Jerry Rice thinks the Raiders can do ‘great things’ — if Khalil Mack returns

‘The G.O.A.T.’ swings by to join ‘Joe, Lo & Dibs’ to talk all things Bay Area football

Karl Buscheck
August 13, 2018 - 4:38 pm

Jerry Rice stopped by “Joe, Lo & Dibs” on Monday morning and offered some sage advice for the Raiders and the club’s front office: get Khalil Mack back in the building.

“I never get in the middle of someone and doing contract negotiations,” Rice said on 95.7 The Game. but I know he’s a vital piece of that defense and it’s going to be important for them to get him back on that field — if they’re going to make a run for a championship this year…

Rice went on to praise a number of Raiders — most notably Marshawn Lynch — but then underscored the significance of the star pass rusher.

“I think Khalil Mack is really the vital piece for that defense,” Rice continued. “And if they they can get him signed and on board, I think they have a legitimate chance of doing great things this year.”

Jump to the 1:24 mark in the podcast below to hear the full interview with Rice and skip to the 10:47 mark for his thoughts on Mack:

JLD - 8/13/18 - Hour 3 - Jerry Rice, Jon Morosi

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, August 13th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with the GOAT Jerry Rice for a weekly conversation then they speak with MLB Insider for Fox Sports & MLB Network, Jon Morosi. 

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Vegas raided as the third. Most difficult seven game stretch to open here. What the San Francisco need to do to those first seven games to put themselves in play opposition LeRoy Oakland what do you think it. They dry morning guys and they're nom. I think the 49ers had gone out to. Run the ball those first seven games and they are gonna about the way at the time of possession because I really think. There's this defense expect you would be prince of line they're garnished rubble earlier on this season I think Roberts followed. Is trying to put his mark on the sting but it's gonna take a minute I think the forty not a going to be better toward the end of the season but. I'd being. You know with the lead to an injury this in its muscle strain okay hopefully he's ready. But they're gonna have the final way to run the ball you know he ordered to advocated or haven't run any diverted to breed. But they're gonna have to win the title prevention and icing the 49 is going. Welcome to reinforce. What it they can run the ball and do those things well that does mention. They're like it's important to so run the ball win that title prevention of the defense will be very good early on. Actually right appreciate phone call some optimism amongst the fans despite. That seven game volatile in the air now. I'm very happy to go to the phones he is a hall of Famer any three time Super Bowl champion he also found his way into thirteen Pro Bowl appearances. Ladies and gentlemen the goat Jerry Rice makes his attorney Jolo and bids. I'm 957 the game what's up Jerry how are ya. Until I got it well we're focused because we're trying to figure out if you're going to be zeroed in to take on loan Neil this golf tournament tomorrow is come up forty Jerry. I am wary about gays today. I'm not I'm not Luke Luke and any liquidity at. Oh I'm ready to go bring it baby bring it. Keeping it down I was I don't plan and do whatever you wanna do you keep it down you can come. And so whatever you wanna get of beat. Had I I drivers I was hitting about 310 I was yeah. C and let out you know what I went don't want it like you know China. You hit it 32 in a note so he probably hit it like may be out there but to. Who allowed Jack I saw firsthand he went 310 and anyone about three feet ten inches on the next tee box only his average numbers by aren't that good but the excel two deadly get into one every now and again. Yes you know every now and the end you know and I expect that from you know stand by candy because this case that he would knew when everything is on the line. That pressure I don't. I think he might vote. In my wallet and all of you may keep brain clearly a money please do cause you know what Matt you don't like it. I enjoyed doing this show with you where it you know I need to make money. Judging by now how much golf you've played this year I I saw you on the on the app a 114. Rounds G area. Have you had enough golf in your life lately. You haven't taken a little bit of a break right now go to Morris I don't be my last one out for well. And you know I just want to make sure that you know I have. Dotted. A date that it I know what it costs it's easy ask you call it tees and all that long. Now these are live that night exactly you know ho hum. I'm really gonna that tactic called court and I also column is gonna you know product pick of money for blowing though it is little. Felt that want to contribute you know at their focus. The great Jerry Rice joining us here on 95 cent in the game you know every year around this time I love to ask former players to ever. Do you miss it when when you see the guys it can't when the pre season games get under way the Mercedes sub you still have that anchor and a little bit to be out there with the guys. Yeah a little bit of what hater right now with the good old football field and it is bill is so weird because you'll bite though. And even have to be retired but so many years my buddy bill it knows where he's training camp wouldn't have to go. It is vital. Thoroughbred horses. When it capital important to rape and they'll like that the Kentucky Derby the important they know bet you know it can't neglect the battle. You know. Looking back at the niners and you know which. Great success this year and also raiders. How or is it. That you can go out there and play in these preceding games and give a 100% but still kind of keep an eye on not getting hurt and banged up the niners are you have a small handful of guys who got hurt the first pre season game. Is it possible to do that JD go out there and. And play hard and and net try to avoid injury. It was about ninety players that again. Pick a particular beef what we do not I'm might have might be wearing my what quite a formal. You know what god you know my being used to a creepy and I always. Now we played 100%. Because that you not feel like you you