Jerry Rice brushes aside Khalil Mack trade talk — ‘(He’s) not going anywhere’

Niner legend drops by to talk all things Bay Area football

Karl Buscheck
August 20, 2018 - 11:30 am

The iconic Jerry Rice joined “Joe, Lo & Dibs” on Monday morning to breakdown the preseason weekend that was, address the controversial helmet rule and weigh in on the AWOL Khalil Mack.

Rice thinks the situation will work itself out — in due time.

“This is just part of the game that we have to go through guys,” Rice said on 95.7 The Game. “Hopefully they can get this ironed out and somehow get their best player on the football field. I have heard that they’re thinking about trading him and all that stuff.”

“Khalil Mack is not going anywhere,” Rice said. “He’s the anchor of that defense. So, somehow something is going to get worked out where he’s on that football field.”

Jump to the 8:23 mark in the pod to hear Jerry’s full breakdown:

Jerry Rice joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs 8/20/18

The Morning Show
Monday, August 20th
The GOAT joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on the NFL's new helmet rule, the 49ers starting offense, and has some stories as a Rookie. 

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He's an NFL hall of Famer a three time Super Bowl champion a thirteen time pro bowler. I don't even know why I read that off every week because you know who we is Jerry Rice joining Jolo Indians on 957 again Jerry what's going on how are yeah. I don't know what I read at all airy thinking how happy how. How did you like it we will continue to do it if there's one thing you would want me to add to that will would you want that today. I don't know man you don't let you know time and that's when aptly became well all I'm Brooke the minute records. I want the municipal posts so its own you read that I'm OK with it but you know you can say. Maybe. You know. Thirteen time pro bowler but don't like that went about a buyout deported not doubt she has 22895. Look you're eight down. In old cold over 36. Record and stuff like that it would be banned test. OK Antony and over. I'm really delays at least we can probably throwing into a superior golfer to one there on the O'Neal based on the reports I heard it. For Mark Turner and Jerry UN Lowe went head to head as teammates out there how can you assess the big fellows golf game. Many and you don't look much older as the appeals court pairings. Like I could not believe the shot that little bit he would hitting but. You know he's competitive and I had to give him bad but I you know. I ever they had it. Carried the weight of the world on my throat. We had a fantastic time and you know it was orca called but I think most feel the old mile. Our hundred dollar and I'm Michael let them get. Jerry was actually I was shocked. Are you could hit the ball your consisting doing shot otherwise I came up tee you're in your Hawaii and he had to widen rage huge it's match you know I mean. If you were just decided to look at you're you're you're good on the eyes and you're pretty in the face in slim and a waste and you gave it a what are. No no no you shouldn't know from hole number one when natural riddled with 300 bucks guard outbound is down now you know down the fairway. And we ended up getting birdie on that hole if you can't. During the crime problem. Got eagle. Birdie noted that you'll welcome warmup in ink Jake go. Yes they got cruise ship Gerry and sassy got to have a tough out little about where I would want it we don't accrue. A Jerry Rice study is here and 95% of the game. We'll bring you read into a conversation we were having had the NFL looking to enforce a new rules this year trying to make the game a little bit safer you know for someone who played for so long what do you think of of how the pre season has played out with some of these calls. They get Megan and everything more typical because if you if you order shall shoulder to make a tackle Derek on appeal little. Little bit of it hit it collegiate because. The president this Q about the hit he's gonna do the same thing equal lower and all but what can call who don't like and I know. Player a stationary but. Football is football and that the bottom line and I don't know how the official. How we don't call you know the gains this year and just like would you spit you got it about the global defense met bill got it. And I think that's basically what you have to do with football yet to let those guys. And that goes to other calls well all right Gerri whether it's you know being rough with receivers beyond five yards that some even call every play or are holding we always talk about how. You can call holding on every play is this helmet rule gonna have to be the same where. They really pick and choose when they make this call. I don't I just don't know they going to make that call it to go it got beat up on the official. And he's gonna put pressure on them and endorsing you know toward the play also are going very crucial games. You know. You know he could have been a long time now where to go nickel a nickel look at that instant replay over and over and over. And recollect about being too because now taken a momentum away from that team with the football. Soul. If it's gonna be very difficult to make that call. Jerry