Jed Lowrie on surging Oakland A’s: ‘I just know that we’re never out of it’

Oakland roared back from 10-2 deficit on Tuesday night

Karl Buscheck
July 25, 2018 - 10:18 am

The morning after the Oakland A’s stunned the Texas Rangers, barrelling back from a 10-2 disadvantage to win 13-10 in extra innings, Jed Lowrie, All-Star second baseman, stopped by “Joe, Lo & Dibs” on 95.7 The Game.

Turns out Lowrie was never really sweating the eight-run hole that the AL West team dug early in the night.

“Honestly, the that way we put at bats together, I just know that we’re never out of it,” Lowrie said on 95.7 The Game. “And when we’re able to draw walks like we did and the to get a break like that….”

Thanks to 11 unanswered runs, the A’s have won 25 of 32 and sit just 1.5 games behind the Seattle Mariners for the second wild-card spot.

“I don’t want to sound too cliche but we’ve just been having such great at bats,” Lowrie continued. “We really aren’t (out it). We’re never out of it. So, I don’t think there was ever a thought of let’s just mail it in. We’re just continuing to grind out at bats."

Jed Lowrie joins JD, Lo, and Dibs 7/25/18

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, July 25th
All Star 2nd Basemen for your Oakland Athletics joins JD, Lo, and Dibs to share his reaction to the A's crazy comeback win in Texas, their success on the Road, and the feel for the Clubhouse during this hot streak. 