glow with the attitude that you. Has the possibility of getting hurt you gonna get hurt sort only as you go in and you know you play top speed. Everything that's fine but you know and minor little beat up right now in the to get some players healthy you know because you know just like what the caller stated. They don't have to be either a run that football and the end you know try to you know I think they're running the football. Antics step respect the end eskimo open up the current or. What Jerry you you might have to dust off that suits specially after watching that SI edition and you and Islam you know you when your little. And bottles and are you bringing in those those that are you gonna bring those magazines out and sign up for people tomorrow and they would. It is so funny because Leggett seller Barrett went with so what did Earl wanted to look at ought to meet on Al. I'll read to be bent or kidding Maine he's doing a great job you know but the the soldiers of veterans and stuff like that it. And how that is the building new guy recruited by European and buy a Mac credit product that conflicts or else. I come and they EPO role in a beer all day in which it was on the up roll man you either got to do what you gotta do. Jerry your eyes were this year on 957 game and your busy but did you see the announcement last week. That the niners plan to unveil a statue outside leave nice stadium of Joseph Montana. Throwing that iconic. Pass to Dwight Clark in the back of the end zone it's gonna be you know it's soup piece is it's spread apart beautifully it looks really awesome in a year where they're gonna do a lot of tributes to the white did you did you get an opportunity check that out. Yeah I wrote it did an epic got a great honor and you know like Clarke he was the guy who the other thing. Started you know with a catch in. He always correct on Jules well you don't like what Joseph is not a pro. Stayed in namely that accruals in order to catch. Though they being categorical back and walk with debt but I think that's something. That's really great that they do want. And you know it'd be to. It is. Well it'd be there for so many years in a sort of emotional when I oracle and about white because of what the Brock couldn't gain you know what the what he was able to I'd do put me on the football field to get the great honor to the couple those guys that they're stating it. How special is it for the organization to. How this bridge built from the old candlestick days you know if it is these two statues representing obviously one of the great high points in all of sports. To have that now it Levi's does not do a good job of building a bridge from the old fans of the new. Yeah I've already thanks so it and it act you know I don't wanna little little young kids you know watching nick pets you know Mike okay. Joseph Montana is actually throwing that ball away. And for some reason Dwight Clark he would be political gimmick can get the sector and how would joke with two white old timer that twenty minute. You don't aggregate old white cat couldn't gel. And we talk about the you don't do that. And and it really started that amnesty and in grad now able to Communist. Can't be a part of debt but I think he's great what the what they're doing it they're tired and old with the new and into Colombia and. Jerry when you look at this man team and see Yemeni young guys that John mansion Kallis Shanahan has went after. Brain and a guy like Richard Sherman you see the crowd at cost she's been able to go in and help some of the Ruben Foster showed up and all of his court date. What are you going to get any film this year on the fill in although of course leadership. When you go and get everything I mean leadership and has got he knows that he is ready Whaley note Arctic imposition. I'm sure he got on Jimmy wore a little bit because it looked like Jimmy. Got called in. That deer in headlights for a second let them on sure you know to reward. It is. Gonna be much better. What you know what I have heard is that you know even going price is now. He's a little bit more aggressive so Bill Walsh always talk about commission will be a suspecting. You know Jimmy got to realize that hey look at the national battle where it but I'm sure. He's going to be able to make that correction but it would reduce Sherman. With the is it is great along lake spared a lot of knowledge and he really gone you know up tomorrow. As we're talking about older guys Jerry Tiger Woods yesterday a guy in his forties had a nice little run the PGA would do to get tigers weekend. Over there at the bell re even the PGA championship. Well what can that is now so Troutman yesterday but still. You know if it helped cycle tiger in the mix. It is soul imported you know or. That people watching and and everybody wants him to win that that master. And oh he had a opportunity. The date. Keep all hard but you know whip up broke camp Manny it hit a young Crockett kilt. He kept on her name and we are able to you know win that tournament but I think tigers the locals right now in the peace in the hunt I think people watching and they're very excited. Terry what do you think about Khalil Mac's hold out Allred Oakland obviously it's a business and this happens every year at this time and I think raider fans to get a little antsy. And there's so much speculation that perhaps he's gonna be so expensive. May need to team would end up trading him what do you make of all of us. You know let man you know I've never get in the middle. Well someone and you know doing contract negotiation. But I know eagle vital piece that he spent in Columbia Puerto but it would get him back on the football field if they going to make a run you know or. Championship this year and you know look at what's in the raiders right now. What they're calling we know he's gonna be. That's starting quarterback but you know comic cook also yet Michelin. And mark charming and mark's comments. In that Bill Martin in peace may then I really liked all older guy Chris born. Did he do mayor but to fifty. Initially he was pounding that rock so you know but equally don't Mac is. Isn't really that vital piece without these bans. And if they can get him signed and all board I think the couple legitimate chance of the one great thing this year. Hall of Famer three times a global