Guru tells the incredible story of how Terrell Owens stole his girl

95.7 The Game host shares a remarkable anecdote heading into Hall of Fame weekend

Karl Buscheck
August 03, 2018 - 3:40 pm

Daryle “The Guru” Johnson stopped by “The Greg Papa Show” with Bonta Hill on Friday afternoon to share one of the most remarkable stories you’ll ever hear… the time Terrell Owens stole his girl.

It goes back to th 1990s, features an unfortunate Range Rover and some cracked voicemails.

Jump to the 40:34 mark to hear Guru in his own words...

Papa & Bonta – Hour 3 – Jerry Rice

Hour 3.Greg Papa and Bonta Hill talk to Jerry Rice about his career, the Hall of Fame, T.O. not attending the ceremony at Canton. Also the guys throw T.O. through the Truth Machine and finish up with the Caboose Pistol.

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Act all love till but don't tell Jerry writes I think he's got all right el op you're pushing united by somebody gave cagey and CFA admin hasty one. KG NG San Francisco a radio dot com station. And we have a special treat today pop a separatist coach Reid. The greatest of all time parsley. The best that we the best wide receiver ball turn Jerry Rice returns Super Bowl champion. Has a slew of NFL records and it's an honor to have mama afternoon delight today here many parts opening game especially Durham hall of fame weekend. Jerry are you dormant. Am going good you get sort. We're doing great chair Howard is that clear pattern to have you out of thank you so much for your time well back to when when UN and a few years ago with with a Emmitt Smith what do what do you recall about that the whole weekend here. On the bring up some. Bit of bad memories from me because I cried like a baby sit there. They when they announced my name and and and I knew all gonna get into that hole that would open though it really special and like I have stated over the years is a very elite group of guys. And to get into that group you know it meant the world to me and I not dealt forget. Yeah I mean obviously you're you're a first ballot hall of Famer and his spot today said you and Jim brown and Joseph and a few others Lawrence Taylor on the list of the greatest of all time you're showed the greatest wide receiver. Of all time but that this wide receiver class that has got to go in tomorrow with a Randy Moss and and chi oh just give me your thoughts overall on and on these two players share. Oh my god two outstanding players. Glad that would like big and bad and you know Randy malt. The thing about him he could pick overall would be sent because blow by you. He can out jump you. And but he also at the B word get hit it on the need and analytical stick. And that same thing with till weren't taught to look look more physical receiver. I had a body like like terrible. It was good it was unbelievable idea you know this guys. That was shot down okay. Yeah do you view what you had TO is body that looked out the league. I have you have multiple Paul lo laid an real political coming up the line of scrimmage. Not debt. All glided his way down below. Could go up and that tactical all. I you can hit him he could bounce all our defenders in and he'll find a way to get into the end zone. No you know two very unique it I had never seen got it. So big and so physical and so fast and you know because when I first came out of college you don't know what something that they talk about me they say well you know he doesn't help that blatant speed. But the thing and I and I can't put all speed. And Will Ferrell. And you know Randy Mueller mandate is that track speed and and they could good it impossible. And no one ever caught from behind that's all I know and 22000 yards later your way out front of everybody. At Vontae and I share we're talking about this yesterday and you are number one by far in yards but she always number two in in yards receiving. Larry Fitzgerald's three ring and he's 49 touchdowns. Your 123 year number one Randy Moss is number two director alone is not retreat. So let's say we're gonna have a hall of fame game. And you're gonna be the starting wide receivers OK that whether you want to be the extra busy with her. Your lifetime watching football if you're the X. Who do you want is is he wide receiver if you had to pick one guy. Okay purple I probably didn't see this hour and that's fields that would be like her yeah you gotta be the move there. If they had to pick a come in will be a combination Opel guy. No I've I would probably eight Carroll almost because I knew that it Whitaker Alec with it got it back. And it it would article means they will come for so many years and I got it no you know tonight I know exactly. You know what you bring to the table. We would definitely be I don't care or. Jerry Rice tyranny afternoon delight would pop in Bonn Germany par seventy game pro football hall of Famer is what you see Terrell Owens Jerry talk about when TO came into the leak from Tennessee Chattanooga a third round pick who really a quiet guy I know JJ stokes who's there to talk about watching the young TO Grohl. In an obvious she. He became you know an all pro on three different football teams would just talk about when TL. First came to the forty or so first two or three years how how he was as a wide receiver how we work permits Kraft and his personality Jerry. I think he came in the same we idea because when Mac came in they would like your net hit like. You know meet Joseph Montana Ronnie Lott all pretty quickly here and I'll let you buy your up in the locker room. And you look at the call you oh my god that you don't that. That. God increased credit they're still more intense. If you he run a lot of you know he was they import and we'll all feel so until court came in and he was very quiet. He sent back he bought the veterans you know the way we work on the football field or not so you know what we did all the football field and as he continued to