‘It’s pretty good’ — Myers offers glowing review of JaVale’s new album

Warriors big man dropped ‘Pierre’ on eve of playoffs

Karl Buscheck
April 19, 2018 - 12:42 pm

Bob Myers knows hoops — not music.

But the Warriors prez/GM has heard very good things about “Pierre” — JaVale McGee’s recently released album. Myers shared a funny anecdote about McGee’s musical debut during his appearance on “The Greg Papa Show” with Bonta Hill earlier in the week.

Here’s how it went down...

“Really quick, Bonta, I was sitting with a guy who was in the music business, is no longer. And he said, ‘Not that you care, but by the way, JaVale’s album is pretty good.’”

“First of all, I said, ‘I’m not qualified to have an opinion on his music or anybody’s music, for that matter. He comes from that background and he said, ‘No. I’m serious.’ And this isn’t a guy that…he wasn’t trying to pump it up or anything. He just said, ‘No. it’s pretty good.’”

Jump to the 9:24 mark in the podcast below to hear Myers offer up the mystery mogul’s breakdown:

Check out “Pierre” for yourself below…

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