champion thirteen time pro bowler will be joining us on Mondays. Every week throughout football season the great Jerry Rice with this year on 957 game Jerry it's always a pleasure thank you for your time we look forward to seeing out of boulder ridge tomorrow. Al Goodman hey look lol you vote lead indictments. You've got to break your brother kind of celebrated the goat you know so unimportant in you got water. Thanks Gary yeah. A isn't it cool. For you. Givers to step back and say even though you've been reading what these guys are so long you've known him for so long that might you you sit just trash talking Jerry Rice like that's all that hard working your life is what you and a spot where it did tonight are fortunate enough to be is not to get the talk. With the greatest of all time. You and him are friends. Yes if you know it's a lot of fun you don't even you don't really think about because you knew that you guys did to say we did the same sport so when you're in radio whatever it may be. He just a part of a brother you part of any you know way. If attorney that you know that that. Goals for ever and death you can relate these guys and they can relate to you know matter how big of a star how. Less than a star you work. It's just amazing not my thing was you know I wonder how come in tiger. And they've been out and played together in how many strokes to tiger he because you've got to the greatest centers sports you know the question was do you entire give me any games you guys play for money could. I was about to Jordan Jordan you step famous games that I don't look at this bottom strokes and everything and they get into it absolutely and I thank you Jerry about four cy. Act like tiger did so some odds service yesterday jurors talk about Khalil Mac. Some odd servers here's the question the prop that's out there what team will co Lille Mac and beyond at the end of October. The raiders are not the favorite we'll explain that next Jolo and did not about seven game. Sure ruined times continues. Not even my seven game. In honor of Ramona Mariano is incendiary. Hero in the bottom of the third innings Saturday night. There's the angels and we are going to speed. With John Rosie MLB network fox boards at 838 minutes from now on the greatest gross of all time afterward done speaking when Rosie were held up the phones to you. We need. Vlad Guerrero. Sets been this Mariano and steal each row Bo Jackson said of the all time greats we need to do the mountain to get a name for his amount throw more. I'll throw more yeah obviously retired about baseball and I got the greatest throws of any sport but you can be mount. It's better than one out outfield assist more or because none of these throws are from infielders that I've seen. Although we see some great throws from infielders these are all from the outfield but I think mount throw more keeps it gives vaguely about. Underhand flip to second base to start seeing double play more now this started Sudan and I believe or at. Are right itself let's pay off the tees over the weekend at all source sports books at odds the prop is is solace. Which team will Khalil Mac and be on at the end of October. The raiders are listed at 41. They are not the favorite. In the second mascots. Who do you think has the best odds to land Khalil Mac by the end of October hurt this offshore site. I would go with good low but go with you probably in the minors right obviously the patriots but we can have new guy on the same direction in bodies like the old they have. You each could have just answered it and it would've sounded really good patriots niners who when we talk about this we Tug about a little bit more organic and conversational get. Bits to the niners I was considered page president cannot tell but if we. But when you and the other in the souffle has fallen act got thrown in the garbage bag. It was seven teams in and they had the field here the niners are not listed the patriots are not listen I pray to both swung. Now is to like the giants Saturday night. Against the pirates for nine innings just swing and in mess couldn't get a single they're much. That's how it beyond the Cleveland Browns can we now also not listen here's the teams that are listed after the raid possible the jets. The bills the Redskins. The Steelers. And the giants. The team with the best spots to land Khalil Matt the other Jabrel of course that that might. Green Bay Packers. Who move. Anyone know why the Green Bay Packers are listed as the favorites to land Khalil Mac. If he would to be traded two key reasons one. The only year Aaron Rodgers ever made based solid run deep into the post season. Which is when they beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl he had one thing he hasn't had any other year. Yes they defense. Clay Matthews was outstanding next year. That team defensively. Led by Dom Capers who has no longer with the Packers was fantastic. You give Aaron Rodgers a little bit of a defensive effort and he's gonna take you all the way. They got gold instead of and I think that's what he loved in Green Bay right Lambeau Field with the fans and they'll look at three Jerusalem read. Reason number two. The only team in the National Football League who just so happens to have 21 round picks next season. Emit Packers. Packers hold 21 routers because they made that trade with the saints on draft ace of the saints were doing a whole bunch of Jenny as we don't you know all the details. For their moving shaken. They gave Green Bay a one to get one of their graphics so Green Bay is sitting on two number ones and the word on the street is best. If you call Reggie John mark Davis and you say I give the old one and I'll give the F three for Colin a Mac first sit there who says now. The raiders probably sent out at that point how much better are you going to do that first and third no and at the team acquiring Mac is gonna have to give him about twenty million dollars a year. I think the first and the second or I mean to first is Barack play in her lead now I can you imagine they have the two firsts no one's given up two sharks know what's gonna give up 21 and twenty million a year remember. If you have to pay Aaron Rodgers a monster salary. And Khalil Mac's coming over twenty million a year you will not get a huge draft call in return you get to huge draft