Greg Papa on Khalil Mack: ‘I don’t think he misses any league games’

Defensive star remains absent as Raiders prep for 3rd preseason game

Karl Buscheck
August 21, 2018 - 11:10 am

Greg Papa stopped by with “Joe, Lo & Dibs” on Tuesday to discuss an assortment of NFL topics, including the ongoing absence of one Khalil Mack.

The former Raider voice, and current host of “The Greg Papa Show” with Bonta Hill said he’d like to see Mack back in the building at Raiders HQ in Alameda on Labor Day Monday, but isn’t exactly sweating the situation.

“If you’re asking for where this is going to be, I’ve said all along, I don’t think he misses any league games...

“I think this is just a hardcore, NFL, big money negotiation that is typical in August.”

Jump to the 30:50 mark in the pod to hear Papa in his owns words:

JLD - 8/21/18 - Hour 3 - Greg Papa

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, August 21st
Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss Khalil Mack's holdout and whether we'll see him play in Week 1. Then they speak with the Host of the Afternoon Delight, Greg Papa. 

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And that's the thing you need to end up spending more money on the player than you would have had you done a long term deal today because of the franchise tag is Tony million next year let's just say and it's a 125% of that the next year. And your pain and Tony 25. You could Adams that much money in the long term deal and had the security in and still have the flexibility to god and if you want. You're listening to 957 big game KG MZFMEST. 18 radio dot com station and good morning and if you just joining us. Great to have you with us today great pop up at 830. David Lombardi from the athletic the talk niners at 910. Cam Inman at 930. Cool I mean every time you have that conversation about the biggest issues addressed that the niners need to address this season whether it be adept at running back. Offensive line pass rush or the cornerback position. If you zero in on pass rush it's always gonna lead back to Khalil Mac and a lot of people think that such a crazy correlation. To draw the comparison between the two bit of a team has money and needs a pass rusher. And another team doesn't have money has a pass rusher but doesn't want to pay him it's a natural fit. Question is whether or not you end up spending the money on that type player I would propose doing a Kirk cousins type deal shorter term all guarantee. You want to take that risk. I mean you would guarantee the deal for injury anyway so you're really just worried about scale would Cole will Matt be a solid player for the next three years I think most people would say the answer is yes. But do you wanna try that much money up in the drop below in column Mac and doesn't pay to play defects. That's another big question because. I believe Sports Illustrated is doing this piece on commissioner for the day to give them the ringer. And they've had different players step in and be commissioner for the day and Josh Norman the redskin quarterback stepped in quarterback. They asked him you know what would you change your commissioner he said stop paying quarterbacks this much money he has his money's getting out of control. IC would Norman saying but those valuable position all sports how do you think teams are gonna handle the good all of the sudden reset the market 815 million. Even the players are never gonna make that much did you wonder what's the point of late inning agreed Japanese TV can't keep them on the roster that's what's so be funneling to me is that. You drafted him in the top five hoping and praying he would be a star. Benny was stock. And negative position we don't mind him. What was it all for the you appear you are you better ought to swinging and missing on the specs and tonight where he went Belichick trades back every year you see why Belichick is consciously trying to acquire. Seconds and thirds Brad have been drafting in the first. Because it's it's about market efficiency it's about getting good players but getting them at a reasonable price so it's not gonna cost you. And hormonal. I think what you stabs his office is in decent quarterback. I just think that the money I understand what he's saying because it affect the quarterback position. Is portrayed to be at the disposition. In it is this the face of the franchise so they're looking at saint. I wondered owners like man this is pay this guy I wanna I wanna have a guy that can be up front in the media they can speak well to do all these things so quarterback I think it's more than just begin to go on the ball around. I think the quarterback position is more deeper than that I think it's more. I think I think that's why the money's there I think get to more value in just bought a ballroom because you see a lot of these quarterbacks but the detaining hill and morals they still making big time money. And do they really are the Arab League. Quarterbacks but it's just the way that these that the best is just a way that people value disposition. Even with mediocre average guys. If he plays in week one and let's assuming stays healthy. That he had an awesome season because he's out to prove something to get back contract. Where does he end up having an average to slightly below average season. Because of the hold out and because of the overall disgruntled man with the fact he's not getting a new deal IT clip Mac you know. He EU mussina got to play for four years. You see the kind of effort you're gonna get. So without a doubt we'll Matt Bourne injury could Macs have hello we hear he's not this matters either way on