grow you know he is. You know he became himself and the thing about Errol is that. Everything. He carried on his shoulders. He's a very emotional got a but you knew that it whenever you put that uniform won't. 100%. He was totally committed. Two win that football game. And you know everything else. Here tonight and on the K because you know because up outstanding numbers and he went on to really got some other teams out. Jerry I go to TO was that you like Clark's memorial at ratio could seek direction Francisco on Wednesday and I read that you were there. Did you get a chance to speak to him at all during during the other services on Wednesday at your. Yeah he walked up to me and not even though we call we try to force circuit. And you know we talk about old times and he damn well it you know what he had it going all out because you know he's got to do is induction speech. In Chattanooga. You know where things start to form and and you know doubt about it you know that think they're saying it went hero when he makes up his mind about something. You cannot. Change his mind. He's not going you know he's gonna do it his way and you know. Not command numb it up in that. He want to do you know I want it to go pick candle idol to meet all of those coal framers. That meant the world to me and he decided to do it different. Did you try to talk him out of it and encourage him to go and celebrate that we candor now. You know that they're playing with this guy and him being around him such a long time. No I did not because of that I knew their mind was made up in there was no change in this might. What what what do you think the real motivation is for him not to show up as it is it simply that he was not a first ballot hall of fame or do you think Jerry here too late to his third year. You not to build part of it. You know I am sure you know what if though Larry you know market Paris went in for now I'm. Also. You know is fighting Rennie Moore what a first ballot. And until you know he always you know he always vote he will not edit them all the little guys. And you know what the committee to. Not voting on the end at the first ballot that think he was offended by it. And and that's maybe why some of their anger you know still lingers in a quite yet let. You know I think Eagles have a great time and got a new Kirk weak U Luke we're happy to have him into the pro football although I. I would support him 100% no matter what they had not with this it would happen so this. Jerry Rice here in the afternoon delight or pop them Bonn Germany parred seven game Jerry talk about TO he's gonna do is being this week in Chattanooga. And you just look at what he did on the field he was an amazing player in our right behind you I put him up there ever receive your number one. Moss and TO is right there are below you but just talk about some of the things he did off the field that cost distractions because you you know we watch your career Gerri if you look at the ball you had a way of going about. Talking to the quarterback and commuting with the offensive coordinators. The way teel did it where he beat that came from what created this martians who where he had. All these outbursts that we saw over the years are really you know kind of stained. Kind of stain his career a little bit you know kind of damage his reputation habits where he had to wait a couple of years ago into the hall of fame. Well we talk about their antics there at all times and you know I'm not a catchall daily it's of chocolate while giving him but felt that a lot going on on. All of football field. Also and an Internet thing. The committee. They look at their and and and and and it played a very important part you know what he hole. One of those guys that had to fight for everything. That always collector world. Let's forget film. And not think you know the thing is. Look he stepped thought that football field. Eat. Rudy didn't help the situation he had way too much going on. And don't wait too many distractions. And once you start all so you'll call it now clears and you start burning. Bridges. You know. Eventually it can't come back there aren't you in the long run and I think I think it it. So I think that played a very important part. In him not being in the first ballot. Receiver and tonight the unfortunate. I you know that this second eagle he would eligible. I think it is no doubt you know they'll shoot be a first ballot if he should be. He'll go straight into Propofol and. You know ego has is a big part of your great career. Schiavo in and Randy Moss as well. You know you guys just had a certain swagger about you that I think it's almost require that position do you agree with that do you think to beat you know top level a league receiver you yeah have a a little bit of any coach there. Yes you have to have a swagger made me indeed I don't want that book all. And but they're way east to. Demand for all you know you you can't start pointing fingers or anything like that. The way it hey pat it is the one practice you know I've made being worked dorm practice so with the playbook. If so would call to a practice I want to make sure. It work and I knew that you were gonna get into our beat it into the kink. On the activists and they are that Monday are you know what no one ever. But you know we. But some reason now. Date they would be bursts you know we get these people didn't like that I don't. I don't buy into the that you look at the lair it your regular. Who you'll old Antonio Brown. Oh they'll Beckham all these guys you know you've got picked up their little Wecker. And you know has blown a moment it up and hurt between you watch a receiver beat anyway. You want him to. You know want to quote all because you know he's coming up due to went vocal. Steve is a female opera singer and politics. I don't know what they've already I don't know how we got to bet they'd how how high of a note did you hit an error has to