year two he struck back with a few very. I took the little round that put them away early so yes job looking forward to lovers as there's although. I think this year. His version as low as a defending champion and have to retool. Interest thing renaming the segment in light of who hit that the award if you win over added to your first top billionaires Eli. Here is his craft its efforts to one up you every week it was simply the best yeah. I never liked it looks like. Games you would leave these rescue during a break like two hours where the segment of the and he liked loaded its first on knees and come to me first on the love it you notice any time it was Green Bay minus fifteen at. Against Cleveland he gonna optic Packers. And then it would be hate kids who feel like in this picked up matchups between the gators in the chiefs. Our big story today that we are going to start with Johnny Quaid though it is over he is going to undergo Tommy John surgery. In Los Angeles today he is out for the season. Earlier reports indicate that he will be out quote deep into next season it is a fourteen month recovery. Give or take some time there. And fourteen months from now would pretty much happen out for all of next year so. Not exactly surprising news but the conversation we were all fighting about the back before the show started was this. How bad is this contract look now is this going to go down as an all time bad signings. Or you have to see yourself. Well considering he was as durable as he was throughout his career. You can't really punished the front office of the injury. Unfortunately it's a results game much like in my beloved golfer you hit one and it's gone on the left side and you hit a sprinkler head and Allison goes in the hazard and it was a bad kick sometimes in the trees and it kicks in the fairway. A good kick in this case it's bad kick because he was durable and he was electric in his first year. Even last year he was up and down and then this year he came out so great. And also now it's over shut down time when you look at the back end of the deal 68 million and leaves the memory throughout yesterday. That. I won he won each of the next three years and then I I don't really Iron Mountain Fortier that is that's a spicy meatball when you trendy dead at the bigger meal than a Joey chestnut for the July. At. I mean can you punish the front office for a work horse getting injured for one of the first times in his career MMS troop. Questions or off kilter it is just QB yes or no. Bo Jackson's pretty good player you thought yes ulcers noting much a lot of thing that hurt his pretty decent players. Yields as bad tidings. So don't respect mr. Jim here in Rome and I don't like there's a lot of times things happening Joseph. And you look at it you say while these guys are electric about rove Davis was pretty good ball player. Or dimmer brothels give that's that's our offense got a little things 2000 arts. But that the guys that are. Of course I did so and understand what your old warrior one with this they looked at Johnny's body work was pretty consistent release. It. And unfortunately some things in mr. and it was still up. I understand we rabbit run church wrong view church and starting. Actually right religion and I'm not preach from the pulpit right now and doesn't matter would fuel and and because you give a thirty year old that much money. And that many years it's a powder keg that is bound to potentially go off and you've seen other older pitchers. Get massive deals and they don't work out not particularly backed Kevin Brown if you want another top flight pitcher how you got huge money. Who ended up getting hurt. And I'm sorry because of bad deal Mike Hampton and Colorado are you can meet he got nine fig eased to be awful so when you give a thirty plus year old pitcher. This much money. Your role McDyess and you're trying to get the point and the point the four best of luck. Yeah but there's a lot of those guys it Nolan mining going on listed there's a lot of guys that. It lasted for a long time too and pitched play no matter what so. Look at it like that there's a forever you know most guys there's a lot of guys in their thirties repair that played well look around the league lot of guys. Thirty still pitched him so so. And how do you balance that and I think that's the thing destitute got a getting to import back you know close to pull the blankets off him and see what you really work when underneath here so. So a lot going on I take a listen list. Starts by year starts by year for Johnny Credo since he entered the league with Cincinnati in 2008. 31 starts thirty starts 31 starts 24 starts. 33 starts. Eleven starts and that was in 2013. Came back for 34 starts the following year finished second in Cy Young voting. 32 starts in 2015 spread out between two teams Cincinnati Kansas City and then with the giants 32 starts in his debut. 