the Phillies and red shop these. Disagree I go with the second option I think you're more likely to be susceptible to injury of the hamstring or the growing the the status because you haven't been working out of the team and not and I don't care what even doing on your own individual drills on an individual or that grade. But if you're not pushing yourself against the best of the best in practice you're not gonna be. As sharp I think he's throwing the disgruntled meant which would be inevitable if he didn't get a new deal. If he had to go back tail between his legs without a new deal he's going to be pissed off there's no doubt about it so. I think that he has a worse Syria is the worst year of his career he comes back without a new deal. No way. Now he's not a type a guy a bitchy right now I'll prison vetted whatever he gets there have been bad it's nice to double digit sacks the guys at the you he can play football he's the best pat he's learned to best pass rushes in the league. Because he doesn't get a deal and make this guy not play only thing that comes and barring injuries if he doesn't get injured the guys still had held here on say. He's more susceptible to injury because an aside I'm saying you can't say barring injury because that's a big part about my case I think he's more susceptible to injury. Because he as a main train can't help but that's where we. That's where we have a difference on on the subject because I don't think you can say barring injury because I think that's a big part than you would. You'd be better you mayberry got to ask him this I mean you would every camp probably the ever held out so you can't speak to what it's like to come play pat after having held out. I'm just looking at what we've seen from other holdouts plastered all pan held out and Donald Penn got injured now was it whether or not it was connected to his old pattern not. That's causation verses correlation the fact is that he yelled out he got hurt so I think Macs more susceptible to being hurt. And if he misses games he's less likely double digit. Tax did you get a I'd UP younger we can set that back we can set that bat and you can have the disclaimer on the SE LTB you have to come up and number. You can't just say double digit because glassy every year this 1511 and ten and if you get the insurance policy only better and he would this will I can make you any kind of a bit. Barney and you give me insurance probably if he plays game one this guys don't have this is not Colombia's worst year he's gonna have warned insects it insects has been has me. Guarantee rabbit that's not bad. That far out on a limb when he's done that each of the last thing you know he said he bit his timing hasn't missed Campillo so he says he's gonna have a weren't sure I'm Sam now. I just this is a guy who loves football he works too far. We'll that's not sitting at home I understand you do need to get tough it out there practice the timing and all those different things I get that. But coil Mac is that type of player in my opinion that's gonna still have a good year. Went out and out so give me a number at least eleven to twelve sacks I'm going over. Yes he missed training camp the whole premise of the conversation was and okay he's not he's not have a worse year grudge match united signal is not. He did this Colombia's worst year than he's at it for you hope to be here as a missing a game he's sixteen for sixteen every single year sixteen games sixteen starts 123 and four. Four years worth a sack totals four in year one as a rookie. Fifteen year too was a sophomore eleven in year 310 and a half last season. So give me a number you think he gets he this year you don't put it right in their like eleven yep absolutely not I think. Even hears that that even if he'd eat and you got to realize the first game he is not gonna play the whole game we got a copy I'm coming there wouldn't Galliano not a cat it's it's it's. A complete copy up because my kids is based on the fact that he didn't play in training camp the hold out. Makes it so that of course is not gonna play in week one and that all goes to my argument but he's not gonna have as good a year so you can. Keep throwing a couple of audio there's a watered out a caveat listen what I'm saying he's an excuse to take the money you got now you instead epidemic that things I need to go Clark you'll take the floor of the floor shorts. He can he's not gonna play Harley the first game in east yoga. It's not kept them sitting still have many women. I'm not saying and what did he still gonna have as many sex if not more in he's missed and again so mr. diddley says it's a cabin it's a cop out. And that's why I'm disagreeing because he's our Marty and still get to the number you playing this even though he's not gonna play a lot the first day that's exactly what they allowed the first game and I got in shape. Because igniting gain shaded in B whose team. Not the running out there and hadn't played 67 that we might get. Injured now because he's not shape he's not well thought they did and why do you going to while they have college in general playing out is their way we can pick a number and actually. Get too bad here or is this the classic scenario where we yell and scream two sides know how can I ever actually reach a bat and then we just move. I thought I was U2 RV. War and is not ready right now the grew worse that this you both scream and and you never reach an agreement and let up I don't understand what I'm sand is making its heart I just you guys I laid out. He said the guy is not gonna have his worst year. I told them I disagree. I also said he's not bump