Hall of Famer Rick Welts joins Damon to talk career, Chase Center & Beyoncé

Warriors prez/COO stops by in advance of HOF weekend

Karl Buscheck
September 06, 2018 - 4:23 pm

Rick Welts, who’s set to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame on Friday, swung by “The Damon Bruce Show” on Thursday afternoon.

Welts, the back-to-back champs prez/COO, discussed his upcoming honor, his stewardship over the building of the Chase Center.

Oh, and Beyoncé.

Check out the full interview with Welts in the podcast below:

Damon Bruce joined by Rick Welts

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Thursday, September 6th
President & COO of the Golden State Warriors, Rick Welts, joins the Damon Bruce Show to discuss his induction to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

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Well football season my view all around us but there's certainly enough time for us to pause today in honor. Really AAA man who is a local legend the man who is certainly. Become a TrailBlazer and is now a hall of Famer. President and CEO of the Golden State Warriors Rick Welts will be among the class inducted. Into Springfield you can catch it on NB ATV. The hall of Famer is officially joining us Rick Welts Rick first of all congratulations man just a fantastic accomplishment for you. As you guys started off in this league is a ball boy look how far you con man. I think there and it's not. It's like an out of body experience you're trying to look they'll kind of pinching myself than there are hoping I'm not gonna wake up combine those very. How much pressure is there to nailed this induction speech I'm sure you. You've gone through a big role decks of names you'd like to thank in your mind can you fit a mall in the speech. It a challenge Google go to war there and do what we usually meaning whatever is already out because of you know my job back into the pocket trying to big groups public speaking all the time and that he never okay this putt I am who Irvin who do this well. There's there's a lot of pressure from BRB rehearsing a lot more. I bet I bet is there one instrumental person who who really. Was just a no brainer as a matter of fact the list clearly started with person X is there is there one. Touch point to you'll be coming back to. Well I guess that would be David Stern. You're the one who hired me a foreign national who like got personal for him for seventeen years Kern. Where to tell about it which is not something everyone could. Cookie no data interpretation being a potentially ball so I. But he he probably has sent a bigger impact on me. It would be cool thing you do get to do though nobody or later this week into evidence video collect. You do get ask. Living hope they immerse if you want to join you on stage and I I want the press better. Oh. We got Bill Russell. I got David Stern who are god Lenny Wilkens we have they get along and get decommissioned in Beirut track them. And name are straight still go Wachovia onstage call. Important people in my professional or condoned. That that part of give me a little straight I think Obama. Very cool that's a very good cast to be surrounded by indeed we're talking with a Rick Welts who's going into the NBA the basketball hall of fame. Coming up this weekend he certainly deserves to be very you're going in with a a very impressive actual hall of fame class to Steve Nash Grant Hill. Ray Allen Jason Kidd. No flies on those guys. It's incredible. And of course extra special because freshman year's elections go to sun. With Steve Nash could not Grant Hill and actually wanted to have learned that you try to learn a lot. I met my very first day as a ball boy real strong action date sixteen it was a player and a coach. My very first. Came in the NBA so personal connections make it even worse. So when you see Steve Nash and Grant Hill and they look EU. Do do do they turn around and say you know we we knew that you were gonna be here with us or is it more of a like what how you doing here. What put me into what the hell I might. There is therefore crucial that litter. Yeah. Actually collect and let her. Staying true to matter is you know people like you don't get into ultra. There was a complete surprise from. Very humble and very unexpected and under and I and I try to. You know handle myself well why it hadn't become about a week. Rick I don't think you're gonna embarrass anyone and the reason why are going in is because you played such huge part in. In major touch points in terms of the basketball world that I grew up in a mean. The inventor of the dream team I know you probably say it's not you but it kinda was you and then when you look at. You know how you are the modern father of NBA all star weekend our I can't imagine telling the story of basketball without those being significant chapters so. It's very deserving near insert. Well I've I appreciate. That longevity is a wonderful. Article. A lot of amazing thing to get more credit than I deserve earn those and others he people credit bwic but it will. Amazing to be a national right truly an advantage that they are actually people from the traffic and. Who's still in the chase and a while your back east. Well somebody has completed a falcon guided