haul when you don't have to panic. I can see that basketball stuff like that twenty million a year. I don't think you do a better than a one of the three and if you if you say right now the raiders get that offer a one and three. You pull the trigger. It's can be tough I don't know the raiders do until I promise I think it is Colombia one and it too but if you like you said minus three is probably in two winds don't be tough because non green Bay's in the situation say. I understand your thinking process because screaming sick I did have one big you know what we still got a one. So they're looking as they're the only team that has 21 round so a first round pick OK I gave it up. I'm not given up to once and thinking my first one and I have something in the second or third that I think they would offered it to the raiders. I think the raiders right now joke they have the series considerate because of the fact they don't it's not that they don't look we'll match. It's financially they're not going to pay debts is not a group wants to do and they don't have the money right now and give colonial map according and so in my opinion I think they trading I. I think that the raiders would say noted that from the Packers because green Bay's number one pick in assuming that you get their number one. It's probably going to be what 2324. Agree they should be good so it's not going to be a high first even if it's the saints they should be any sort of have just obviously in that same thing out loud so he would. The Packers first and third let's just say you're gonna take 22 and then you look and it take like 85 so also net third feels a little bit more like a fourth even. From Mike Florio of pro football talk just a few moments ago quote from being in the same zip code area code ballpark. To having increased dialogue the evidence has been mounting publicly that the rams and defensive tackle Erin Donald are closing in on a long awaited contract extension. Privately the evidence of a looming consensus also is beginning the pile up. Per league source chatter is increasing regarding the possibility of the rams and Donald getting a deal done soon. In it happens it will mean that the two sides found a way to bridge the gap between how the rams value Donald and how Donald values Donald whatever ends up being. If that ends up being. Get ready for the possibility of good news for the rams and bad news for anyone who'll be facing a defense L featured Donald. Manama consider Aqib Talib and markets Peters who coached by an automatic as part of the and Wade Phillips. This is not good news for the raiders unless for some reason Donald's taking seventeen million a year he comes out. And he gets what everyone expects and people are expecting twenty million or more. Khalil Matt and shown up for camp anytime soon is not. No he's not shown up until he gets what Donald got plus a dollar plus how are much more he thinks he's worth he's not coming in for less so. And we talked about this level time on the raiders should try to beat the rams to the market on getting this deal done because it would save you money. And Donald does come in at that huge price tag. And your Khalil Mac you're sitting back and think and I've got what he's got defensive player of the year let me get my twenty plus million. So let me ask you something you see notable one and three from greenback you also are gonna pay him. What's your plan. Your plane is just became angry. All the players around him angry because they know how much she means that the defense and why. Ride it out. And how do you plan on solving it next year when it cost Erin Donald contract plus a year of interest. She and I'm saying I do and one of the three probably out on the table next you know why. Because everyone knows you're gonna franchise and he's probably had for free agency after that so why would you give up of one of the three. Another year of Wear on the tires it's gonna cost even more money should the salary cap goes up so I ask again. Packers called today they offer of one of the three birdies and. I think they got to look at in the got a did they have to understand just like you laid out and say okay let's think about franchise and this guy this year and into. That you would use what are we gonna get for this guy do we better take this value now bird in the hand is better into a bush so my opinion I. I really believe if they don't have the money which great problem came when Joseph wants it than not the raiders don't have a lot of money Bettina don't have a lot of money to give up front yeah they could franchising. If that's the case did it behooves us organization gives you can't form John grossing just a moment quickly. If you're in that seat at all for comes deal you say yes you say now. If the what do you mean I first thought there'd urology at Packers called person there are you don't have to do. I would saying yes and I'm reason why I'm doing is because marks could tell me what are we gonna do the long term and we don't have the money. I'm so mark we have to get some takes its. I don't think now you turn down turn it down I get back in this will take some calls as well to the phones we go MLB insider both fox sports in the MLB network John Murrow see joining us here I 9570 game John good morning you thank you for your time. Let's start with best. Saturday night at AT&T park Barry Bonds iconic number 25 was retired forever. Many people smoke in sounded great in the process. Willie Mays however got up and made the case and eight for the giants to give them a statue outside the park and beat for the hall of fame voters to let a man. Do you think that message will resonate with a hall of fame voters. Oprah told good morning I would say this that it is it's an important message considering who said that obviously there was a lot of conversation on the hall of fame last wintertime last voting cycle. With a letter. Released by Joseph Morgan and in his opinions about. The steroid related candidate that was actually distributed by the hall of fame itself. Of course would we no longer any connection between Willie Mays in the in the bonds family. And I think it was good Dijjer will lead speak about I think that that's important for us seniors voters. Differing perspectives from among the hall of fame I think fifty. The opinion net. Joseph