25 starts last year was a bit banged up. It'll only be nine starts this season so this is going to be a career low by a mile on one hand. You can say that the organization looked at his track record they needed Frontline pitching. When they signed him everyone was excited let's be honest we go back to that moment will pump garner quail. These two are gonna be great together. So Marcia came in on that deal as well sure that your anyway. So what what do you you could say they'd look at his track record they've evaluated these terrible he's were chorus effects. On the other hand you could say you need to see something like this coming. He was getting older he was two months of turning thirty he had a lot of Wear and tear on the arm history shows that someone is gonna break down. Press a six year deal isn't the way to go out this is an organization that has never try to. Present the illusion that they are at the forefront and analytics perhaps may be being a little bit more and politically inclined. They could have seen something like this. I don't think I'm moderate this is one of the all time act contracts I mean even if he never comes back in place for the team again as bad as that looks the Lansing deal still looks help a lot worse. I'm tired of people trying to tell me to some large deals okay because he can eat up innings. Scott got. I'm done with brutal and that would be eating up innings. I can go out there and eat up eight innings to give up 2530 runs in the process back to eat up those innings it has no value if you can't get people out. I think that deal is vastly works he's not pitching this year. Yeah we'll see how it all gets compared adding two more years or so margin 185 which is a relative bargain we'll do what they're paying Johnny for two honey one. So even if some Georgia. Comes out next year and as a senior he's had this year which has been a massive disappointment. It's still bigger impact than what Johnny Quaid is gonna get jet and you don't. He's doing is still stars coach quite don't want nineteen. We'll start zero games and let's make the case that because he's out it creates an opportunity for someone else to step up and that individual could up being becoming a breakout star that's certainly possible we saw this year with the anti Suarez and with Derek Rodriguez those guys have turned out to be serviceable good pitchers so maybe there's another one. Looming right around the corner that's gonna come in and bail the team out but the bottom line you're on the hunt for 68 million you're not gonna see him most likely. For a grand total of 21 months by the time you get to April of 220. And you can't help but realize that it's a bad deal. At that point is like 34 years old to. He probably can't even expect that much at the tail end of that deal let me throw a name out there giants and eighties because the a's are gonna be looking for some pitching as well here. Sunny grading the same sunny greater resilience is Andre her god you're absolutely. Annihilated. In the Bronx yesterday got beat up my ball or who officially sold out. Every last remaining piece sunny out their hold on where's the stat line. Because I got 25 Sonny gray articles up right now because he's in a Twitter controversy in and he's got to 556. ERA had to give up like seven runs was booed off the map out New York hates him. Like eight saves you remember the good times with him he gave New York no good times the last year plus they hate him if they want him how it's. They traded for Lance Lynn from Minnesota there's a good chance graze on his way out the door New York I don't think they can they can stand to try to not anymore. Do you think the a's try to buy low do you think the giants maybe get. And except I think the gains of the prime candidate can they're looking for starting pitching in would you rather have Sonny gray who is a reclamation project to this point or Mike fires. You saw that he. Walked off the mound smiling too low and he gave up a six piece into into thirds and as he's walking off the mound to boos he throws a big big grin like the Rolando McClain got arrested in Alabama smile. That happened it was almost that day like whoa it was not accidental smile as big grin like dead booming New York. And then of course the tweets surfaces into that later so he's got a whole thing he's on his hands at that that's that's Mal like Matty here like I'm gone I mean. You smell from keep crying yeah the crowd was. The tough day that he's not gonna be around for them now know well city of New York now tolerate no actually right and that's why is smelling gauges like. If those and bears a guy got shield us. I mean guy spews his motorboat a guy and he had no answers I mean you knew he had no answers and people can match you see it's weird thing I mean the things he comes up. It's just yeah you feel bad for kids like that here's a guy that everyone thought was going to be this great young phenom. And it may not happen in May not have. I we've got to get into Johnny Quaid overseas Barry Zito at some point in the show but Kyle Shanahan head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. Calling out one of his own and this was awesome that is next Jolo and did not by a seven game. Sure Lou Indians continue. On now divide seven game. Great joke I have been set to join us about thirteen minutes at 630 we've got. For tonight's. Hall of fame game ravens. Bears and how. Blocks a conservative and as an actual true analysis. Were given out