obviously the first game and still gonna put that tend eleven sex what point how much of what is a cab in my back I don't understand so. Please explain how I'm coming off as I'm not talking to Adam autumn but. If you had may be honored to take a sense often let me explain. It. If the injury factor is not any cop beyond its not a fair excuse because I think he's more susceptible to injury civilians injured at. The that is still on you don't get a pass. Because he gets injured that says it. I'll put an eleven Joseph Levin over eleven. Around eleven I'm I'm happy that number. I'd he sets at eleven but if he's injured the bat still in play if you if you take the injury out of it you're probably gonna have to come up with your number. Right because you get that if you get that insurance policy he gets hurt misses four games bats off you can't set a number like like ten you're gonna have to go higher. Yet I am a bit he's not gonna get injured so I'm I'm Amal I'm bad news and and so how can he's bet that he could get injuries don't say a team that's not have does not having a worst year I did. But look what else I could call him it's it's it's not even make insists he's just let's let's do it just scrap the segment like this has got. It just you know but just by the. Chill blowing teams continue. On 957. Game. Greg Papa coming up in about twelve minutes here at 830. One thing a little story we use the term bond out on this program quite a bit. We live in a world now where every once in such a rush for everything if you have a good night. Think you have an idea every one is such a rush implemented to get it to the market. Sometimes. You just now but dot. And you take a good idea and you flush it right down the toilet. He run going here in just a second here's the story 2002. There's a company. That's first to market. They had a brilliant idea. The problem. With the idea is that they experienced too much success. Too quickly. Three million people signed up for this product for this service. In the first year. And there were no competitors for at least the years so you were first to market and you had three million people on your service in the first here. Which you work ready for the success you weren't ready to handle the load of people that was coming into your product which was an online service as a result. Infrastructures terrible it was too slow it was on reliable. And then at the same time you get so big for your britches you ending any competition was coming that you went out he took a bunch of VC money. And you put a bunch of these hedge fund experts on your board. And they were more concerned with making money than they were with improving the product. And the next thing you know. FaceBook jumped into the space and Friendster became irrelevant. To people remember mice Tom made 500 million that thing sold fox might out of work but for him he got paid and that thing was popular. FaceBook took over the world Friendster was actually first they hit the market in 2002 they got three million sign ups and opening year. Well before MySpace got in well before FaceBook. They were but not. They work ready to handle all the traffic came to their site it was too slow it was on reliable and the second something more efficient showed up. People left a Friendster still exists in Asia as some sort of gaming platform but it could have been FaceBook. Bottom line here is that the NFL is trying to force these new rules down your throat. And they don't have it figured out yet case in point from Chris mortenson on ESPN. Amid confusion and angst about the new helmet contact rule. Yep that was having daily dialogue about the application in pre season games league sources told ESP yet. The league will also assemble an updated video tutorial that will be distributed to game officials. Coaches and players once the final pre season games are played. And in time for teams preparing for their regular season openers according to sources. How moronic is that. All this confusion over the new rule. And you're gonna put together a video. Presumably it plays that are happening this pre season. That you're getting get to the officials. A handful of days before the opener. And expect that with no practice whatsoever to be ready to go out there for Philadelphia Atlanta a week one Thursday night football. Defending champs home at Lincoln Financial Field. And you're gonna try to make it anything but a clown car show. Because you're gonna give my forties at practice this is not buttoned up if you want to implement these rules. Implement it next year let the rest study at this season give it some time you're not friends in Europe the worry about FaceBook getting NFL. Get it right. And if for some. Reason they're in such a rush to implement these rules. That rather than step back and say you know what I write this mess the rest clearly arching on this which is natural. Tough job. Let's give them a year to shrine to train themselves within the game and nimble implemented in one year's time. And you wonder why people looking good now and it makes jokes and they look at the NFL they talk about everything but the games because of decisions like this. I don't know what to make of this right now but to put together this video. Right before the start of the season expect the rest to get this right you're putting them in a spot to fail people are ready referees you just set them up for another does that. It's an impossible thing especially when you show on the video of a play that would never happen again those two players will never come together in the same fashion. That they did on the video so you can show me examples