‘If people are mad at us, I don’t really care’ — Kerr will let the Warriors coach themselves, a lot

Warriors HC coach plans to once again turn the clipboard over to his players

Karl Buscheck
July 09, 2018 - 1:02 pm

Back in February, Steve Kerr invited plenty of anger from around the NBA universe when, in an attempt to spark his slumping club, he turned the clipboard over to his players.

The Warriors responded by throttling the Suns, 129-83, at Oracle Arena. With the team having won three titles in four seasons, Kerr knows he has to do everything he can to keep his Warriors motivated and locked in during the season to come.

That should mean plenty of more nights where the players call the shots

“We did the one night where they coached themselves. We might do that five times next year,” Kerr told Amin Elhassan on SiriusXM NBA Radio on Sunday. “Maybe do it once a month, I don’t know.”

“And if people are mad at us, I don’t really care. We’re just…"

“I was sort of amazed afterwards that people were upset. It was  like, ‘We’re just trying to keep them engaged.' And it’s really a fantastic exercise. It really is.”

Jump to the 7:53 mark in the podcast below to hear Kerr in his own words:

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