locks and the program today the return of lovers steps. Are we gonna score this. The low vs Davis. I think it's a pre season ending it's just a tune up yet again and Carolina. When it is jammed immediately give lightweight contender a team can guy come in and you just you tune up a little bit and it headgear is gonna be our pride cup morale that I'm talking right in the lips. Bring it right between lips and if you could Vegas has reset at minus 165 for the season and besides rich neighbor now he can't. You read or see your little dog plus 130. Before this sees it starts. Before this season starts we will set a line on low vs dad's. And then wal offer up some sort of prize will will take you canceled a lot of billions and will choppered right down the middle. And you can either side with team did Steve Lowe gets T shirts made up. And by the end the winning team. Why have representatives sit low winds low and his team gets to go out maybe. For hours for the dregs of the non did and his team and it is up and every ounce of our dudes can get dressed up and gay pride we can log on and little Speedo. Down down you don't. In an David Meehan and an abrupt turn escalated from argument right there and didn't tell me you want did in his Speedo during pride. It's cute it's. Forget it no shoes no shirt chat slowed Jaffe I mean you don't think they'll be booed at a border FaceBook. Let's make that bet Europe it is obvious about it you know I don't know what is that about our. Does that Jeff it. When it I shall we don't blow a whole lot this and this has got you guys that she's there what to do it I'm will majestic in these loans at Dallas. Are so the battle year low vs I'd like this whoever ends up losing get past a march in pride no shirt. But listen chaps and in naked boot picking just you're willing to do this yet I'm in a coma I don't it's how they present you know what you know. I mean you couldn't think you're doing beautifully as I howl and slap that I was cited talk about it niners you're now one created early too early aren't that I. That that's a good help for low right there about LeBron now that I'm not I'm gonna have to consult my people immense you know. State would be Null and you can play the hospitals can say now yeah I would I would I mean I. How are now more than a job well. I really putting later on I would like that you he tried to put cynical. You came out swinging at you when you how it all out and this first thinking about and you know sometimes it's the right foods with a pirate. In the jets. Usage you Japanese. Bob that's right let's let's let it marinate look like a great set of reds. Irony we'll come back to the smoker later and see how are you today and also over look this isn't the type of thing that can immediately be decided yet to put out that people yet to take phone call she really had to flush on the legs out but. Give it credit he may be obvious that they're clearly has to be some sort of wager this season. And then you know tail and token fees it came up last yourself look at that later but I wanna start this. Palestinian head coach at 49ers normally quite reserved I don't know it's anyone's ever seen Jane and show any sort of emotion whatsoever I'm OK with that. I don't need an emotional rock rock coach at the professional level I mean as a guy who understands x.s and o.s understands how to manage a locker room. Understands gained this year Shanahan. Seems to have all that but not. Yesterday he's asked about Josh will Garnett former first round pick of the track ball you regime who cannot seem to find his way onto the field. Garnett and Jonathan Cooper who's battling an injury as well. Or any heated race to earn that right guard spot take a listen Shanahan. This drives started to make a jail. Be more strides he's not out there tomorrow. And coops really dated day's been we just put him an individual. Home since it considers a second day of individual Amaro I continue this week and see if he's ready for practice next week effort to our day off. But it's given opportunities other guys discuss like Magnuson a person on some guys who got more reps and that's part of football policy or a guy as there. But I'll hope feels as we get out their slim chance or to view them. Now for a Cooper not exactly surprising underwent offseason surgery his timeline has him back in full activity apparently this Saturday or Sunday. Garnett banged knees with a defensive lineman over the weekend. And hasn't been able to get back the practiced and that's what she needs talking about what you play the audio again boy's gonna cut it off rather quickly. Listen to the head coach talking about Joshua Garnett. I noticed you out there. I was surprised Garnett to make it stay calm right there you can cut it. Tell me about that right there if your head coach is saying that generally. If the coach luncheon imagine if right now you were let's say Richard Sherman. It's nothing but glowing reviews. Are people and think Sherman will be able to make it out there this early in the season yet even though he's out there and you might not look great. Glowing reviews leader working hard all that stuff this is the head coach talking about how he