this you're your final home game as a forty niner and it's TO breaks that time fears fifty year old NFL record in those twenty catches for 283. How did you really feel about about that day care. Well he won't court upheld disappointed but we want bell the most important thing ant hill had exceptional days. And you know the tradition here with a separate circle or a minute we have always. Score like passed that torch on. So it was just not meant to be in and I I even talked to up Brian Urlacher a about that date in he says it was no way that you were gonna have a big day. When we play together because we net you double the entire time. And out that three to what sale was able to you don't go out about 22. That they truly need to re election. And I remember. He met Mariucci you'd say he didn't know then yet but maybe it. That it could be that good yet I actually yeah. Yeah yeah he's no afforded you bone good I could get a bit. You know we've we laugh about them and how happy with your role on an eight week eight ain't all. You know chapter to gain man there was no one out and the market PR you're being worker. I was speaking watching that game Jerry distribute the ball he's double team every day game army you saw double your career. You don't put up without you know opening current back yet you know you. Time to pass that torch on then and what they got up always on you it is you know I have been. Up professional. And even being it is it is a local do we Al walked in the go field the most important thing is to win put the band and not you know didn't try to win championships. Jerry to solidify an interview for sure hall of fame weakens going to be great but also August 14. Fans are gonna get a chance to play golf with the August 14 at the boulder ridge. Golf club Tuesday August 14 in San Jose today should be a lot of fun Jerry you got your golf game are you work on that. Yeah you know I'm looking forward to that man but you know older and older rich it'll follow orders up so yeah. About a typical guy and I didn't get that it. The older something like that it might correct in my ricocheted up elect dangle in the hole I don't I don't know political beat. There are a lot of older but I'm looking forward to play and you know we'll. Whoever wins this package and now it should be a lot of fun. I regret actually yeah on the golf course this guy meticulous the way cause of the players the way is on the golf course if we had a eighteen hole match play. You against Jeff curry chair who who she liked it. Of course public symbol among beat down of course well. I don't have it up. I have watched him eat eat about a call where at any adult all of the replay and you know and elementary. That thing coming up and he did a great job last year in some expect in this plane being around him this year you gonna go out enough. And get beat up scurrying in and have a great not. Mary cherry missiles a lot of fun we'll see August 14 would do it again assume different. All right. That Corey Jerry Rice arguably the greatest football player of Alzheimer gonna get the truth machine going up next the first. You're chance to win a thousand dollars happens right now. After the red accomplished yellow. On 957. Big game. Welcome back to the afternoon delight Papa want to hear underneath by seven game we'll talk about Jerry Kramer finally being inducted into the hall of fame. Pro Football Hall of Fame helmet role in last night's game the first pop. It's time for virtual machine. I don't mind me element. It's by it's crude BMW checkered or five star service rating. And exceptional offers online at Stevens creek BMW dot com. Chair of the road. Nobody no I think we're gonna have achieved. You're seeing this week but right now. It's it's working it's that we're really limited one who's gonna triple secret that the pressure earlier this year as on double secret for a photographer for recklessly honest when those you know had a we had adored my normal week and we put to Urban Meyer threw an entry hall and old boy got out there oh man doesn't want to because of the book and what are the last eight meetings with me on I don't know about the when hello shortest hitter put one person through the truth machine today. One person and those big enough to carry three people. It's Terrell Owens pops up. All of the journal eagerly talked about it much choice today here I think we talked about a little bit this week pop let's hear from TL. On how we felt did she expected. About the hall of fame process. I have commented on the last couple years in my stance deals stayed the same. Almonte feel more disrespect had been disappointed and I've always say to your line your expectations were reality you're never be disappointed. So I think in terms of my body of work and what I've done for the game. Did that speaks loudly and force them but in terms of bringing up all these other narrative this as whores why I'm not into the league source characters. Care issues. I think it doesn't add up. Home it doesn't add a pop pop well let's just say TO had to change her pop and decided to head over. To kick in Ohio to deliver his all the things speech while this is what it's hall of fame speech. With sound like. Get your popcorn ready. It's about to be a show. First off I would like to apologize to the University of Tennessee Chattanooga for canceling my ceremony last minute. I'm sure the university is pissed at me but I'm used to people heating army. Just add them to the list of organizations that hate me I know a lot of you have questions about why I didn't want to go to the hall of fame why I changed my mind. But I'll leave my man Drew Rosenhaus to vent on that course but yeah. Not Wear out yeah. Next question I want the hall of fame voters to realize the huge mistake they made not voting yours truly in the first time. I know Jerry Kramer's old ass has been waiting 45 years but let's be real can anybody tell me who the Jerry Kramer