‘I’m thrilled and really privileged’ — Papa tells the backstory of joining the 49ers

Host of ‘The Greg Papa Show’ with Bonta Hill to host Niners’ pre and postgame coverage

Karl Buscheck
August 17, 2018 - 12:38 pm

Greg Papa, the Bay Area icon, and host of “The Greg Papa Show” with Bonta Hill on 95.7 The Game, is taking his talents to Santa Clara.

In the wake of his Raiders’ exit, Papa is set to anchor the 49ers pre and postgame coverage on NBC Sports Bay Area. Papa opened up the show on Friday discussing how the new opportunity came about.

He’s slated to be in Santa Clara for each and every home game.

“It’s going to be fun. I’m just thrilled, and really privileged, that at this late time of the offseason to be able to stay involved in the NFL… I did not think that was going to be a possibility.”

Here’s the full story of how Papa landed his new gig with the 49ers...

Greg Papa talks about his new job on NBC Sports Bay Area!

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Friday, August 17th
Greg Papa talks about his new job on 49ers Pre and Postgame live with NBC Sports Bay Area! 

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Pop. Got some news would be here wouldn't score on your world. We're already what are you talking about in the Fiat definite signal unless I got sick I did see your mug shot by there had been shot and what we didn't put it up honor our FaceBook page here I've set until about 5 o'clock so we have thirty people's bank of its board of god by. 8 o'clock cellist and that its thing to do it again and a couple of weeks ago. Ago went very well I had no response from you know questions not offer you lovely girlfriend I think that we were there are at a birthday beer popped in we have a surprise surprise birthday. At a bar we had a couple odds of jaguars targeted and went back home and watch jets over of the alternate sickly cited support Israel so what we're gonna get out a couple of weeks in the economy adds you know what. What's this other news though that putting your record there's a lot of forty niner fans right now and they really say is that it's change your daughter's. The world raider nation that achieve unity for bill the bill yet but this NBC sports pre post game for the 49ers what's going on lightness. Well I'm the in the studio as the human as the last couple of weeks. On Sunday Monica. So you know the the other job and I. That went away Angela this there's no way in hell I'm an audio work in the NFL. It is too late juncture all taken its act it happen. And David cap at my boss and NBC sports area reached out to me in serie here at the greater deal your son is gonna be free. Yeah guests well I would got varieties which he considers. We considered it obviously. First and foremost I loved the you know level sports that are really. Now it's crush that I would have to take a year off I thought and is would be away or it wouldn't have to do that. We are we argued expander covers this year BC sports they're 49ers pregame live will be each and every game of the road games. And obviously post game live and you know for for pre and post when they went and niners currently guys to be at this stadium and you know you've seen me on the sidelines as slow. Watch it feel and it's mallet and a chance to it to be around the game each and every. On game effect Andy major dress rehearsal coming up the last pre season chargers. So I you know I I said yes and the distinct about it in the one thing that I had to mow all over my mind that you're probably the best I reached out features that you 49ers and is now as the faithful. It's a basis and I went back to my year's win. I did EA's games for fourteen years. And Larry mayor called me after loss that engagements. At the city itself. An act I did feel a little uncomfortable initially with the giants in you know Duane Knight and John Dave. Maybe Phil shall welcome was because of that but it just it was a little odd. After all those years and that's the day so but it only lasted a short here at time I think in any giants fans embraced me overtime. And then I went back into the studio with them so oh. I really see a major reason not to do it except I just told and you're such a big fan of the game feel for what percent Twitter thing Els it was just. Whitney with a fateful with the 49ers fans. Except so what is he overtime how those I really enjoy. The studio. I got this business as a kid. I grew up and play by play Wanda in basketball baseball and football all the sports that play by play I never really did any studio work at all. In my life. Until about ten years ago way and Comcast NBC sports Bay Area Easter about the studio shows becoming a ten years march. My brother Carrey in Philadelphia did the opposite he did not play by play and it'll studios. Should be cool to try it out. And