Morgan. Articulated is probably the one that is that the majority of all of the current group hall of famers and and their opinions on. How they would welcome. And Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens if they were voted in or or more properly not ultimately if you consider what their since has been. I I think it's important to hear those voices but I would say this is such a they hot button issue. That that is that if they any border. Is is swayed by a one thing said well they were vs another IP rather surprised because it is this system is there an issue that all of us have thought about a great leg. To the point that you do what our refilled by that you probably go about it fairly. Convincingly in your own mind but that that anyone piece of information is probably. Difficult to have that released way you're doing that but I I've I've said before they will continue. To be open minded about the way that I am not at all and has put for now I have I have voted for bonds and inclement that I expect to continue portable them. I believe there route that the two of the best players impressed that you greatest players. Of an inherently flawed here in Major League Baseball and and that is as bad in my stance. Certainly take into consideration what Joseph Morgan is that what Willie Mays is that. I think we all to a degree keep Borough council on this very important personal question and and to me that's our panel released so far. Bonds is vote total went from 54 percentages 56 this past cycle so it doesn't look like he's trending in the right direction after us six. Times on the ballot. The giants have pretty. Listless performance on the bond's retirement ceremony night they did come back to win yesterday over Pittsburgh but is it. It's just about the time John to up put a bow on missile giants' run and Colin over. I I I think so eyes certainly in the in this particular season and then when you think about the age of the club. It probably means. The overall. Hero of the giants baseball I think that that there have to be a natural. Reboot that comes when your roster gets a little bit older and we have seen with seems like the tigers and and the Philly is two degree the longer you wait the more people would get and I think this. This their estate where I give the jets credit for this. Days they wanted to do. Basically try one more year much like the blue jays did coming out and disappointing season try one here with this cast. If you can find a way to get the play out what this basic group of players. But now it will it's it's pretty obvious is not gonna happen. As it once that's the case I think you have to then be proactive this is now the second straight year. Where where there's going to be 88 missed post season really that the giants have not been an elite ballclub for two and a half you're committing about midway through twenties sixteens so. There's a lot. I think it. But I think the giants have there if they're being honest with themselves lender has substance they you know what we have to beat. We have to be basically open minded everything about it table no player is off limits that there was that that conversation before about. Although we can't trade bomb runner proper Posey. Maybe maybe it has to be open minded on at least one or two of those guys used to consider what their attitude and help. Reboot this park system I would say that. That the way it'd Eric Rodriguez has pitched Suarez at times there's been I think some very encouraging signs from from the younger group which is great and very needed. And I think that it's it's now time to figure out. Of course the key pieces that there will be part of the next great giants team even if that's not for another two or three years. Done if you're in that seat in your ass and I'm asking you speak for. Bobby Evans but if you're in that senior GM. How would you how would that look at how would that new bull look what would be some of the pieces that you would have to. That move in what Lisa and things that you have to required in order to make this team be able to be able to compete and start this rebuilding process. Well I would say is that that. In the air terms similar trip and what they get felt they had is somewhere that you would trade. McCutcheon certainly you're here is you get toward the end of August. Is someone you would consider moving. And in the wintertime and I think you have to look at cars they've got one more here with them. And and where would the price tag be trade wise for one year of them and only playoff performer is if you're not. If you don't believe that you won the World Series and one to nineteen. And right now I would say that's that would be a very big ask of a team that has not. Performed all that well the last two and a half seasons. If you're not gonna let the World Series between nineteen horribly that you have a very good chance of doing so. Then you should trade garner that there's no real reason they keep on for one more year if it you don't if you're not cause an extension. And if you don't feel like you've got one of the best three or four teams in baseball. Look to the future and so to me up front runner is probably our but clearer. Trade generate premier event proper policies because you've got. All those guys signed for longer position players and even more of a part of your. You're quite although certainly if you look at that the giants their draft decision on Bart and wonder okay how much longer is. Is closing in a start X number of years find the plate so they Vista doesn't cost data for the senate to consider everything. And I think candidly. Putting Irsay about Derek you know it betrayed conversation as winner is is not. As dramatic government stepped as you would think it is it is because of the name. But it's not because of them were the roster is the age of the roster and the overall competence and ability to the World Series next season. John Murrow see joining us here on 957 game Derek Rodriguez incendiary again yesterday against the pirates seven strong two hits one run. In a way. Victory as the giants but the series it pits or he's got a 135. ERA over his last five starts 28 strikeouts is six walks. What's the likelihood this kid finds his and himself as Billy Al rookie of the year. Well the great question to get it now is now moving in that