Jerry Rice on the 49ers, Le'Veon Bell talk: ‘He would bring a whole different dimension’

The GOAT joins ‘Joe, Lo & Dibs’ heading into Week 1 of the NFL season

Karl Buscheck
September 06, 2018 - 11:08 am

With an ACL tear stranding Jerick McKinnon on the IR and Le'Veon Bell quickly reaching the event horizon in Pittsburgh, it doesn’t take an NFL front office exec to see the potential fit in Santa Clara.

Jerry Rice joined “Joe, Lo and Dibs” on Thursday morning and confronted that possibility. Suffice it to say that the all-timer loves the idea of adding the three-time pro bowler and perennial holdout to the 49ers’ offense.

“Oh my god,” Rice whispered.

“He would bring a whole different dimension because now you’ve got a guy back there that can carry that rock and that can go the distance. So, it takes some of the pressure off Jimmy G

“With the backs and what they have going on right now with Matt Breida and Alfred Morris, I think Matt Breida, he’s No. 1 right now and Alfred Morris is going to help try to carry that load.”

“But, if you had a running back like that guy in the backfield, it opens up everything. Not teams can’t go into that Cover 2 and all that. They’ve got to come up. They’ve got to play legit and they’ve got to try to stop the running game and that opens up the passing game.”

“So, I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but that would be a great opportunity."

Check out the full interview with Jerry in the podcast below:

Jerry Rice joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs Sep. 6, 2018

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, September 6th
The greatest of all time joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs for his weekly interview as they discuss the expectations for the 49ers in this 2018 season. 

