‘He’s a savant’ — Stephen Curry perfectly explains the genius of Klay Thompson

Steph on Klay: ‘I don’t know if he realizes how funny he is’

Karl Buscheck
August 16, 2018 - 3:51 pm

Stephen Curry talked about all sorts of basketball-related topics on “The Bill Simmons Podcast.”

He talked about NBA Twitter — in all its petty glory.

He talked about his distant future — sorry Charlotte.

And he talked about Klay Thompson — the universally admired, ever-composed Splash Brother.

Leave it to Steph to encapsulate the unparalleled brilliance of Mr. Thompson with aplomb.

“I don’t even know if he realizes how funny he is in person,” Curry explained. “He’s got old-man quirks…”

As has been documented, Thompson loves to lock in for games by grabbing a newspaper and taking his mind off the court.

“He actually comes in, there’s a newspaper sitting on his chair,” Curry said. “He reads it. I don’t know what type of knowledge he’s bringing in….”

“He’s a savant. He’s a savant. He knows everything and he’ll be very timely when he drops that knowledge on you.”

As DeMarcus Cousins famously declared during his introductory press conference, Thompson is his favorite Dub.

“100 percent. Even DeMarcus said it in his press conference… He hasn’t even played with Klay besides the Olympics two years ago. But he’s like, ‘That’s my guy already and he hasn’t spent a day in the Warriors locker room.”

“But he has that presence that you need. He’s unique, for sure.”

Jump to the 8:59 mark in the pod to hear Steph’s breakdown of his Splash Brother:

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