is. I thought he was the duke on Seinfeld. I NTO dammit. I never won a Super Bowl but I damn sure act like I did I know there's a lot of people you all expect me to apologize to. Should I apologize to Jerry Rice for ruining his last game as a niner. No should I apologize to Donovan McNabb force saying we would go undefeated with Brett Favre. No. She and I apologize for saying Jeff Garcia was gay. Probably but I won't. There's only one person I'm going to apologize to. Dear all the guru Johnson I'm sorry I stole your girl back in the day. Can you ever forgive me TL Google forget Jim and I think scooter. Now we just like to think one person. Nicholas charity and she is the only person to ever show me any love in the locker room. Okay this Monday Night Football. Game start since two minutes. Use your little game. I. Saw him. Team we just went down with a. No thanks for the induction but my football career isn't over. I'll see you guys later when I play for one of these leagues no one cares about. Nicholas shared at the I'd forgotten dollar boy admitted. Still glue his girlfriend. Deals. Via. That we will get to the tuba in the caboose just loyalty group and its its current urged all the forgive TO for that poor rural forgave them marijuana. I'm not big and can sit in her against Maria Kim and I again Jeff Garcia but professionally about yesterday's that is all fail and I think that he forgave him who saw him. I don't know Lucci will click it's not the siege of the bar student it was more the Eleanor. Because that's got to go out on her dad does anybody netted do what she's like I should change every bus -- I don't know why I I don't get that one TO may he's got to get over to the easier together we haven't we got a speech that's what the speech would sound like if you think in Ohio so probably what Schundler like that. Rice if you wanna hear it feels real speech to go back to virtual machine on the BMW check after five starts or restraining an exceptional offers online students three BMW dot com they're up to erode and you know let's talk about the hall of hall of fame football game pop the ravens and bears yesterday. Sloppy Vanilla of course we knew that it's always like that the first week of a pre season. But this new helmet rule the tackling rule here we saw four penalties call last night. On just let's discuss these wonderful refers to look like clear violations but the other two were little questionable here. On the score really really hampered. At will knowing that defenders Caylee with their helmet and it's a little safer for wide receivers went over to middle. Minutes secured fallen and thought about that I keep in mind it's not just for her defense of players on offensive players this rule is universal. So I'm hot sauce Marshawn Lynch gonna. You know lowers at Enron over a guy. I think it's more instinctive for defense of players we saw a lot of the young guys last year last night especially in Baltimore Ravens gist. Instinctively. Lowering their head. When contact columns and you know you know that it's taught to see what you hit and keep your head up that's what they're trying to do but it. It's just a lot of these players are playing too long by the time they get to the NFL they've been playing this game for years and years gone back to pop Warner they just. They're having a difficult time. I think there are aware I think everyone they flight last night was legitimate Dante and I think there were some especially in offensive players right saw. A player try to run over a player and dropped his hat and dropped his helmet and it wasn't flag. So they cannot be a double standard here. I'm. Offense vs defense is gonna have to be all players involved. In it but I think the one thing. Is really going to be interest in Mike McCarthy the coach the Packers was talking about in other knocking the flag guys when our phone Booth. So what do you do when he's talking about as where you're really tight in the line of scrimmage right you're not out and space where it's easy to see. But what do you do when it's a goal line or short yardage situation. Yes you wanna see what you hit and yes you wanna keep your head up. But what's the other you know age old axiom play in football Islam and we interact right you wanna get blower in the head again feel so hollow. How they get a legislate this one it's so tight and compact did it in a tight area we are trying to get lower than somebody and sometimes getting lower than somebody. Mean dropping your head. So I don't know I think for the pre season. We're gonna see more and more flights if you're Terry McCauley who was great last night on NBC you know they've hired a Mike I changed their tour. It is where to go to ESPN go to these here too and it was insulin or CBS maybe went to sleep last jerks but colleagues on NBC. Jeff Triplett who is just terrible speaker took them for years I used to always say distinguished replicas consider three things for three times to get an out right Triplett it. He I think he's more going to be an in Booth advisor. And out actually talk on the air why is he advising poppies what towards the number I don't I was like I heard that I thought it all I reached out to our friend Mike Pereira should attack it'll Triplett talk about if there are good at. He said no I think he's going to be more easily in the boots and a whisperer. In the years that the commentators felt good on the wrong path. A McCauley was great analyst what he had a McCauley was really good he's gonna be really sharpening and what he was saying was. Right now the preceded their being told just flag. If it's close that you're not sure throw the flag it's pre season you're trying to make a point to the players. Well what happens. When they at this season begins for real what five weeks from from yesterday. September the sixth Atlanta Philadelphia. What happens then. Is it like the balk rule of baseball remember that one year. Where they