direction where he is is a big part of the conversation. My diet. General thought is that they usually see the rookie of the European position player last that the pitcher. As an extraordinary scene today and is. Is from almost the very beginning in the in the cases of Derrick he was more in the early part of June we're became part of the rotation. If he is part of the conversation on the there's certainly a lot of young talent in Atlanta team it's probably gonna go to the playoffs. That may sway some of the voters. But I think Rodriguez right now would easily top five I think he's easily a top five rookie of the year candidate that the stock has been extraordinary. The adaptability of the stuff it has been there as well. I think I just I'm really impressed by that I do you look at Zemin and maybe it's a big hit that out what you look at me like a lot of this deal looks like ticket could drop as oh. What the delivery of his success is different they think it's safe so. I think decorated for me is it's remarkable that. The watch him do it and I was to have missed govern the tigers as a writer when his dad was still playing for them and then there are back that was in high school and and opposition play at the time and indeed maybe try to catch like is dead dead. It was it's just remarkable Burmese CM as and the grown men coming into his own caveat the position switch back from his with the twins and there's a lot of really equal parts of the story. Is that going Allstate last year. And so Derek now really beginning his journey and ultimately good yourself to special Kelly's story and I really thrilled ferber Derek certainly in the end and is that a lot of pleasantly problem. And the giants just able to hold on yesterday and get him the win a net game we've been talking a ton about the gays in the Ramon Lowery Donald throw. Firstly catch three goes deep in the last senator and the turn of the fired to first base. John merger rank that among the all time of great throws we're trying to do a mount Rushmore of throws mount throw more. Are we being too afflicted by Reese he buys by putting that on the mound so soon. The desert number. Is the importance of the throw at number two is the actual artistry up and I think obviously we. Will we began the conversation today what was to move would mr. may is I think that that's what probably several under the category unto itself. Back perhaps centuries ago or more but I think I think in modern as a police say this stat cast your thought we would the metrics that we've got. To put all around these frozen give it context. The the catch was one part of it going and ranging is far less than a gap but he did. And then Eric Young junior of course is not right for a man by the way where it was tapped it between second and third base although. Most trust route then do you bring it back and and remote throws so beaten her that was just so was the catch. And that's the role I yeah I compare same ballpark where you want assessment is obviously several years ago reminds me that throw from left field but. It is used to me. A great the role in outfield assist. On May access smile as baseball fans in a way that you'll have executed if you don't often see it. At least on that level you think back Ichiro and in Q long holes years ago what that drove right field early in the awards season. It's it's unique kid it was a unique charm athleticism great for the game I think emblematic of a team that is playing. He very are in the style baseball right now. John before we let you go what's the ceiling for the Oakland a's this season what does the absolute furthest they can get. With the red and closed on the used Astros to an end and via. The biggest festivities at the Mariners gave everybody asserted themselves but but the data well that series went over there at the Astros over the weekend. That is still within their reach and win as a team that is playing so well so I always simply I would think that in general you got a two game lead. For the Astros only two games to Moscow on. The astros' rotation we know is the league's it is still. I think the best in the game however they've got somebody that it hurt. That you start to wonder Didier is I'm opening the example momentum they've got Pawlenty of schedule leftist more than simply to baseball. So plays so they've got plenty of time I think BA is can certainly write a script and as the winning that the American League west division title this season. MLB insider for both fox sports and MLB network John Rosie joining us here on 957. The game John it's always a pleasure thank you so much for your time the Ford did it against them. Just click out of my place to get well let's let's hope there's some. They area post season but I have a chance to government cover I guess you guys you can over the years done. We'd love to seal will be tracking it from here on out. It John. You really can't throw anything at an annual give you a dynamite answer for you mean completely understand why he's had such a successful rise in his career with the guy just plugged in is anybody still young man to know. Lot of lot of bright future Redford Tom Palmer posted June 18. Please don't do easy kid who got to improve upon mouth the more it it it doesn't feel good enough if it doesn't feel in line with how the show usually conducts itself. Now throw Maurice just. It's your plane into the middle of it feels lazy doesn't not doesn't it just feels easy it just feels actually feels right. You know it's kind of like the old blanket that's a little bit torn up you still Wear because it's comfortable familiar it's easy keeps you warm cup chase and you know what. What more do you want address this happens sometimes the more you dress it up the more you just go on your way to make it worse true but but do people even understand what we're saying when you say mouth throw more. It's not enough football is an amount. Baseball are we talk about throw pillows museum we could create about throwing up I'll throw more. I had a good one IG here at Penn State long that it cafe and we don't Mel outfield assist more. Customized consumer yeah might be too much but now suddenly it's accurate. Should we strive for accuracy in out in a world the fake news should we strive to be better the things that changed as we could call it. Mountain got more