Pence says goodbye to Giants, fans: ‘I’ve never had a more chaotic, blissful, euphoric, ecstatic moment’

Veteran OF pens letter to orange and black fans in Players’ Tribune

Karl Buscheck
February 14, 2019 - 10:03 am

Hunter Pence, whose time with the San Francisco Giants officially ended when he recently inked a minor league deal with the Texas Rangers, has taken to “The Players’ Tribune” to put a bow on his six-and-a-half seasons in China Basin.

The letter is simply titled “Gr8ful.”

It feels authentically Pencian, like no ghost writers (as is the style of this publication) were required.

“I’m thankful we can always share that special feeling of when Travis Ishikawa hit a walk-off homer to send us to the World Series, and from my experience I’ve never had a more chaotic, blissful, euphoric, ecstatic moment on a baseball field. The world through my eyes was SHAKING...” Pence wrote.

The whole letter is well worth the read. Pence talks his love for San Francisco, the city’s love for him, and, of course, of his stolen scooter.

Pence can’t pick a favorite moment during his Giants tenure, instead settling on a tie of the iconic Ishikawa bomb and Game 6 of the 2012 NLCS.

“The sun was setting. The sky was a mix of purple, blue, orange, red, and yellow, a color combo like I had never seen before. Vogey was in that zone…”

“The entire stadium was chanting, “VOGEY! VOGEY! VOGEY! VOGEY!” and he didn’t even flinch. It was as if he couldn’t even hear it, he was so dialed in. I looked behind me and the fans in right field were shaking the fence so hard I’m pretty sure they broke it and easily could have charged the field in the middle of the game.”

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