of. This should be called they shouldn't be called X xetra. But when you refereeing a game in full speed you're gonna have to make that judgment based on. That independent action. Based on player and player being Lowe's said it a thousand times and he's right you could call this play or this penalty on virtually every snap whether it's. Offensive lineman engaging with the defense and linemen or running back slightly lowering his hander what we've seen. Time and time again where a defender tries to tackle a guy with a ball and he puts his helmet down a little bit make college so. It's going to be a massive daily the rule as it is going into the regular season. But out and out they should just wait they should leave it alone. In try to pre season the league should come with a statement and say after me after reviewing because we wanted to work on this little bit more. We're gonna discontinued his right now. We still don't want spear and we don't advise spirit we want guys ahead at heads up we understand what we're looking for more on point guys and let guys know hey I could ecology on that. They need to work out the kinks because right now it's too inconsistent you can never. Ever ever get this one right because if you'll always have guys no matter what. I'd be in a freighter just instincts their heads gonna do their head is going to tilt down somewhat it's going to not use a crown the spirit that your head is automatically don't go to. Even when you do use your shoulder you bring your head a new slide to the side. You don't just go shoulder its form tackling your head in the slides off to decide so I think it's gonna take some it's gonna take awhile to start in this thing right. Mike Zimmer and head coach of the vikings at point blank what he's talking to media that this is gonna cost people jobs. I don't think he was talking officials Nissan about players you have players that and getting suspended the things that people realize. It's like this nonsense in college football if a guy is perceived to have spear an opponent to have lowered his head for the kill shot. It's automatic fifteen but if they determine you know that they got it right he's ejected. She actions. Talk about rejection sometimes they get this stuff wrong the kid in the I think it was air force game against cal the bowl game like three years ago. This is the final game this kid's career was a gold pro. He gets nailed a bad call early in the game and then he gets injected that's how his College Park, Maryland career and that's what you did to this Kate because you got a bad rule in place. NJ in Santa Clara says the new helmet rule Smart by the NFL right MJ what's going on. Then we are choked by the way you guys are done every single morning at Lleyton do you guys. A guy that actually think in Vienna that would actually doing a brilliant move though washing themselves or any future liability by any single Payer. Right so this is what's gonna happen here everybody gonna go up and you know four. If like we are doing now but spanked the media but most importantly the players the players are gonna go back to be in a Belichick get rid of its wolf. It doesn't make sense is gonna caught his job so we have the coaches talking about it so. They're both gonna say beautiful we did our job incredibly judge. I can say. That we try to make the NFL as well as we did it we can do it we try to protect the NFL players and yet our players came back. Apple that we want him back and being pilot. If being a concussion prone so be NFL after this one year. So what he saw from people who got four. At the end of the year there the good guy trying to protect the players the players themselves they're gonna go back in the culture and the parents saying I wanted dangerous. So they're gold liability for the NFL rarely do guys thanks so much. Smart point it's a Smart point the NFL is trying to get ahead of the lawsuits here and they're trying to prevent themselves against current lawsuits they wanna say that to doing everything in their possible power to go out there and make the game safer. For the players the problem is too dangerous sport inherently dangerous. As it is and what you're doing is cutting off your nose despite your face okay great maybe down the road you won't have the player lawsuit coming but you're turning off fans at every turn. Everywhere how many fans wanna talk about this nonsense on a regular basis how many fans wanna watch that Philadelphia wedding in the first NFL game of the year after BofA and I did team everybody tunes in for that it's always the defending champ against a quality opponent. First quarter you get one of these calls everyone's going to be on Twitter complaining every once in a social complaining you leave the bar complaining you don't focus on that stuff. Now you watch the games to get away from and I think he made the point yesterday there late last week whenever you watch sports as an escape to get away from all the things that hound us whether it's. In barked at by your boss or getting a parking ticket. So he put on a football game and now it's all these flags EC now the but the zebras huddling. We're already hounded by all the instant replay that slows these games down and now we don't even know. What a tackle is anymore we do you have enough trouble wondering. Wonder whether or not a catcher the catcher a touchdown the touchdown and he had a wait for the review before he can actually celebrate now you want to play. And the standard play got to wait hold your breath to see if Luke. That was a big hit is there going to be a flag coming it takes away a lot of the fun of just the pure joy of watching