surprised. His offensive guard isn't on the field. Can't make the cloak in that and that's what Josh was that right now. Any situation where he's not happy wouldn't pretty much he doesn't know if he has a truce starting guard that's why it's it's it's open competition that know who the starters and going to be. Dusty and it hasn't played really well and hasn't put give this man's efforts organization a lot of his time last year injuries and sportsmen. So you wonder you start to wonder look across the pay the raiders have a network coming. Just gonna ask you don't feel in he has to show that he's consistent. In a show that he's durable. Here's a guy these campaign go until unfortunately Smart guy Stanford graduate graduate Smart intelligent I want to be a doctor all those things are great. We look which can answer any goes. He's active X just got a shot. He's questioned as art. That's when you ask me what am I your article says. Almost shocked idiot out when a coach says he shocked. In a little bit disappointed. If he's saying. He thinks that person. He's questioned as man SO FT is that according enact. Any soft this thing is soft because if you visit guys injured Eagles take. You know banged knees guys heard hopefully get back out there are some good man really can't wait to get back out there's that was evident good camp. When he says I'm surprised. Disappointed. With that. Especially when the job is wide open it's just saying it's his job it's our job to lose but it's clearly open competition as Joseph mentioned Cooper coming off. The knee surgery he was doing individual drills. He's trending toward a making it back on the field Magnuson and person are already out there they're obviously doing to try to see maybe who gets that extra backup spot but Garnett. More and more like he say he can't make it the club from the tub at the more he sits on the sideline the more he risks not even be on the roster all he won't be. If if this guy if he can't go out of practice. And you missed last year. What are what are you gonna use it for he's a back applied now it's not my eyes that person that's second. But he's third or fourth string what are you using port can't play kick off Cantu allies but Steve what are and his death were so. Look at Joseph if he's not out there to mean when I hear Shanahan says that in and he's not out there before Saturday before. The the incumbent guard comes and he scared and you don't wanna compete sometime guys they'll look put it easily out. It easily out is hurt he's out is why can't practice or can't do that. And you get that happened and then now the guy comes that meant a good good because you start well. You lost it because you're free to compete. Interest and see how this shakes out how to other guys in the locker room look at someone like that he's a first round pick from a few years ago but he's never lived up to the billing granted he's battled injuries but here's a scenario in which. Reportedly he reshaped his body this off season because this offensive line in this system requires a certain level and that led a schism. To be able to perform all the tasks required review. At the offense guard position. You gotta have guys in the locker room probably looking at you suspicious relic hands as first round pick absolutely you can meet you can reshape your body but can you reshape your heart. You watch Wizard of Oz tin man couldn't get art that's what he's gone to CD get a heart sometimes you gotta be able to have part to play this game. You can rebuild like Tarzan run like chain to all those one of the things you think. You know what happens when a game gets on a lot and now you that it's not correct in time you've got to show up to man up. In a lot of guys still. They rounded hills so which I don't care how you reshape your body. Now you Butte but Ewing got him pads when you reshape embody Ewing look at across united didn't guys you do we shake your body all you want but you're not in the contact and now you're into. And Garnett already hurt. China hands disappointed. He was shocked he was surprised that this guy's an on field so he was anticipating what that he would be on the field this is not a good look for Garnett for the nine to. Five on the Penske auto sales dot com text line. 615 exclamation point exclamation point this is why you listen. From six to ten hash tag six to ten listeners will all listeners but the sixth and listeners have a special place our heart. And he's not referring to the Garnett conversation you don't think pick sides going nuclear over. Or this potential bet between UTO. The loser of shelters is digs. NFL pick and contests this year marching in pro ride. With shirtless with chaps. I can only got a lot of people are excited when when guys whereas Al Jones actors and you gonna get this thing the right way I know you will. One guy from the 619 shut out San Diego where's the confidence of a minus 165 favorite. Yeah that's your only now it's like well the 165 favorite big talker Betty Crocker really. I'm at at Joseph Biden is next yellow or did not if I said in the game. Sure lol when did continue. On 957 big game. Shout out to our friend Joseph gable in American canyon. Joseph gable one the 100 dollar gets into the ego that's. Month of July OK best calls. Our every Monday and Friday at 73 we claim every Monday and Friday at 730 the numbers 4154038580. 