but people you certainly can't say that that's that's going way too far and then. Is it really count on more from Canada or do you gotta can't ask you about nuclear weapon more a well Pakistan and India and the United Kingdom. Irish and trying to create trying in the United States obviously it's China Russia. Rush has got to be on net cut outs and and come with the answer it to you feel some out there and it becomes this. And how we do expect you to respond to out done more normal that's for you accused in a movie that seems sportsman he's actually throwing the ball he's not what made into Canada shooting it tell me how many times you're oh what did god he got a gun you down you thirteen. I wouldn't throw a football and we looked like you guys. Like I'm crazy it's Monday ghost would still stock. I'd say they are crazy guy he's got a game I'm just saying where or when it starts his mount throw more being not ignited the now that's not a gun Laura seems to cloud it even more I. I don't feel as if we're improving excellent yeah I'm pro cinema I know it's gonna help you out. No that's. I do you guys got a kid he's got a rifle forum. Yeah it's not rifle more there you go in and annexed in order shooting range running talking baseball on and thought. You stopped. You know your big in his attic and more. Lot of people making today the push from mount holds more. Honolulu HL SE hose and now and a Honda. Models more art knows. Who the buyer knows scenario. Jose Canseco got an. Patrick Donahoe has been the most of any conference. Jose is part of the material. Now outfield assist more there you know from the 551 out Joseph says dynamite one more time on the a couple of years off holidays. Dynamite actually I double there you. Did today. Let's see which got a pop pop pop pop up incentives program. That Madonna don't actually do that pleased and actually. Do that I did sitting in cemented do you have to get a Wii units that make you laugh he's got another one of those things where you're outside of working out I don't bombs Rosalia all sweating I think you're I care I think you would go and and his role because I mean you've talked about a bunch of times so you can laugh later. He's always saying is I have to go to your instant M account so. Ask Angel in due time because I think you're gonna I think you personally look they are getting gets him into a minute as the judge that. I guarantee full back more of a parent also and Ashley Michael Robinson. Jim Brown top craftsman in this weekend to Jim you're not still get around well okay what do you guys don't. Just at the pump events for cancers so is eighteen you're going eighteen years strong so awesome event this weekend in LA so they would raise money in. They raise over and twelve million dollars unless you know. Several years of what they've into one Ford just help in continuing losses mom and dad to cancer their twin Brothers in the Ponce did yeah yes so there it's it's a phenomenal event that I mean want to. You know for years and I really enjoyed. Don't you guys given back yet boss thanks for sharing that's so I appreciate it worries could I not be the third pump. Could there about my size with the red hair extraordinarily successful bidders to so there's little there's luck but then there's. Yeah now and everything Beckham comes behind the line and they have here though go to bed I thought nerve I can grows you know playing listeners around us and yeah that's exactly absolutely. At and what's bargain tape for my age jar on my ongoing suit that. Let's open it up triple 89579570. We are gonna play some of the greatest rose ever from. Now throw more because we'd you know despite twenty minutes we got no closer to anything better we did move in the opposite direction we found a lot of suggestion that were worse. Did not mount pearl mark. How about it and look at once they've now got more was worse but I thought eight mile I thought yeah I yet it is. The nominee explicitly can anymore Zeus cannon is that Belichick and mark yeah that ugly and offensive to individuals in the revolutionary war times. Offensive yeah. Are. That's why you need mount outfield assists more ego that's just how you do it because right there it's. Very cut and dry everyone understands what we're talking about no one can get offended milk toast coach you guys drive for militants to be a spicy on there. The other way in earnest and that is still it's a sports talk shows a week and talk about daddy's got to forget nick can inform yeah he's got a rival former good masquerades as a sports talk show. That's kind of put on the billing you know it's like showed up see the stones and I don't know you know satisfaction yet it thinks are like the stones here you get no satisfaction could. All right so let's start let's start with Saturday night bottom third take a listen. But it goes 32 pitch. And it yeah that's an appeal and it won't make another run as Larry. It's it's easy to catch a sense that the fact that first met. It's never Gloria. Addict yeah. Streaking toward left center field. Makes that catch up their run. Net sales are not applied at first base and it doubles all Eric Young. That was bottom third a's were leading five nothing one out Justin Upton at. At the ditch they doubled up Eric Young to end the inning remote Laurie Connell ran 76 feet and four point four seconds to track down that lays there. And many made it 321. Foot the row on frozen rope at nine B one point two mile an hour. Is it on it now outfield assist more. It has to go up against some of the all time greats another. That took place for the Oakland Athletics just a few years ago June 10. 