Jerry Rice didn’t try to convince Terrell Owens to attend HOF weekend

Former teammates crossed paths at Dwight Clark’s memorial service

Karl Buscheck
August 03, 2018 - 1:16 pm

Jerry Rice knows Terrell Owens, his former longtime teammate with the 49ers, about as well as anybody in the football universe.

And as such, he knew it was futile to attempt to convince T.O. to attend the Hall of Fame induction in Canton, when the ex-wideouts crossed paths at Dwight Clark’s memorial service on Wednesday.

Rice recounted that interaction on “The Greg Papa Show” with Bonta Hill on Friday.

“He walked up to me and we talked,” Rice said on 95.7 The Game. “We chatted for a second and we talked about old times and then what he had going on because he’s going to do his induction speech in Chattanooga where everything started for him.”

“That was about it. The thing is, when Terrell makes up his mind about something, you cannot change his mind. He’s going to do it his way. And I commend him.”

“It’s something he wants to do, but I wanted to go to Canton, Ohio, to meet all of those Hall of Famers. That meant the world to me and he decided to do it differently.”

Check out the full interview with Rice in the podcast below:

Jerry Rice talks with Papa and Bonta!

Hall of Fame Wide Reciever Jerry Rice joined Papa and Bonta to discuss the Hall of Fame Ceremony this weekend, T.O. not attending the ceremony and who would he pick as the 2nd best reciever of all time. 