4154038588. Plenty of time to get in tomorrow rant and rave on any society. Low periods (%expletive) did chaps all of it you name. Best called the month we'll get a 100 dollar gifts to divvy it courtesy of our friends at Harris ranch. Joseph gable American came first personal lock it up shout out to jail all right speaking of Joseph. Joseph guys Super Bowl champion 1983 NFL MVP former Redskins quarterback. Joining us here on 957 the game Joseph as always it is a pleasure. To have the opportunity to speak with the U. Even though it's been a little while you still get that feeling every year at this time about what it's like to be with the guys being can't get ready for the season. I do. I spent three days the Redskins training camp but it. You know it's a very comparable inspire them I think so many of us to walk back into. Of course Kevin Kirk wonderful you know experience and spend it. You have spent your entire career with one football community that makes or special to have the opportunity to do so he had this time a year I. I get a little nervous on opening day and of course tick off tonight with. The ravens play him in the affairs. At which you see. Some young stars get a chance to see what we're all teams start to look like and you know it officially starts today with that all the pain you know. And of course the hall of fame induction ceremony this weekend with Terrell Owens not planning on attending having his own event in Tennessee what do you make of that and how should the hall of fame have dealt with this or how are they dealing with a. Well you know you're you don't know I think purse or been elected all the banks sort should be acknowledged that. When you think the way you know let their record ball game who once a formal party. I mean you know you think about the celebration of getting into all Spain that there. You're Jerry Johnson Justin Timberlake entertained and you know who knows how much credit he spent. I know and respect your green go in and Russ Grimm go in for reg gives. Daniel Snyder put on a fantastic. Stretch for them. You know. We honestly if you. Were wasted too much time talking about somebody who are so insignificant. And and you know you look at the best thing to be the type of course that he is you look at that type of teammate he was. And eat and roll hall of fame because what a great career. Pure receiver you certainly don't get to be all the same. By your by yourself in the world and national book all the you don't get there by yourself at all. US teammate you have people that have committed to you I just think all the people Becky is insulting. That helped him get into all thanks but of course. Knowing and reading about GOP doesn't care. Don't you know I get the healing in this is just something that I perceive he doesn't give a darn about any buddy the Keogh. It's so he's in his own little world and sure this'll be over and you'll be a part of stopping in the past. And you will see quote earned the right to be in the hall of fame which I commend him for another than Nat. You know I think it's a great insult to those men that are in the all day and develop all itself. Dole when he used note that thing into about the quarterback positioning as receivers in different guys attitude. Go to different tiers of quarterback you have. Guys like you were self starter motor Vader do all those things there's different guys you look like an Alex Smith to look like a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. You know to Drew Brees what is what is a different here's a quarterback in your opinion in which makes them what separates them and also. This Jimmy T have the opportunity or the chance to be one of those kind of quarterbacks. Why I think you know so much of it depends on the people you play with the highest Troy Aikman wants you know what's the most important asset. You possessed it that it your chance to beat champion at the people around. I think I think cows that are really good job out separate Cisco bringing peace is an around gently yeah I mean is it. I wish I had only played seven games and got a 135 billion dollars. Not let that work inside each hole created darker work and then you know you've. No battle in the conversation that is generated because of what he did on the field but. Now it is also an activities what sort of leave it with a quotation mark that way as as raise some eyebrows. I think JB has he possesses a lot of skill that you need to be able to play this game but iWeb. Number one is he close ball very well he's mobile he moves around. Well what I gather what little bit I know he's a Smart hard working young man now the question is it that people stay healthy around. I think I think a they got to put the football team to support him to give them a chance to be successful and this isn't just the opposite side at all. The other thing people aspect of what's most important asset a quarterback possessed I think you're great feet. A great eight cents of value out of a lot of different situations. And