Isiah Thomas thinks LeBron should join Warriors if he leaves Cavs

HoF PG on James’ free agency: ‘Kevin Durant is somebody you can ride with’

Karl Buscheck
February 20, 2018 - 11:57 am

Isiah Thomas, basketball Hall of Famer turned broadcaster, appeared on FS1’s “First Things First” on Tuesday and offered up his opinion on what LeBron James should do this summer.

“If I’m LeBron James, if I don’t stay in Cleveland, which I do think now with the moves that they’ve made, that he probably stays in Cleveland, but I’m going to say, If I’m him, I go to Golden State,” Thomas said. “I go and play with Kevin Durant. I try to get with Steph Curry.”

Thomas said it’s time for James, 33, to join a super team, not build one. It's a bold take considering James has been to the Finals seven years in a row.

“What he’s got to do is look at a place where he can go fit and join,” Thomas said. “And Kevin Durant is somebody that you can ride with. You can ride in his car.”

Check out the video below to hear Thomas’ full take on why he thinks LeBron should head to the Warriors:

(via @FOXsports)


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