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Or amend what gone only an anyway you and I you can't Oreo that. Now I'm here at home go echo now now down just got to watch it and here we're. OK we thank you for your time man. There's no problem. Are experiencing it and three. To one and we have a special treat today pop a separate Siskel tree. The greatest of all time possibly the best deathly the best wide receiver ball turn Jerry Rice returns Super Bowl champion. Has a slew of NFL records and it's an honor to have mama afternoon delight today here many parts opening game especially dirt all the fame weekend. Jerry are you dorm meant. Am doing good how you get to one. We're doing great share artistic career honor to have you out of thank you so much for your time quote back to when when UN and a few years ago with within Emmet Smith what it would recall about that the whole weekend here at. You've got to bring up some dumb little bit of bad memories for me because I crash lack of faith we expect that that the credit K when they announced my name band and and I knew I was gonna get into the hall it was something that was really special and like I have stated over the years is a very unique group of guys. And to get into that group you know it meant the world to me and up around they'll forget. Yeah I mean obviously you're you're a first ballot hall of Famer has Vontae said you and Jim brown and show and a few others Lawrence Taylor on the list of the greatest of all time your short of the greatest wide receiver. Of all time but at this wide receiver class that has got to go win tomorrow with the rain demolish and and chi oh just give me your thoughts overall on and these two players shares. Oh my god two outstanding players. Guys that I create and bad and you know Randy mall. The thing about him he could. Pick overall would be spent he could blow by you he can out jump you and but he also ahead. This be weary detective on the need and in critical stick. And the same thing with Terrell Owens talked there was cook more physical receiver. I have a body like like terrible. It was a it was unbelievable I you know this guy. After the shot down a little JR if you are for the red studios behind it looked out the league. They've got ahead he had multiple polo ladies and real political coming up the line of scrimmage. Debt all guarded his weight now feel. Could go up and up tactical fall. You could hit him eco bound all defenders there and he'll find a way to get into the end zone so you know two very unique guys. Never seemed. So big and so physical and so bad and you know because we're not retaining out of college you know that was something that they talk about me they'd say well you know he doesn't help that police and speed. But dipping get back at that at football speed. And Will Ferrell and you know Randy malls mandate is that track speed and and they could do it is impossible. And no one ever caught from behind that's O line you know 20000 yards later your way up for everybody. At Vontae there were talking about this yesterday that you are number one by far in yards but TO was number two yards receiving. Larry Fitzgerald's theory and sport than touchdowns. 123 you're number one radio bosses number 2 march alone is not retreat. So let's say we're gonna have a hall of fame game. And you're gonna be is starting wide receivers OK where do you want to be the X and Z. In your lifetime watching football if you are the acts who do you want is this the wide receiver if you had to pick one guy. Okay purple are probably won't be didn't see this hour and at times and help out we'll be back Laker I had a lot of the the move there. Hey you've had to pick a come it would be a culmination couple guys at. No I I was probably eight aero ones because I knew today about Whitaker Alec with this guy is guy hit back. And it it would under put me to play with them for so many years and I got it know him. Tonight I know exactly. You know what you bring to the table. The police would definitely be you don't care or. The greatest of all time Jerry Rice early afternoon light on many by seven gay and pro football hall of Famer missed what you see Terrell Owens Jerry talk about 20 came into the league from Tennessee Chattanooga a third round pick who really a quiet guy no JJ stokes was there talk about what's in the young TO Grohl. And then obviously. He became you know an all pro on three different football teams were just talk about when TL. First came to the 49ers the first two or three years how how he was as a wide receiver how we worked on his craft and his personality Jerry. Yeah I think he came in the same way idea because when attacking me and they were like you're in the headlight. You know meet Joseph Montana Ronnie Lott all the great player and I'll let you find yourself in the locker room. And you look in the craw that you don't like I'd be you know that. Increased rittner Joseph Montana if you he run your life you know you are important on all feel. So when Terrell or convenient he was very quiet. He said back he blocked the better and you know the way we work on the football Biel and also you know what we do it all the football field and as he continues to grow you know he does you know he became himself and the thing about Harrell is that. Everything. He carried on his shoulders. He's a very emotional guy. But you knew that it whenever you put that uniform on. He. He would build 100%. He was totally committed. Two win a football game. And you know everything else. Here tonight and on the cake because you know he put up outstanding numbers and he went on to really got some other teams so. Jerry I get out to its CEO was that you like Clark's memorial racial concede direction Francisco on Wednesday and I read that you were there. Did you get a chance to speak to him at all during during the the services and one stage here. Yeah he walked up to me and he you know we call we try to force second. And you know we talk about old times and he did Hamlet you know what he tech going on because you know he's gonna do is induction speech. And Chattanooga. You know where things start to form and and you don't know about it you know that thing hit that thing is. Went Terrell. When he makes up his mind about something. You cannot. Change his mind. He's not telling you know he's gonna do it his way and you know. Not commands him it up in that. He wants to do you know but I want it to go that Kendall title to meet all of those hall of famers. That meant the world to me and he decided to director of. Did you try to talk him out of it and encourage him to go and celebrate the weekender now. You know after playing with this guy and him being around him such a long time. No I did not because that kind of dazed mind was made up in it was no change in here's my. Well what what do you think the real motivation is for him not to show up as it is it simply that he was not a first ballot hall of fame thirtieth thing cheery here too late to his third year. You not think that was part of it. You know I'm sure you know he