you look at the Minnesota Vikings say you know chases them as a solid quarterback. But that Minnesota Vikings beat senses were really cherry pepper here's the Steelers Kerry. You know I think the Cleveland Browns will be a pretty darn good football team no real talk about there ought to focus on baker may feel like that Egypt is pretty good at edit some quality people. You look at the rampant Donald that he senses side of the ball to make their butt off the bat. So you know a quarterback. Depends what is it that I think Jimmy is in a situation where. I don't expect him to go undefeated I think the first game would be a great challenge that our police. If I have a understand. They're correct they get the Minnesota Vikings in the open. And on the road in Minnesota. It and that will be it that will be a great challenge quote will learn a lot to him about typical rock although at the San Francisco 49ers. After we want. But you're the unfortunate part of the guys and lows Mosul where it is so much. Raining here today are. Just you know a little bit of tea in the morning and that not a lot of installation there really is so. True conditioning you don't hit you don't learn how to do a lot of different things that are actually in ill in game activities. The first couple preceding games are the first regular season games always look as glorified preceding game. Where can you play sixty minutes in the seat and you play in a hostile environments can communicate with the noise the weighted. You never know ghost you know. That's the one thing about the weight training camps used to date issue really to sort of get yourself in shape for this season. Nowadays you really don't have an opportunity to do that until you actually get into the game or series you were the second half. Of the first games booklet. You know who brought out against who's playing at a high enough level those are all banged up here. The great Joseph thighs and joining us here on 9570. Game. As for the Oakland Raiders the big storyline entering this season the return of John gruden from the broadcast Booth to the field. Some feel that the game may have caused him by others feel he could have an advantage having spent all those years studying other teams getting looks behind the scenes. How do you think year one back in the saddles gonna go for gruden. I agree with the latter I think joggers dogs never left the game of football job is complete its study it. You know what I was curious about it that we got the other beggars could run the fire coaches association now he doesn't qualify and let me that he is span the organization. Bill but certainly can't be a part of it. I think John there's there's always been a football guy and I used to talk to him and see in my Monday night games and I used to. Communicate with the but I did what they are just too much of personality you're too good the NFL needs to war on the sidelines. More than in any Q in the vote. And by the way I didn't think those two guys got along the vote Benny I mean that it's sort height Hart high saying that. Eightieth dump and I saw that other people that but I think he's back where it forms. I think he's hold my guess you could say. And Anthony's. Having the opportunity to talk to coaches to post continued to study film to look at these younger players to learn how to communicate again with a different. You know a millennial type of a young man are all things that are very important I think what it comes to coaching isn't just BXs and notes. You know the night's biggest you can have players on a football in a lot of play these back and have guys there that are just collected at H. And John the very demanding individual. And we will get a chance to see. Exactly good out there yeah I mean we'll get a chance to see. You know how well. The quarterback position can be played with someone that understands that completely he told me he was never going back football until we had a quarterback now he's got. Thank you Joseph are played short clip with and coach was asked the question by the NFL network tell me how. As a coach you view this as a front office values and as a player to says a player would you use this quote more garden will match. Coach talk about their defense you know I've got to ask. Can the defense be as good as it is it wants to be a needs to be without a little Mac to stop and ask questions being him. We were very good last year on defense with the oil. And we didn't have an interception I think all year I don't know we intercepted a pass until week fourteen. Coach. Well I think you know I think they're I think they're better football team with Julio Mac vice. As is the case in the National Football League and if a guy isn't there. Coaches have ways of scheming. And creating opportunities for other players to step up I mean are going it's only been to expand out. I've politically a Mac is what a cool one of maybe two or three guys in the National Football League that is a true impact player. At BP steps have been position. He's big game changer there's no question but then there's the economics lecture on what I mean if I do certain things out of the sect. Other people would become a domino effect