just check at your ridiculous lengths they were trying to get pictures to come to a complete stop and not roll right into their delivery. And the first half of that year everybody was Bob Davidson bought the bother us like a month period and then they just dropped it. 60 boy this year the commissioner's office called and said forget about that you're hurting the game so when we actually play for real. How strict are they gonna be as they get a warning will give it see this one time then the next time we durable and a flag yet. I don't know but that it cal Shanahan is thinking ahead a year. Di is she going to be more of a a flag on the defense. And the offense but what if you know Marshall who have to limit struck is that and try to roll over like that hit conjure up Casey. Last year right yeah we never opening day at the flag right now that's flag title bracket botched up slightly over one shoulder number drop over the rubble of what don't look like little helmet and shoulder but he truck right over Casey but if you dipped your head that's a per call and popped in Korea one play golf flag he had to say and I'm thinking KG got a gonna paralyzes litigate paralyzed tackling like that keep your head out son. But running backs. How they gonna adjust this because when that contact company dipped its natural even have to just as a wide receiver and he could become a ball carrier when you lower your shoulder. It's gonna be tough to do trained all these years and play it one way and all of a sudden you're grown men and you have to adjust to this and I watched it all the problems while I agree I. Don't know it's going to be realized this is gonna be the catcher rule right I think they've the kind of gone to America that's not the actual to some degree. I I think there's still not a lot of clarity and that rule but I think this rule. Is gonna happen over and over again and it's going to be a big situation where you're gonna have a defense should stop. And the differences. You know before we had these rules in football under related to the defenseless receiver right right now. If you got a running back and ash at linebacker comes flying up to make a tackle six a fourth down play. And you know you get that big hit it's four to walk the defense make a play not to flag. Natalie did you pick up the fourth and one it's a personal foul it's fifteen yards. You know this way and it the other side what are the other big running play. And your break in the secondary and you know wide receiver tied and you know somebody drops his helmet runs over a guy all that yardage is gone the other way. And it's a personal foul on the offense the it'd be easier these are personal foul penalty or fifteen ya heard. It's yeah I don't I don't know how this is gonna play around the NFL season but is gonna be chaotic every Monday when we come on the show there's going to be a play in the game a personal foul when he hit that we're all gonna question because I don't like you said to catch it was crazy I don't know what catches in war that's become complicated. The tackling and then he didn't think about it defense play in his own defense pop in a planner areas and the guy catches you've got to make a bang bang play. Not speaking out there they're not gonna slowdowns they'll wait on them keep my head up you're gonna beats being shall. They're going to be you're going to be listening devices today. Instinctive lay somebody out and they're gonna plug. I don't get it man it's raw in the game your pop I'm not gonna put it okay anymore it is for the sake this is courtesy I think we don't let. Anybody get paralyzed in games we don't want lawsuits we don't want guys developing CT. So we go watch you know these players play in the NFL alumni golf tournaments I actually stopped going. After many many years I used to love going less in the boxing Claire tell the story of buddy in the raw meat on that and it after awhile all my heroes that I grew up finalizing. You know they think they they can't walk the course they they can't get out of their car. They have to stay at the bar to medicate because you're just such pain. And then in another forgetting or their car keys are so it's all for the good of the game right as far as the health of the player but I hear you. And it's going to be really difficult and any other part of that you mentioned some place last night. There are plays where you're leading with your shoulder. To make a proper shoulder tackle. And embryo for whatever reason. The the bullseye you're trying to hit. It's changed by the speed of the game or the offensive player may be changing his position or vice Versa. I think it's gonna have to be in a lot of drilling and in practice. Where you can see bar blocking sled work and you know more actual taking guys to the ground maybe practice which you don't wanna do with the NFL Lovie wanna guy get hurt very very seldom. So pump it up but yet we were we saw that the day we were their last Saturday and Santa Clara. But very seldom that will be a point we played live. But not a lot where you taking up back to the ground he may have to do that a little bit. To prepare the proper technique but it's going to be under the microscope and it's going to be constantly analyze that. When your team loses a game because of one of these rules in in in judgment calls when it's happening so fast. This is going to be natural light pink. I think we're gonna replace the K actual this year with this helmet tackling Roland helmet just overall helmet rule and I hear how she had a handy stick it forward thinking. But it's not just defensive players that. Office and it's offered to players as well right how would Earl Campbell play in today's league. Could lead to bigger great Earl Campbell when we look at all the action ought Trimble talked Jack Taylor must know they don't have that global bullet Appleby who who is a guy from LA rams at each rocked he put his head out there Robert