tour and women and children to work today we keep work going I think they probably think we're getting out. I saw you call it one of the undertakings of your entire careers that is because of the the task of the building itself for the task of of of dealing with San Francisco itself. It's both of those semi and I think they can't let little things that unless the highest. Goal unit that should. There's a recent temperature should never have a world class working. Arena because it's really really hard to do and track and without. Are journalists ownership and their commitment to make this something very special it wouldn't be happening there good. Whereupon I am trying to all the attention you know we're we're trying to or are what you would not go. Through it anymore crazy notion that trying to get a project this magnitude to separate Cisco but on the other hand there's been a lot of people who who helped him finish item in there at least. Or moving it. And he will be remembered. Always says that the person really started the ball rolling here British partner Cheryl currently mayor street. A lot of people abortion writers. Lot of people help then we're very grateful that coach Ron time we're gonna open a year from now. It's going to be the most amazing doling in the world and sure there in play that likely will be it's gonna compete. On a world stage when you look at the London now where there are shaped her in Los Angeles. Contrition in contempt for just go and that. That torsion amber sufficient the end. That's the goal Lugo and. And Joseph lake of walks up to you and says I want to congratulate you on reaching the hall of fame Rick in in your reward is you get to pick the first major concert. The play all at chase senator. Who's playing Shea center for the first major concert. We don't know yet that I can play there it's it's. Yeah it's actually. Like everything we do it the collaborator April I don't perpetuation picket the beer. That I choice that old Alicia. But Russia Russian helpful or got a lot of are that he beat the interest in me artist community and then and the people who. Stage contradiction to opt to chart. We pocket from the warriors sport shall not get that. Really aren't the other 150 eventually your little English or her own and you have to cash interest should go to hell in guru coding. Eighties and cannot remain broken arm early leaders don't have been playing interpret should go so deep buried. We'll still be a benefit from the entire period trade center. But we can't combat that aspect of that's on my guess what people start to realize when you are now start to an outfield that it will be plantation. So her. Who would you guys do eventually get around the book in fish eventually me and Joseph Fortin bargaining come to you for tickets correct. OK I got thrown noted that to our Gary Gary did argue actually couple popular laughter. Rink somebody what do you know we. I do I will be bringing someone with me I don't I think I would actually manage that so. Go into the hall of fame do you get a plaque for it do you get a statue like what do you take home what's going to be sitting on your desk signifying this. Well the first again if you really interest in color orange Blake tried walking around. And at least economic. You do get a ring tailored off the rack of Rick Taylor. You'd expect it and they don't get one more time in the tailored all the Iraq. On our club this the the final part of the list by the extent it's getting done. I'm proud to get the jacket that it's just it's an odd color and what I would. But the appearing in the will be able entry and commemorate that you'll have some goodies. Avenue opera reminding her that and I'm just in the later than most that I'm caught. All when you leave a piece of you in the hall of fame like it does. Do you get a plaque in the hall of fame sort of listing. What your credentials war why you were inducted in an I have to ask you Rick on that plaque will the letters. LG BT QV anywhere to be read. Will be nice speech tomorrow night. And I take it you know that hold actually going through a secure nation right now there will be yeah. We'll be. You know I actually think they do photos through an error that looked in my current. I'm not sure what we are short term you know I did. Spend time talking to people at the hole after Election Day. You know you've got it only account at didn't do it by election and a woman at the local talent the first draft treachery leash. Acknowledgment you know you were first. You know senior executive of professional sport mounted gate. But I hello the whole. Decided to take it out because he wanted to know that that was not the reason you're here at me. And that we don't want you openly gay member. Little gospel came true. I won't you know I would have that is part of the road and had our little talk about it are. Rick I congratulate you I salute you is an honor that you absolutely. Have earned for yourself congratulations to you your family the Golden State Warriors the Phoenix Suns the NBA league office everywhere you left your fingerprints. In this league is a better place and I congratulate you. Well I can't thank you enough for that in the coming up.
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