‘I study all their players’ — Draymond responds to Rockets Big 3 talk

Green takes tactful approach with tricky question

Karl Buscheck
May 14, 2018 - 3:30 pm

Following shootaround on Monday morning, a reporter lobbed a potential landmine in Draymond Green’s direction.

Green handled the question with aplomb.

Reporter: Do you think the Rockets have what you would traditionally call a Big 3?

Draymond: What’s a Big 3? I think that’s a term people have made up. So, what’s a Big 3?”

Green then turned the dialogue around, asking the reporter who the Big 3 would include. Ultimately, Green never provided a direct response or any potential bulletin board material.

“I study all their players because every single one is good and can beat us,” Green said. "So, I don’t study any three particular players. I study all of them.”

Here's Green in his own words...

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