Isaiah Robertson. Basically ended his career record despite shocking commit embarrassing him guys like that couldn't play I mean maybe they could adjust. But it even at the lower level you look at Little League pop Warner and high school this gonna be tough and do you ever see thirty to forty year snout that. Obama just turned and flag football that he made tournament contact the flag Opel. We went I have contact your forward about the safety talking to prevent somebody's it's what their helmets is just gonna happen because these athletes are so fast pop and soul strong. Hits like ever gonna happen should penalize somebody for making the right play and as you said the bulls IG has. There in the metals sector you know you may be aiming for the chests and actually you know the guys lower in his head his record can't help that hardly gonna stop I don't know. It's and that's why there's eight overall pick linebacker with the Chicago Bears for several clients meant that we thought you know what drop may be denied the 49ers attend the raiders you want to go on number eight. To Ryan Casey's is he signed yet he has not signed yeah part of what is his main a year here and they're getting closer but there's a lot of language in there about when he faces suspension because the that they don't know. And Chris counselor said it last night this is a rule we have no idea who we know what they wrote. It's a little gray we'll have to see how they actually apply it in real world. And it on the the spirit of the rule not the language in and and what they wrote that piece of paper how they actually legislate it. I don't know but he have a linebacker it's missing a week to week and they've added for two weeks that I don't think it last night this guy is setting back his rookie year. Because it's important it's important enough for him. And his agency. To hold him out because he's gonna lose a lot of money. I don't know. I don't know where this all goes I think what it after this kind of role where that as time goes on. But it it's going to be a talking point I think I think last night though you weren't surprised by the way it was flat over 50000 time to experiment was his idol blacks felt like I make your point the wreck their game starts for real. You know people are gonna lose their jobs over these these titles. Each write these early spot when he suspended the these are teaching points for the officials and I don't mind a flash your pretty c.s in this meaningless football it meets on to the guys trying to make the roster but the final score has no. It has no effect on a regular season that also from officials on a minor flags now just try to get it right. Chart to get it right and cleaned up in every week he's officials should be looking at you since okay. Maybe session called that tells a bang bang play what we learn from this they Jill I do not know they do but not priorities guys were right they don't say they just don't show up on Sunday should. So it's a bit. Territory will be on CBS pop CBS NB worker with trailer what's you go to ESPN I don't know where -- I try to forget about Georgia John Bruton hired Jerry Austin. Oh yeah he the raiders and it's going to be up in the hotel and two on chuck you wanted to challenge in purchasing stuff fearless talk about the hall of Famer Jerry Kramer because he made a cameo in the truth machine in teal speech Jerry Kramer. Looks like about him that and are not oftentimes filtering together Kramer who was leading go chair and then I got prayer who was born on this week's. For chancellor Marty in Green Bay Packers. Talk about Jerry Kramer what do you remember about Jerry Kramer playing for a pack spot. But I mean I I probably was too young and you retire on the camera actually remember him playing the we saw in the video and I should member. And now with the Packers sweet. It should probably the most famous place simple play the Packers didn't have a lot of plays that day. They atrial display over and over again and you know whether it was Jim Taylor Paul Horn inner. Elijah Pitts or whoever their ended this week to. Both guards pulled on the play in it was his signature play. How it worked and it was Fuzzy Thurston and it was Jewish Jerry Kramer and forced Greg was on that line. But Jerry Kramer I guess that to me in my youth and how I remember Jerry Kramer. You know that's the party died young. He was gone. You know he peaked the raiders in Super Bowl truly wants approval Super Bowl one and two. He went out of left the Washington Redskins and I do remember that is just a seven or eight year old. And just when he was first you know coaching the Redskins he got cancer and he's gone. He died. And it you know so a whole generation we just we heard about Vince Lombardi. And we heard all of his staples and you know Al the players and he's got to do it correctly every time not just once in a lot Helen noticed all the Lombardi. Lines that he had over the years. In it for my generation which Jerry Kramer prodded him more than anybody. That spoke on behalf of Vince Lombardi. And what he managed to all those packer players and so was it was Jerry Kramer even more than Bart Starr her batter earlier. You know Paul morning or any of those guys Jim Taylor actually left and went play for the New Orleans Saints after that they got a little that a contract Ethan. Just all those great players on the packer teams it was really Jerry Kramer. And most personified. Lombardi. And there's a famous picture. There was the party's last game after they beat the raiders in Super Bowl chili was to use he left after that I never coached again as far as the Packers left him with the Redskins. It was Jerry Kramer to lift them up. They carried him off the field. I think it was actually the cover like time magazine wasn't in Sports Illustrated he saw the love they have for each other and Kramer just looking at Lombardi. And I I honestly thought lump but it did Jerry Kramer