Harrison Barnes talks return to Oracle, jokes about breaking up the Cavs

Ex-Dub joins ‘The Damon Bruce Show’ in advance of Thursday’s return to Oakland

Karl Buscheck
February 07, 2018 - 6:16 pm

Harrison Barnes, a former weekly guest on “The Damon Bruce Show,” made a cameo on the program on Wednesday afternoon, the eve of the Mavericks’ meeting with the Warriors at Oracle Arena.

Damon and Barnes hit on an array of topics, including just how much the 2015 champ enjoys playing in his old home building.

"The fans there, the atmosphere, the intensity, I mean that's something I'll remember the rest of my life,” Barnes said.

“The fans are just so passionate, so crazy. As a player you live for that."

Oh, and they also talked about how Barnes’ wedding — where Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving mocked Lebron James’ dance moves — marked the beginning of the end for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Damon: Do you realize your wedding is where the Cleveland Cavaliers started breaking up?

Barnes: (Laughs) Uhh. I never really thought about it like that, but who knows? Maybe the reception was the catalyst.

Damon: So, hey, way to break them up, man. We do appreciate that.

Check out the full interview with Barnes in the podcast below:

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