Roger Craig Tommy rattling you guys had Ricky Watters I said guys if you told the mail guys can make things happen. McEntire she's got a senate could offer to life. When you look at this niners' offense of line up front and also can in nineteen being injured in the running backs. Just doesn't seem my third shelling how much in what kind of pressure does that put on the receiving corps in the quarterback because it right now the dolphins a line in the running backs don't seem to be on the same page. Who looks like you know pick you right now because he's got so many running back you know that are hurt you cannot and I you know it almost like you know you've got to try to. Try to chided me and a wall or something like that. Because you know McKinnell. President. Nick nick Lowe's. Joseph Williams. All these guys. They don't have to be able to carry that rocket and every kick from the pressure all. The passing game you'd look at what. Basically what Jimmy due to a right now you know became well. The really executed all is well. They hit some mistakes but feel they move the ball down field but. Because I had to get those running backs healthy. And if they can do that I think they all believe called an upper Morris bit. It was the reason he couldn't play this this pat called game but I think it will be ready to go to their bowl game. You reasonable person you have established the passing game. Now you can you know you can just. No report on the sport but it's going to be up to that. But the line. Also don't want him back to get healthy. And I also reduces oil hurt guys expect Palestinian. He was so disappointed that in all bent and their execution that he thought about it in them out a third series. Within either been you know we're well move the ball bill admit that football game. But I think that veteran big of a little lie. Luckily. This next ball game but after the ball game if if they have been turned out everything. Hey it gonna be along these and they certainly don't come out and have a great show it is next ball game. Jerry Rice joining us here on 95 cent in the game. I was listening to a fantastic story over the weekend LaDainian Tomlinson one of the great running backs ever play the game a former teammate of low O'Neal's. He was talking about an 181000. Dollar dinner tab he got hit with as a rookie. When he first joined the chargers coming out of TCU I was wondering do you have any great stories you might not be named the guys aren't you came out to be gets it off for any thing or not enough. You know what they did not Nidal. I guess you don't because of the man I don't know. Stick it on. You know allow. A lot of look at bagel look that meant you know because I think that they're all a lie about Ito look better. You can hit it did in that Google is really happy man because got it eat it. A security eat but you know it's it's you know the player on the Yucca they you bet that. I'm sure they don't mind doing it and it just you know a team camaraderie at the quite like that in and it and that. The crap on collector live football games. And that's some camaraderie Jerry talk about 181000 dollars for a dinner at it would anybody ever show some resentment in that moment what do you do in that. In that room if it's all the alpha dogs of the. He would look dude you can't do anything you got the big board over 300 the panel. I don't doubt it. You know bill guys pretty much they spit the standards. So if if I had gotten approach our book like that maybe maybe you would get that would what that. Would have done because it is a young guy like best probably would have in public may be gone at. But look alike yet so he wouldn't. To pay their entire amount but you know it best meat but you can do addicting you know what the big board. I call on the big that. It because. Jerry if you're the raiders houses include a Mac wins and when what do you think. Hello this guy hold dollars in the week how how important is he to this team is well. Figure but I don't go to him right now maybe even career and I think he's very very important part of the defense and it's unfortunate this has just ordered the game that we ethical group guys and hopefully they can get it went well and and somehow. Get their best player on the football field you don't hurt. Bet you know they'd be they're being well treated you know and all that that Conan O Matic is not going to be in it into wearied anger. At the sense that somehow thought. Ultimate goal to get worked out where he's on the football field. NFL hall of Famer at three times suitable champ thirteen time pro bowler. 55800. Just 22895. Yards 208 total touchdowns. How about passing numbers Jerry Rice joining us here on I 9570. Games go it's always a pleasure thank you so much for your time today. You say thank god would have me hello Mel my muddy and beat up my notebook though they go to get away with it all right. Check in the mail mail absentee and either. My second so don't. I don't care what your bitcoin generally of the isn't it calling it and I don't think. I put little reunited so I pretty don't believe moment yet but be dealt though. Next time I talk they call me Al we'll go play golf I'll give particularly true for. I have heard it but really. I'd be very.
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