I really do enjoy I enjoy all the years I did the giants. Pre and post. Obviously we have quite the hoot with the saintly Juan and alana on the warriors really it's just a different way to be around the game. And the bottom line is when David and I talked again after the initials are your Sunday is going to be for. You. I could go over rookies every such as much but offered today bill. 8 o'clock at night but you know he's the Boston to buy lottery aside huge project the foreign fighters and in after real thought about it and the reality is. You know you read a trivia question on the show. 23 months ago what's the only Bay Area sports team I've ever. Or I said it would not quite right but I am willing to try. It's okay. Lot of could set the sale of that bar old by yeah by a stadium but you the answer was a forty actors and I sort of an act of 49ers games that is at the data for the forty got yourself. And now this is not anything beyond just the pre and post but. It alpha if anybody can can do this Chicago from the days of the giants. Generators all the years and have a role with the 49ers broadcaster very minor role. I think I can do it but overtime Mobil's C ultimately you know my performance is going to be the same at. What comes out of my lips will be exactly the same it's going to be how it's interpreted. By your ears at the real. Measuring stick but yeah so like my son died fortunately Vontae won't be heaven bloody marys with the rookies it is at 9:50 known Sunday morning. Nadia beat me every now and handle it 49ers bye I. Write that he did that I don't like November and guide to try to either the Laura where are forcibly mayors refused to answer for sherbet Lotta people reached out. A common and we got back from vacation pop in that show we announced. What went down to Joba deal carriers and what happened market slot pupils it will pop we got room for your red and gold we got room for you here with the nine ramparts and niner fans the problem tax lineup content that is his -- I doubt in this that so it's gonna be pharmacy principles with Donte Whitner hit there and hit bad Jeff Garcia ark I gotta I gotta make very. Here to Donte Whitner is smearing rule the lowering of the health Google because applied a pre and post right Susie was one bad. Solvent buffalo it's a politically that I saw and redden goal that. Greta you know how much we love Jeff Garcia well he's he's with us once a week last year so it's going to be bright red and have fun Laura brits could have a role. Obviously she's get a decent stuff programming during the week as well I'm going to be I'm lower than unhappy hour after the giants game that may Yoko will be. Will be involved so it's fun it's I I'm just thrilled. And really. Privileged that at this you know late time of the off season to be able to stay involved in the NFL Donte' I did not think that was going to be a possibility. On the on this Tuesday tartan isn't going to be pharmacy on TV on Sundays down early by stadium walk beside our electorate votes popular arguably gave you're sick or could play with a graphic they're looking at the kickers kick and a ponderous and everybody do their drills. I learned of the best I ever got better at an event at the fifty yard line and now. My question is who's going to be to say the of the foreigners principles gates. Gonna brig general. Like they here's what we're gonna bolted singly loves its football. But unfortunately he loves the patriots. Who are I think they need to right tackle and left tackle that have to watch that Trent brown I hit a pig and it's colored. But in any event I got about we're gonna figured out a Garcia and we got to personalities that hit man they Whitner. Over the bolted door whenever the warriors are playing on Sunday and were doing 49ers. I don't want remembering and his Tom Brady Bill Belichick and all that Pinochet in Brady's better than Joseph Montana and all that so I'm not sure how it's gonna unfold. The saintly will not be appearing when we go to the oblong ball. Yeah I'll stay out there are you have to do is bring that last year some verbal score to see the new dialogue on the room to think forty times lately. Curry went back checked gave up forty odd ball go shoeless. All horrible advice or got a job after that have a little reporting on the ship and I don't think it'll pop for a look at the bottom all you can go you don't succeed if has fought it the but it certainly got twenty the first super ball outs when he won the first enrollment of 1 as I am on money and we had a superdome. Melissa immediately to Joseph Montana's at it sort of strikes a bit before bay congratulations pop welcome to the niner empire now you know doing the play by play but to be pharmacies that involved with the NFL must.

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