‘It’s a mess’ — David Carr doesn’t hold back on Jon Gruden’s Oakland Raiders

Elder brother of silver and black QB joins Damon for weekly conversation

Karl Buscheck
November 08, 2018 - 3:54 pm

David Carr swung by “The Damon Bruce Show” on Thursday afternoon and was characteristically candid.

Damon hit the QB turned NFL analyst with the following stat. After the Thursday Night rout in Santa Clara, the Niners went from 25th to 6th in the NFL in sacks.

Suddenly, defensive coordinator Robert Saleh is a genius, Damon quipped.

“It’s crazy how you can go up against a certain opponent and fix all your woes,” Carr said on 95.7 The Game with a laugh. “Now the coordinator can point to stats the rest of the year and say, ‘Oh, well look at this.’”

“It is what it is. The Raiders have been struggling. They’re not — it’s a mess over there. They’ve got guys that they’re trying to figure out right now, they’re at the point, I don’t think they’re trying to trick anybody.”

“I think Jon Gruden is getting rid of guys that he doesn’t think are going to be part of his plan, and he’s fine with that…”

“You can’t convince anyone on the field, in particular my brother, that guys are tanking the season or they’re giving up, but there’s definitely a focus on the future… Otherwise, you wouldn’t make some of the moves that you’ve made.”

“So, yeah. It is what it is. I’ve talked to a couple Raider fans over the last couple of days, just at random places, and they’re like, ‘Can we just fast forward to the draft?’ I’m like, ‘I can understand your pain. I get it. I understand what you’re going through.’”

“And, unfortunately, Derek’s still got to stand back there and try to make some plays with some guys that might not even be there next year. So, it’s going to be interesting to watch that all play out.”

To hear the full pod with Carr, check out the pod below:

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