insight organization. You've got the same situation with Donald and in Los Angeles when you hate talk early. And you and you and you extend you know contract guys that haven't even been on the football. So yeah I I it's it's a tough situation. I think you know they do have the opportunity it's quite stand tour evolve correct they can't franchise. Which being that he would come back and you know he got gonna walk away billions of dollars that come back disgruntled unhappy. But you know late towards the opportunity to be a total free agent. You know I think you know bottled and Max certainly deserve to be compensated. The way you receive money spread around in the national football. The raiders have the cap money is being able to stick to commit to a huge contract. Does that affect the other position spinning it. There's the business side of football there's an emotional side of football their physical side of football. We're talking now about the business side. Super Bowl champ 1983. NFL MVP former Redskins quarterback Joseph dies in with a this year on 957 game Joseph it is always a pleasure thank you so much for your time enjoy the game tonight and we look forward to doing it again in the future. It. Yeah it brings it like every time we have him on my fondness grows more and more and more. That's dame fan button doesn't matter he shares the iconic brand he's got expertise he shares opinion he gives good frank answers and he loves lull what's not to like speaking of sharing an opinion train nine green shared an opinion about the infamous brawl in quotes that apparently took place in LA. That plus what Cleveland is planning forged remind green next Jolo and did not by a seven game who would chills going teams continue south on 957 big game. Great to have you with us this morning by an opportunity for you to win a round of golf Jerry Rice and Lorenzo Neal. Coming up at 8 AM and we've also that opportunities for you when a thousand bucks at 7-Eleven. 811. And nine elevenths right here on 957 game. So yesterday. We got into the initial. Conversation. Regarding trade mine green vs Tristan Thompson. At LeBron James is as he's. After party. In Los Angeles and that's not Danks I don't know what does fifty bucks that's neither here are their for the current moment so yes he's take place. And it depends on what report you read but there is an altercation between dream on and Tristan in which some say tryst in May have caught trim on witted to appease some say it was more a day. Base much Marcus Thompson of the athletics been all over it Jason McEntire and the big lead and that's one joined us yesterday talk about it. Lot of speculation we're not sure what the story is but drain mind fired back yesterday. And I believe not instead Graham. And I'm trying to bring up the exact quotes number one. It says I've enjoyed you all stories and talk shows over the last couple days then joints and accurate DOG. I carry on my good people they may want to cancel that parade to LO well. Then in the next post not keep the parade that city won't have any for a while I forgot LeBron laughed. This is in retaliation to a report that yesterday the city of Cleveland is planning a parade for Tristan Thompson now that he. Caught drain on we go 12 piece. They're gonna hold it on October 13 in honor of tryst in Jersey number thirteen and it's gonna be held at 310 in the afternoon. To celebrate the 31 comeback now. The cavs made against the warriors two years ago three years ago pre season notre a look at in the NBA finals where even wanna begin with. Reminds reaction in the parade did okay. I don't live the dream on reaction and we get to the the wonderful idea have a parade for Tristan Thompson after. He says on into grand and that's not what happened but he doesn't really gives his account of what actually did happen I still have a few burning questions one the did drain on that in any way go over to apologize because Jason MacIntyre the big lead seems to say. Yes he did I think the market Thomson account is is not as clear as the apology that was that was given or not given secondarily. What was the contact was that a face wash wasn't a two piece. What a slap and Jamont and really address either one of those so as much of the statements great and it's a good to clap back as the kids would say it doesn't answer the two questions that. To agree in the flow resulted. We would love to have you on the program to discuss any and all of this and you listen to talk shows can we know that this is the talks and I mean right here. In this tweet or. I grant goes I don't know what this is. I've enjoyed your stories talk shows are the last couple days we'd like to get to the bottom of the end we are on your side. The phone lines are open any time you wanna come in anytime you talk about his new love that needed as we got to get to the bottom of the regular Tristan Thompson ball. On earth would people think didn't Eddie punchy Betty did you with a joke. Pace yeah two pieces and went to anyone and that is 7707. That's what it to pieces left right nice do he's but it. A drain on I think he does have the answer. I think he has gone radio do something ms. what was altercation