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He's an NFL hall of Famer 83 time Super Bowl champion and thirteen time pro bowler ladies and gentlemen Jerry Rice returning to Jolo Indians on 957 game. Good morning Gerri thanks for your time has always LR yeah. Thanks for having me guys don't really go. Do you know what today is. It I anniversary. Of Arabs are well all got our MacBook all right it is but in addition. 24 years ago yesterday so I'm not today but 24 years ago yesterday. You broke Jim Brown's all time touchdown record against the raiders on Monday Night Football with your 127. TD feels like yesterday doesn't it no way I use area. So what did you do to commemorate the occasion. Well meant I don't know I don't know maybe. I know it take you react well but yet there are an ever. Try to break a record like Jim Brown bear arms but they were Bollywood creepy. Unbelievable indicated it all started to replay back in my here because. Remember the first play at 101 coverage. It's epic out on the left side it in had to beat polls route in whenever I read my post what I do it is try to speed up. As close to the the been there as possible we like go to the polls are about brokered a poll. Deep throat rate although they able to make it cats and again and try to trip me that's not ballot and it somehow got it that is. It's incredible and I. As we start to flash you back I'm sure you can remember. Each and every play from all these great moments as you watch the the game today and you see some of the numbers these guys put up do you ever paused and reflected just. How much you're able to put up massive numbers throughout your whole career and especially when you see these guys putting a big single season numbers but not able to catch on the career list. The passing game now and in the majority of the ball compete in a year voted. It at the open receivers now. But you know back in my day it was all about China balance everything out with the running game in the past. And I had to wait both opportunities and I didn't know. Going into the ball game. Hamid opportunities I would have. I did try to take advantage of Eric ball girl well wait. But you know I've. I am thankful that played an era where it was like it would not that much questionable. You just have to go out you have to compete and you know there is going to be physical you know there are you gonna be a poll by. You didn't leave it up to bill initial beta they like they're retain what ample red on that book. We'll all feel so you know it was ideal for me. Jerry just think if you know he played in this air work you can't hit a guy took grew after five yards he can't. I hit a guy defensive player mean guys you would it hit the worker books and thinker rewritten now you would've rewrote him even more if you were in this area. You look at a guy like leaving on bail and they've about the eat the same Siskel 49ers lose in you know McCain and this is team that I think can win seminary games this year if you had to lay beyond if you trade it for this I don't know he do for Jimmy G. Teams can't place it Beckham play cover two cause you can run the ball run Ahmed letting him. What would he bring this team pars are still from a went perspective. In million kids don't know maybe it would bring all different. Dementia because now. All you've got a guy back spirit and carried Iraq index included typically takes on the pressure all Jimmy G. And you know what do that back and and and and would be up on the great now look more real. And Patrick Morris. I think of mark real. He's number one right now and apple Maher or Mark Morris is gone you know he's gonna you know try to carried a little bird. If you had a run in backlight like. Like that guy in the back feel it opened up everything now a team can't they can't go into that covered too into all there. You know they got to come up it got to put the kid in an and they got to try to stop the running game you know open the passing games ago. So I you know I don't know it's gonna happen but you know they'll be a great up to a. Jerry Rice with a siren at a high seven game Michael Lombardi former NFL front office executives had a ball that came out recently called gridiron genius and he started his career. In San Francisco under bill wall she worked for Al Davis and Oakland Bill Belichick in New England he's been all over. But he tells a great story about Bill Walsh and team building. In the nineteen basically after your rookie year when you guys lost the giants in the playoffs seventeen to three. How the team needed to go out and get a pass rusher how they ended up drafting Charles Haley. Did you came in those first three years after they'd. The niners have beaten super boy you guys lost in the playoffs before you broke through an 88 what was it like under Walsh during that time he was such a perfectionist wasn't. Yeah and he knew who he can do without too and on. Could it change. And he all were always referred. To players Meehan a part of a change. And if you weak link to net change we not gone out suspect on the book all go oh he would always Ed on. An awful at that time we were quitting. You know so many games then and now we have it. Started. Would that amnesty deputy head of the team's players will it take take that to come to interpret the goal what are now they're both. Every year we added on and I think that reap while we were spoke of that forward when it you know committing chips chips. How important is it for this niner organization and the brass particularly John Lynch Kyle Shanahan and others to. Continue to be an attractive destination for free agency not only. In the contracts they give the players now but. To have that same reputation going forward in the future. The idea nothing goes through it would generally you know spoke out Shanahan that's what they build their right now is that we have a storage and it Iranian U com. We've heard that the court order now that you got to conduct you're you're just so all the football good on the football field. But it's gonna incremental interest just got to want the political don't want to come in play put a separate physical what are now under that atmosphere is. Unbelievable right now you know he's very positive. And I think they have movement in the right direction. Big to got a computer and continue to build. Gerri a lot of analysts out there have the Minnesota Vikings as you know the favorite and in the NFC. What are the San Cisco 49ers when you have to do to in order to going there and and kind of put the Goliath. Yeah I think would be not to do it but don't be a two. You know Richard Sherman and no doubt in the secondary you know oh that. You don't mind to put pressure on our current car that. And you know on the eight he came with the big late last year and you know I feel pretty I could have made that tackle well. You vote in the secondary but it is up. Well you know. Oh era that had the speed really dealt with and you got to create a tutor got it. You don't I think there piercing and act. What the bike and they're like the cup it's going unit eagle put it couldn't Beckett and secretary of our season but I. I think at Columbia that he has to go and put pressure on her car at the band. And take the sound of the ball game in and also let them know that hey look we hear that when it. Jerry we need your help us something because the game is in Minnesota this weekend we've been playing the vikings more on all week now. Loan gave us his impersonation of the vikings' horn and Vontae hill who's on the afternoon show with Greg Papa. It is his impersonation yesterday as well we what do I know which is worse not better which is worse. So the first thing we're gonna play for you is the actual viking horn take a listen we're. Okay that's the viking horn right now this is bond day hell's chance. Blue. At low because the Lola a little bit bigger. So it became well better. I don't think people saying oh yeah. We volunteered yeah you don't. No I guess that envelope you read it and a did look at local halo it no don't tell you what man I'm like that. But you'll hear it out there or a bit it'll look like is a look at their spirit is at sac in a I want to give back Allen both all. I hated by making it didn't look like it'd by the that we typically I hate it there in and I do audit that is glow appeared distraught. Beautiful south and of all favorite three time Super Bowl champ thirteen time pro bowler the great Jerry Rice with us here on 957. They gave Jerry again thank you for your time into the game tonight we'll catch up soon. Right in build niners and let go raiders.
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