Gruden told Carr he’s his most ‘talented’ QB he's coached

David Carr to Damon: ‘Jon treats him as a veteran quarterback’

Karl Buscheck
January 22, 2018 - 6:39 pm

David Carr swung by “The Damon Bruce Show” on Thursday to reveal an excellent anecdote about the Raiders QB and to discuss how the early pairing of Derek Carr and Jon Gruden is working out

“Jon treats him as a veteran quarterback,” the older Carr said. “He even says to him things like, ‘I’ve never had a quarterback as talented as you that I get to work with.'"

“He appreciates the situation that he’s in, having a guy, walking into a situation like this. I guess it would probably be much like Rich Gannon, Brad Johnson type thing even though Derek’s not as far down the line as those guys. I think Jon views him as that guy.”

Check out the full interview with Carr in the podcast below:

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