was in no punches thrown people got between this week you know. Egg when you squashed that pay my emotions got the better me. In dorm to gain. I'm a mull over this Scott I think the bigger wrote ars got to come on say the guy hit me because right now. Everyone's gonna speculate right now if you look at that the majority people. It's that Tristan Thompson got the better view where they must still worried to be still where they want peace yet right now Tristan Thompson got the better yet they wanted to do. Raids a lot of the guys and NBA sand we icicles are out time. They remind them all that tea bags all the different things that happened in his career. Guys he's got nipped in their face building guy originally sent all the tough guy someone got to him. That's exactly guys view it bit what does seeds of guy go to that is this is really adjusting to his Jamont how. Had the edge game one Tristan was the one that got kicked out and dream I was able to bark at him the whole way out score one for Jamont. Game four afterwards and handshake line tryst and tries to say you know good game good series ever let bygones be an eye on. Jamont punks trim on wins another. Alter my grew at this point and now there's this story. We don't know what happened but the pendulum is now swinging to interest in dobbs and every story is that it was faced most are 120 yeah and Deirdre Monday evening. I'm here and that Tristan may have gotten the better of him and as a result you're starting to feel bad swing back to Cleveland backed interest and stayed for. Go to guy comes on the. When dream on. And that's streamline comes on stage at the parade and all their party and you have a couple drinks are enjoying yourself you you want you wanna. Any serious guy out of a dude what are those dudes from Cleveland tried to Sigmund and it's and we came from the same caught our. In and the men have also started yeah Salina and the next instead Israel trust in the anything he says what hurdles do which is playing in the next morning. So we. Go act now hope. That's really an. That's. Score one Georgia he's up but now we're hearing about this post as these racquets. I don't know pendulum swinging. Well I think pendulum may be swinging a little bit until we know exactly what happened because of though all eyewitnesses say dream on didn't get knocked down so it wasn't like he really caught him. Like I got caught the Mervyn in 1980. In Petaluma. Boil it down because a guy on the bike came back and I came back I told him worry he could find his keys so to speak. He came back golfers is BMX and smash me I would sprawling in the the entryway shut the met Mervyn Petaluma plaza. I went down I got a one piece and like. Yeah it took me a few minutes yet coach doesn't make sure that he was well across town before I got up but sorry that the point being the drain on our radar this. As great start is good punched it. So however that I get to the stories he got laid out that's the end of it. It should Barack heart everything it's a sick kid we Richard French a Mitt my friend that probably is still laughing. This day in and that's why I'm 37 years later that's wide range mine got the worsened and use LeBron. Is at his own party. They get in too big obligation. LeBron leaves his party why because his teammate Christian. Got the better Jamont K deep didn't leave the party you're French state would due to consult you anybody it's OK hang in there you'll get in next time tiger. Makes him a game where you so you look at it I bet. LeBron got there Tristan museum ball which is there anyone to get eighty state can so I'm gonna let us. It just got the better. We did there's no dowdy had the better on the how much the better of them was at 108 round it was it was a legitimate. My dream on had some blood that had to be tended to or was it just a little face wash a car dash in how do you deal and as we like to say let me ask. Summit doesn't even matter. Perception often times is reality. Right now coming off this story something happened to Dray mind green because of Tristan Thompson. Whether it was a two piece and he got knocked out wizard weather's a face shove Tristan Thompson gets one scored in that column. And to detect signs and all you got to move on your making this thing way overblown this is what we do hear people we have got to get to the bottom of the hard hitting stories and this. Is as hard hitting as they cop. We need to know what happened which came on green you don't think that Steve Kerr is lasting. You don't think it's death and clay even that wouldn't think they don't know what happened during. You think the guy's gonna asking rabbit. Have an idea yet another question that I'm sure the tax threads already got out with Katie there. I'm sure clay it was like Katie what's the deal of your boy Jamont. Katie probably you know that check my burner account I have beautiful account is that you know among other and to grant a real. He was fired off again on social media yesterday coming back your fans love it he just needs a bully just go at it just clap back everybody. Every day. You know not a game gaze focused on what you need to do.
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