was in the hall fame. I mean for decades I thought these what was the whole thing about it I was at the party steakhouse and we were I was look at all the pictures for a couple hours I was look at every Juan. Just degrading on the packer hall of fame. Every time I go to Lambeau. For a game and I I tour of the hall of fame and ours it's to me it's even. The Packers hall of fame is not a hell of a level of the hall of fame and can't. It's that good break and it just dawned made it Jerry Kramer not a hall of fame. I didn't realize he used to be a place kicker poppy you know we may 29 Helio is I don't argue that actually employ its key vacancy series isn't allowing a lot of players should schedule your vote at that the most famous place that the Packers sweep. Student the most famous play. But what's his signature play. In the history of pro football probably the reflection of Franco. And I think it's been voted number one Matt congratulations he don't decent shifts into your accelerator. I doubt the immaculate conception occurs that. But is death number one. It's Bart Starr's sneak. It was icy ice bowl and what what do Bart Starr do you have ever Jethro Pugh with the video there Jethro Pugh an account or that line get down low and Bob Lilly and hunkered down. Bart Starr went right up the back of the number 64. In it was Jerry Kramer and nitpick about the balls of that play. They could kick the feel well. And tied the game right a party went for now it may have then. Like what I did. Africa tour card could have far frostbite. There we're not going to be able to go play the raiders in Super Bowl to that was the next week and over through the it's sort of advantage just get. Airfare for let's just part of the I've played perfect but good about the balls on the whole you know even if he gets stuff done that what you are like the cowboys weren't. I don't believe it watch and I spoke documentary I FL network is great stuff there I don't know how to aid and Heidi plating rebate added I was insane. People should take a look if you haven't saw their eyes or watched any of it should go to and check out the ice ball there Jerry Kramer student body listing by your ideals. Powerful guy you know attack receive bring it up as he waited 45 or partners I pops up until he was. The NFL's fiftieth anniversary team in 1969. He was on the all decade team in nineteen in another decade of the sixties. How did he have to wait for court I have decades. Tim Kaine the hall of fame it was not the fiftieth anniversary team idiot away get your fifty years to give him. Tokyo's make it a point to York's he spoke to ESPN today. Saying that there's a flaw in the system and that's why. He's Steve's doing this TO waited. Years and now pregnant and Jerry Kramer to wait 45 years senate trying to chat about the seven time champ. Jerry Kramer had to wait 45 years to get into the hall of fame that is. That is that's part of our hall of fame weekend is upon us still get the gold jackets today later Kent Ohio. Tomorrow the speeches which Jerry Kramer Ray Lewis Randy Moss Brian Dawkins. Brazil mr. Brazil I alibi club will probably ought to realize how good of a linebacker you love you share without cost it about him he wanted to be Robert was definitely a LT said he was me before meanwhile hit a good idea to watch Reggie Jackson quote effectively puts me at the Florida a little bit and at that you've W the man did I say also Brian Urlacher recourse to heal from Tennessee. Or Chattanooga Tennessee who gave his speech. At 3:17 PM eastern time if I was I was taught us that he's had a West Coast time top now watch that tomorrow is that we have to watch that at noon I'll be. My popcorn in March heels are maybe hour Mark Shields who's got a little logic shall we could put up sharply popped out started give water bottles should Kirk I'd be afternoon delight. It's time for the continues test and he's grateful to you don't take. Only to yeah seven day. This school. You know we'll have news stories that almost slipped through. I. But getting warm weather TO is gonna show for the hall of Famer now he's still a hall of Famer for how many times he stole balls away from defenders. But would you know but he also still only girlfriends from 957 the game hosts. And rather than me explain let's bring the man himself on Darryl the guru Johnson what is your history with Terrell Owens. I move. What are on topic pop top you still gotta take my test not sure I'd read it again and again we've really been excellent but let's just Shia story lost a lot of. Man what they love to public field early ninety Jeffrey in a circle with our lays out that I had a good girl wholesome girl. And it broke the unit that Barry is not alone in a cubicle wall many she doled out to Jeffs reached the peak tipped it out later tiger is what. Part. Broadcasters. That good. A puppet. That. And I. I've exempted ourselves so we're well what's supposed to be so. But girl with yet allowable Saturday opera trade your question was taught. Effort try to trust so. I've worked for the local phone companies would see had a when he a crack about what they'll coat. You would leave the meat bet that you do what we. Don't know what happened that suck it. So what date bella it was Christmas are also wrote Chris the. Something just told me you try to crack her coat for a voice mail about. I'm sure that I would do all what. Hope we can do lurch. So we've looked like clothes and she's hot. Office and DB and what do you don't. Broke back I would have to report. Where all don't know that it to a mutual fund LP deal sort of OK put every time we got no argument or she has to answer than. He would go to CEO did occur like. A lot of that to re always. Thought the assortment of Gretzky to what we. What did you tell white key oak. Eating late pop is around Christmas C I think you know what her problem if Hitler just to try. By the I'll put a little bit as good a drive. What would have