felt like you know mark in Paris went in for him. Also it'll you know if I rent a multiple separate ballot. And and Carol you know he always you know he always well he would edit them all the little guy. And you know put a committee to. Not vote him in at the first ballot that think he was offended by it. And and that's maybe why somebody anger you know still lingers and stuff like that but I. You not think he gonna have a great time and got a nuclear. Which you will we're happy to have him enter the Propofol all the brain. We support him 100% no matter what they had we just it would happen so. Jerry Rice here in the afternoon delight will pop in Bonn Germany by seven game Jerry talk about TO he's gonna do is being this weekend in Chattanooga. And you just look at what he did on the field he was an amazing player in our right behind you I put him up there have received your number one. Moss and TO is right there below you. But just talk about some of the things he did off the field that cost distractions because you know we watch your career Gerri if you look at the ball you had a way of going about. Talk to the quarterback commuting with the offensive coordinator is. Do weight teel did it woody beat tech came from what created this monster is where he had. All these outbursts that we saw already years are really you know kind of stained. Cut a stained his career a little bit you know kind of damage his reputation habits where he had to wait a couple of years ago into the hall of fame. Well we talk about the antics at all times and you know another catcher also a leaked it to tell the world giving him retro pedal up and call it on. All the football field. Also and it and that being. The committee. They look at that and and and and and it plays a very important part you know what he hole. One of those guys that at the site where retain. That always collect the world book against them. And not being you know the main news. The luckiest couple that football field. Rudy didn't help the situation he had way too much going on and no way too many distractions and once you start also. You know call it not players and you start burning. Bridges. You know. Eventually it can't come back two in the long run it up big I think it the so I think that played a very important part. In him not be in the fourth ballot. Receiver and I just unfortunate. I you know the the second heat he was eligible. I think it is no doubt you know Harold should be a part ballot if he should be. You know go straight into culpable. You know ego is is a big part of your great career. TO and Randy Moss as well. You know you guys just had a certain swagger about unit I think it's almost required that position do you agree with that do you think to beat a top level a lead receiver yeah yeah have a a little bit that they acknowledge there. Yeah you have to have a swagger mayor Munich and you got a balked at all. And but there ladies who. Demand football you know you you can't start pointing fingers or anything like bet. The way out it it IA but it is the one practice. You know I may bidding war dorm practice political playbook if it was called or practice I want to make sure. It work and I knew that it was gonna get into upbeat put into the game. On activists on they are that Monday are you know we'll know what ever. But you know we. Altered some reason now. They they would be verse you know we get these people and felt like there I don't. I don't buy the that you look at the lever for your regular dual channel and calling your ground. All they'll Beckham all these guys you know you've got to help their little swagger. And you know Islam in a moment it up and hurt between you want to receiver could be that way you want him to. You know want to football because you know he's coming up you two we have vocal. Steve as a female shoppers politics I don't know what it talked about I don't know how he got it may how how high of a note did you hit an error nastiness you're your final home game as a forty niner and it's TO breaks it down fears that the hurled NFL record in ghost when he catches for 283. How did you really feel about about that day care. Well you look quartet filled disappointed but we want belt the most important thing Intel had an exceptional day. And you know the tradition here with a separate physical what do men and we have always. Sort of like passed that torch on. So it was just not admit defeat in NI I even talked to up Brian Urlacher a while bad day in he says it was no way. That you were gonna have a big day. When we play you guys because we had you double the entire time. And not that three to what Terrell able to you don't have about 22. That they too many two receptions. And I remember. Be merit Mariucci UK he didn't know that he had a baby care. Enough about it to be about it yet I'd actually yeah. Yeah you know he wouldn't do well I. Don't know we. Apple mountain as Campanella happy but they're all in bed at night we gave him the game ball. You know after the game then there was no note and a market PL eating paint coworker. I was speaking watching that game Jerry just beaten the ball double teamed every game game I'll meet you saw a double your career. From the front. It you don't put them you know opening. Back yet you know you time to pass that torch on an. And what they got app always on you is you know I have been. A professional. And even dipping if if they don't goal that we don't want them to go field the most important being. Is to win put opinions and not you know and try to win champ ships. Jerry this was a fun interview for sure hall of fame weakens going to be great but also August 14. Fans are gonna get a chance to play golf with the August 14 at the boulder ridge. Golf club Tuesday August 14 in sandals a special be a lot of fun Jerry you got your golf game are you working on that. Yeah you know I'm looking forward to that man but you know boulder boulder ridge. It allow older so yeah. In my I got hit it that it. The older puppet like that it might Rick in my ricocheted or something like dangle in the hole I don't I don't know what beat. There are a lot of older but I'm looking forward to land you know will. Who ever win this package in it should be allowed one. I regret actually yeah on the golf course this guy meticulous though a cause of the players the way is on the golf course if we had a eighteen hole match play. You against Jeff curry chair who which like today. Of course doubled them home among beat them up close look at that battle now. I have watched him eat eat the better call where at any bill also will be playing in Bellamy. That become an up and he did a great job last year and I'm expected in that same thing on him this year economical out or not. And get beat up Korean and have a great time. Rates varied. Was a lot of fun with the August 14 would do it again consumer for an. All right there is room that is the curious the greatest of all time Jerry Rice we'll do that at the end with bella yeah. Perfect and as long element. We.
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