‘It’s kind of sharky’ — Another day, another amazing Klay video

Thompson offers all sorts of insights on his old hometown

Karl Buscheck
May 15, 2019 - 2:40 pm

A couple of days after revealing his love for meditating while listening to classical music or nature sounds, Klay Thompson has delivered yet another memorable moment at the microphone.

This one came after a reporter asked him about the weather in Portland.

“I’m like a chameleon. I can adapt to anything,” Thompson explained. “So, I do love Portland.”

Thompson, whose dad, Mychal, played for the Blazers, spent much of his childhood in Oregon.

“Actually, I don’t mind the rain,” Thompson continued. “I appreciate how green Oregon is. I appreciate the clean air and the trees and all the beautiful landscaping and the terrain…”

After famously jumping into the Pacific Ocean in LA during the opening series against the Clippers, Thompson was also asked about swimming options in the Pacific Northwest.

“Shoot, if you want to go to the Oregon coast, you might get hypothermia,” Thompson said with a smile. “I mean, you could jump in for a little bit. You’d be alright.”

“Might want to bring a wetsuit. It’s kind of sharky up there, too. So, you’d be a pretty big looking seal, but other than that…”

“I’d go jump in the Columbia (River), maybe the Willamette (River) but not close to the city — down a little bit. I mean, Lake Oswego is nice. You’ll find some nice body of water. They’ve got a lot of them up there.”

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