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The early days just continued outdo themselves. Already a bunch of come from behind victories and last night they Davis said well let's get down latency for in combat commitment and that's exactly what they did you guys in the middle of at all. It's all star second baseman Jed Lowrie. Jay joins us now here and ID 57 game Ted thanks a lot for coming on the show Larry do on this morning. Under our government we really appreciated I don't go to the the eighth inning on asking this question you guys obviously get down tended to you come back. It's ten to five in the eighth and Simien hits a ground ball short. Elvis enters boots it they don't get an out you guys scored you come up get it it did hit a couple of runs command. But at the moment of that air I'm thinking and you guys are gonna win this game as a real hot and home at what point. Did you think wanna win this game. You know I I honestly I. You know the way the way that we put it back together I'd just say. And just noted that were or never out of it and you know when you were able. To draw walks like we did a man and then you know get a break like. You know. I did today. I don't wanna sound cute cliche but it but it you know we've just been having that great at bat in we've really got one we're never so I I don't think there was. There's river bottom you know it's just mail it and we're workers continue to grind out about. All Tony seven Alex count equally say you grind it out you never know what might happen you look at your splits as a team Holman road you've been a much better team on the road and a power hitting on the road has been decidedly better. Is there a reason you can pinpoint as to why you guys have been more successful on the road. You know I I think. It's been it's been a windy cold here and in at the coliseum this year and you know there is the numbers bear that out Q as far as the power factor goes. So you know we you. We found ways to win at home and you know we've pitched better we've. You know we've we've done a good job playing at home but you know we've we've got so much power you know we go on the road. You know all of they're going out on the road start pulling out all right now. Instead. I look at you know you guys in what you guys have been able to do with the consistency. New Kids On The Block no one gives you a chance. Who's they would play on some good teams in NFL win go win only win two games will also one went fourteen to once in games. And you get the ball one and you feel like no one can beat you feel like he does have that mode Julia never at a games. What is been the biggest keys to guy's got a rabbit clue what is Bob Melvin do want. What is it about this team that you guys feel that you can beat anybody witness to yankees whereas Boston whether it's Tuesday. What's Ornette clubhouse. In what's been the catalyst for you guys success. Or are. You know good start but how will you you don't. You don't go through a baseball season 462. Games where you know. Trick people were without long you you go you got out our and we do. As you eluded to earlier we've got young guys and that's why a you know its use some of these guys are are unknown commodities but. There they're maturing. Probably quicker than than some expected and I think that's probably. Well the reason. Why we've had much success as we that note the calendar and there. You know you can you can learn how to grind oh whereabouts and how how big league of bouts. As a young player out is that talent that we have that's that you can just. Well and gent Larry our guest here on 957 game Jeddah you more with DA's in 2012. But but you worry in 2013. And 2014. Just gauge for us just the vibe of this team in the clubhouse compared to go to schemes in thirteen and fourteen to it seems like a different. Different type of player different type of personalities. It seems like they're almost opposite in many ways a lot of the young guys seem to be. You know not is. And loose is probably too strong of a word that he might acting was fun and are thrown big the Gatorade around the pies and all at. This team seems maybe a little bit more serious kind of compare. Just that the the atmosphere is if that's a fair statement or not. Now why write this teams this team is pretty loose and we. We we have we have to get. You know we we go we go about our goal. And you know I think that's you know it shows with the U. Level of professional about giving it the way we're playing the game right now but it. I don't I don't think you had. That you would make that statement if you start well after game after win. It's a little bit of a throwback feel with the pitching staff whether Andersen and K hill and Edwin Jackson of Karstens pitched for. For a long time it's going to be fun for you playing the infield and seen some of these familiar faces back doing their thing on the mound. Yeah no it you know what goes on or a moment. Given at the moment. You know did without the ball well right now we know. Lou with the back into the bowl we'll know how. And this order goes. While they're out to do that no I mean there's been. Yahoo! on my dad really. A pretty pretty talented. It going you're talking about you know gaining gains or you don't you tell him just like you alluded to a lot of guys people know necessarily they're not household names. In what is it about when you when you're with some of these guys is it meaning you have to say to younger guys you've been around a week. We are planning big teams say you're playing Houston you're playing teams that may be had that mystique or that a bottle bottom the superstars. What is what is the message what he how do you guys how's that cool common that collective air about you guys it's an okay anyplace anywhere were ready. Yeah and I think that bird and that starts with. Yeah it started the work. You know it. After one thing that. Did these guys these young guys. Adopted quickly as you know having met Patti good routine and and and knowing. What it takes for them to get ready or or at least. Working on now. And I think that's probably the hardest part of this game when you're when you're young players. This figure out what what it's gonna take you to get ready to perform on all on a daily basis so. You know. Late yesterday that you just you don't you don't trick notre people over the over the course of harms few games you got talent and then when they're. You know it's so I'll be compared. Still sixty games left to go on the schedule and now just the game and have back to Seattle is zip. A time yet where you start to do some scoreboard watching or is it still does head down and trying to win as many games you can knowing that. All of that'll work itself out eventually. Yeah it. It. Is it narrowing your focus right now is you know. You may have been may be like you do to what's going on around you but it would go up. You know internalize that although more. So I guess that summarizes I don't think it on the scoreboard watch it yet no we don't. We don't wanna get distracted him and hurt. You know forgetting her room we don't want to forget Hawaii we we got to where we are you know we need that we need to continue to focus. On the then they. Have made it successful. Ted what what makes you wait when your. On the diamond get are or you're in the dugout what what makes you just go wow more often. Some of the home runs that Chris Davis is able to get. With some of that opposite field power or some of the plays the EC Chapman make it third base. Yeah you're there to deregulate the malignant what we're about to be you guys mean. I think Katie is probably guys that most opposite field power if I've ever seen. You know he would votes. Harder. To right senator. Right field that a lot of let you do. So. You know that. You're here talking about it you guys you know at the top. The list. We're or you know what what were talking about Chapman. Defensively. Is the best I've ever seen. And we're young guy at. If I'm kinda be just because these these guys do this on a nightly basis and man. It's. People need to go out so watch. You know you don't see this every every. People did come out to the Bay Bridge series what was that like playing in front of those massive crowds particularly the Saturday gamer you look up to mount Davidson. Now Davis has fallen yet. 54000. Fans at the colleague Jamie guys on. Yeah I mean those those game that. That it heated rivalry. There's always. All all people of that theory and and we were we're happy. Probably get that series went in. That trophy that they put together is actually pretty cool pretty substantial so. You know you we will hopefully we continue to get people out. For not just the baby are very that are Bay Bridge series you. Kids takes a lot best to lock the rest of the way and mobile tot begin down the line. Eric bedroom got.



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