JaVale McGee reveals that China Klay is set for another round

Splash Bro thrilled basketball universe with summer antics a year ago

Karl Buscheck
April 24, 2018 - 11:19 am

China Klay, the alter ego of Klay Thompson, the Warriors knock-down shooter is officially set for an encore.

JaVale McGee revealed as much after the Warriors’ practice on Monday. When asked which of his teammates will be attending his annual Water For Life Charity Softball Game on June 23 at the Coliseum, McGee offered up  the following.

“Most of the players — the only person who’s definitely not coming is, I think, Klay right now just because he has things to do in China.”

The legend of China Klay all began with the famous video below in which the Splash Bro’s 360-dunk attempt went way off the rails….

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