blocked up by Hector let's look simple but they'll pop go. And it. Actually you're going to roll over the in the draw our way out of Brazil. Woman or girl got a call or. It would open up the baby. Got a call tomorrow in Reno or the political arena. It scratch and run it by myself. And will present while a doctor about a hour true stories although we've been oak. If here comes keel out with her she cute and and who would you leave your dog don't you don't duties usually I'll come out and on the tour a go was that to. Actually just seen that he was greeted. And nobody there and you don't know where to handle written or talked in Russia got them at night saying. Took her back. It would never Hispanic and I got a bit of a pop so. Peter are what derailed whatever watts on whatever. It was. You were witnessed in Italy is that we report. This was the last straw yet the portrait the green reading niner game she got all our family near where her house because. He'll cut debt bought quality and drop. And conflict. I thought why did. You don't. Collapse. Group of athlete who received who were there and that was an outcome to that day that would be it to rail all it. You know pop pocket immunity can't get a ball had not lost their outlook but all realize that missed or want to yell all. It was it was more girl while she really what marker Obama or they don't want to deal elbow do. I'm an ad she's she's got her where she's now we're TO and a and it's all. And mayor mayor Wiki Hitler created a local we laughed that it. But what I thought that you'd come out that door or call talk. About come Christmas Eve colonel went from lunch to Christmas Eve wow well once solid she could have and Dan Brown's story and TO. Guru and get a read it. Most advantage on his and his four children from four different women UA's government acknowledging Shawn Camp territory. At pleased that we pay out. We're guru. They'll do about the Anglican and our right they'll pop. You're right now there are actually going I don't talk to billboard gurus and could. Yeah what a little bit but nobody don't ever and try to be here. Okay. Yeah. I'll call I blow drug to all well. How do you feel about TO can he play for the cowboys are big turn cowboys spent. Resume their bosh and logged on. Are we lost the vote that was that last story that's an epic story right there I've never had an athlete to Blackhawk shoot that out cruiser and drove it. It's. That's the GO. All McDoogle rejection and that's dollar right now I'm not I'm not we're merger between Arafat. If it's any consolation giro awesome new girlfriend Doug Gabriel so it's on an anti Israel it's a little over 80 so you. I got. Other drastic error at all good. Ways he is it is crucial. During their. And he's gonna Aaron Carter's got well Honda classic that's you know that that happens a lot of sometimes you wanna reconnect with you know people that you lost in life and sometimes you do that during your own hall of fame speech. And that's why bring up this because usually I don't know what MI is one of the best times of year's hall of fame and you know you never know these guys real lives in the back stories. There's been a lot of great hall of fame speeches and ought to say this is my all time favorite is the longest but Warren Sapp involvement. When we when he went in. He talked about his career in you know everybody that you know he was you know play four in actions actually think Art Shell of all people which is weird. By the Kirk he. Oh bullet he saved the best for last. And that is far in this speech to be the best of all time mrs. Warren Sapp. Trying to reconnect with the ex wife Janette who sat. Tomorrow. You make sure my excellent debut here in New York. Home page. You do here. I was a little bit. Christmas are a couple I don't get the ball off target on his actions. Go back a couple we've got a sore after all the hookers can they got a good look at Natalie automatically able. I think that was for a actually are not happy directory when I don't think you can keep your body jury didn't hit it. Can put their last pro overtime as the brewers as it was it's on cook up. These guys. Who the for. 59. Loma I don't know I. It. Good in Tulsa world. Okay Jerry Lewis is about I don't know therein OK because I like alerted the control glad I left absorbed revive the question is we've got this earlier but how long Israel lose speech going to be its its regulatory climate never gonna end its like it never got ahead this could be probably an hour and 25 minutes and how many changes his rep. And another boot over under imaging does Jesus refuges. A 150 Jesus purposes of this mutual goal 37 minutes thirty and 37 seconds how well a mansion Trent Dilfer at all. We'll be okay. Will he mention the the night in Atlanta. All I'll get a little rare move. There's religiously. Pilot I imagine tired and let's enormous let us on this is there any way. Because I I I east I studied film and nine and I would think of life in movie way is anyway that TO sits at night tonight. They're going over the Tennessee Chattanooga speech tomorrow and then his epiphany comes through lake like I get Iran to come anywhere guy realizes oh my god among the growth and later. Does TO dislike like Ross of friends like at the airport and yes time to do both he can do that he could do this speech it dipped in Chattanooga and then get to can't let time Ray Lewis has got. Is there any chance that happens tomorrow no it's just not happening. Oh chance by the way just weeded out picture of himself and only shirt says there's limited limited edition of TO hall of fame gold. T shirt so I did I know and I think their lives into that there are I guess that's a caboose pistol that is it for us enjoyed a hall of fame week in giants and Diamondbacks Asian tigers won't be back Monday at high noon but up next day and Bruce show right here many 57 game. So little.
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