‘It wasn’t a scuffle’ — Draymond shuts down Drake question

Warrior star and Raptor super fan discussed words

Kirsten Moran
May 31, 2019 - 10:49 am

The rapper and Raptors ambassador/fan boy, Drake, sparked attention leading up to the NBA Finals.  

Drake sat courtside during Game 1 of the Warriors and Raptors series, inviting controversy by wearing a No. 30 Dell Curry jersey, from his Raptor days. 

Toronto ended the night with a 118-109 victory against Golden State. 

Drake felt compelled to get into a trash talking session with Draymond after the game.  

At the press conference to follow the game, a reporter asked the forward what went down. Draymond quickly put a stop to that. 

Green further addressed the supposed spat at Warriors' media availability on Friday.

Suffice it to say Draymond is really sweating Drake.

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