2014. Take a listen. Sosa actually wasted his time going out and argue that out. Which you listen to the rest of the call we have all data do it but it was as an underdog Mike Scioscia. Get back in their solution yet not that got nothing on that thorough. This is the throw that Mariano has been compared to all weekend long obviously two days to a's outfielders both happening within the last couple years which one do you take out our. Looking at kids didn't start when you T to access it is do you think Arianna I take. Assessment is the road just because it was a little tougher for me in it also happens at home plate which is more important than double the guy off first base and forget the score. Contacts and also forget the fact that. Says the descended out by dropping the ball not once but twice and then rifling it over the base runner who would come around third and ailment the plate. Little bit of a tougher place to get the catcher obviously has to put a tag down at mart can at first base not Mariano throw. Just basically had new to corral those they perfect throw but I give the slight edge assessment. Learn that he liriano was running full speed he had detract his bald or he makes all of the Kinect. Takes two steps 12 gathers. And throws a mean he had a meanie. Meaning gunning down on what a right coach EY smell it coming and didn't want to write right now I'm not going tuna. That's been left out the sun for a few weeks now two more. Her tuna from the movie blow the big trend of two Johnny down tuna fish. Tuna melt. What are you actually wanna build ourselves laser mouse and a helmet there'll. I like my tuna. Former wide receiver I'm sorry meant. I loved it out as a ten contract not a pack up their tank but watch out everybody up I. We're gonna bring up a few more awesome ones we have listened to Lional stream outlets away and Lional what's going on man. Yeah I do it about already. Shell out a war. It's great what a great. Like that and it. Yeah I'll. Were that the bulk of playing well acknowledgment. And made it made it all the way. Oh wait deeper part of the ballpark in that they would let Arnold that we've built we're that it now we know clever. Accurate ball great plays. Well it. At all output below. Eight on the boat act in public an adult about one at the top eight. Too bad idol giving your pants that's the next row coming from mount outfield assist mark. Take a listen here's the date June 5 1989. Why are you confident his career five times this season. The thrown out at second base. I don't believe it. Perfect for help. Look like there was no way. They do actually think he's. And listen all the building but to see some good at Ellis for the game Harold Reynolds took off from first it was a hit and run. Reynolds had legs back in the bag instead got sagging got third was why and then to win the game and Bo Jackson saved that game and what's amazing about it is that Reynolds tells the story years later. He would dig into what at a shot he thought it was maybe in the shade. Slides in gets nailed the look of disbelief on his face he had no idea where the ball camera announcer in the same way he's not going to be able to get him just. That they Jennifer. It's so good now but they were there bug there were booing their borrowing I think you've been here. No that's the. I mean Greek does bode unbelievable. The whole crazy thing about Bos is that. It kind of bounces off the wall he doesn't have a running start on that he just picks it up in flat footed throws it to the dash Lori Ottawa's going back. Words tracked the ball gathered himself and then took a couple steps into it says this is the same thing. Both just picked it up and turned and fired and saying. The F lettuce is a Brunette yeah I ended the dharma Mac guy just can run. I don't know what to debate it was OK for him to what higher fired at they. Etc. Taken its content as well so it'll be in OK I can't say what can and what a rifle what do gun he could say oh he's earning just fired. Fair point country's sensitive the fires he's. Umpires on on shut out all first responders yes I'm in the past two. Q do you feel worse now having brought that up. Knowing it's a sensitive issue that's two for you guns and fire. On last ten minutes and now insensitive more and you're gonna go to summer as it needs to educate and our this at all it. Are just just not at all believing an indication. I and a half after are excellent April 11 2000 and Awad. Eight channel. It has gone down. He's one thrown two months. Lot of insensitive comments in the are dying down rain there laser beam all this talk about a space force some people are opposed to Trump's idea of the space force. Assuming a space horse would have laser beams back to be offensive to a lot of people as well what is called a guy. Because to doesn't eleven or 2001 coach different times there were times that's back when we were riding with with with them yeah and it. Supports its gap and I gotta get up in just. Just cracked verbally travel all over the English language and enrollment laugh we all move on what he's up there and I just needed element dot com. Us. Is it a sixty foot there was nothing. He picked stepping up in the middle yapping he's not backed by the warning track all these other throw those are big time distances each roses it wasn't pitching wedge coach yeah I put it on the amount. But he hit it to about an inch if he didn't Jardine comes up and absolutely unfurled a rocket low as we continue the the military imagery act as an absolute racket straight to the value thirty GMT launch out the Oakland and same year three months later July 7 2001. Here's a pitch there's us. Union that is depth in the right center field over that doubled off. Guerrero here comes the throw. He's not a good player. The only chance standstill folly that was a slide to the back for the play. Try to get a look listen and look that's a pretty good look good on out there. Named Vladimir Guerrero and he had been dead the right. Seems like everyone using the word god yeah he's what he really sort of British. You don't go get some rough inning that note that was 2001 play that well again we sit and he does not. I can't ever heard he was no running out of time you are and they're Jolie was dead. This is there's been much all of I'll broke a steel learn how to round third his hands rowdy was tip tapping he had a late call and I was just terrible baseline and vitally April 22 2016. Okay. Okay. Okay. You can. Okay. We your friends also. No mention governor perhaps now all the most sensitive all the calls definitely thought about Armon throw and ball and keep it keep it PG for the kids out there also got off the new screen out there in the out exactly Adelaide what time it's great play by play as. Does sealed we. Takes out Trevor story. To work everybody. Lot to get to the rest Michelle Anthony Slater on the warriors schedule at 930 add niners raiders get giants got all coming up next a low debt at a putt seven the game.
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