eleven on eleven and even though you know it's violent. And guys get hurt nobody wants to see that. There's that certain element of while the danger and hits these guys take Lowe played sixteen years I can't imagine playing sixteen seconds. Let alone sixteen years the amount of violence he goes on and game that's part of the attraction. I think this will forever change the game of football as we know what you are starting to kick off now you got to get guys can't get the run and start your change in the game of football as we know it. You look at boxing you don't seem trying to protect guys you look at yet seen you don't see them China and changed gloves and not made love violent. And because there's a union because there's certain things in his repercussions in B. They're trying to change things in order to save themselves but they're destroying the fabric of something that's been the integrity of something's been going on for so long. Certain things Ackerman would. Didn't catch rule OK it's which went into it you know gone across the middle hidden in depends a player OK we get certain plays a guy runs a four rout the big route across the middle. You don't know. Kitna did as I get that those are things does have the ball he's one of these offensive girls think I'd get. But when you're now you're trying to say look I understand keep your head up don't lead with the crown to topping your hit I get that part of it so that's good. Trying to clean that up that's great but when you now you're born flags on what they're trying to do to change it. I think you're changing the face of football you're changing something and I think is going to hurtful ball. In heard in the way that they can beyond repair if they stay with this rule. This is the basic fabrics of football that you don't win now not to catch rule that the holding rule that the five yards and that receivers go. This is football and it's in in the in its entity is this hitting the hard hitting and for you to try to. You know tried to minimize that. I think you don't football a huge to serve. What the NFL thinks he's going to hurt its product is people like Ryan she easier laying motionless on the Turks during a prime time game. And that's what this is in direct response that's whether trying to change this rule last year they had a marketable player on one of the most recognizable teams in their business. Hit the turf and was unable to move now unbelievable. She's ears walking. But that doesn't change that fact that a lot of mothers and and seeing. That highlight. And started thinking themselves well if she could be paralyzed on the turf I don't want my kids playing your sport which leads in this story from Eric's on timer of the LA times. 101000 fewer students are playing football in California sensed when he fifteen. It's an interesting story because it goes to schools like West Hills shot or not. Religious school. El camino real high in Woodland Hills charter school Westlake Village oaks Christian. Other religious school and Birmingham high another charter school and it lays out. How all these kids are now coming out for soccer instead of football. There are going to be a lot of schools and a lot of areas around the country where football participation is going to drop off ugly we're seeing that rent as well. Where it's never gonna happen is in Miami Gardens in Odessa Permian. Texas Midland Texas in the Philadelphia Catholic league. And the state of Ohio are gonna say MF salon Ohio we can pick a number of community you are never going to have an issue finding people who want to play football you're overall participation numbers. May dwindle but again. What curt soccer. Is what's going to end up helping football in a country of how many hundreds of millions we're gonna have plenty of dudes who have football as their only way out. Annual four ever be able to fill that player pool it might shrink a little. The problem that's hurting soccer is that they have an infinite number of people out there and they can't seem to get the good ones complaining export. And this just leads in that conversation again where is soccer's common targets and I had this conversation is weakening and I realized something suckers never count. There's never commons that soccer is never going to be top three sec is never going to be popular I've been hearing this since the DM ninety's when we host of the World Cup. And you know where we are now. The men's Olympic team excuse me the men's and I US are beginning to qualify for the World Cup the men's under 23 team didn't qualify for the 2012 or 2016 Olympics. And the women's team that everyone rallies behind finished fifth at the Rio Olympics and 2016. It's not get any better soccer is never going to be popular this. And honestly Joseph I think sometimes suspect. Without reducing I think stats right now is is is they're viewed and I think they can be taken any way you wind now I think it I don't know necessarily. Football all sports are down why because our kids have gotten saw our kids now. You're gonna get you're gonna there's times don't get to an age you know say get outside and go play. A lot of wanna stay in the house and played video games that our culture has change. You know they say kids now they spend between five to six hours a day on their phones tweeting playing gained five to six hours. We're no longer outside playing it's everyone's put this football all sports all activities outdoors for kids and stuff is on a decline. Because phones in because it different things that they can do with their time. Instead of sports like football worrying about soccer creeping up sports like soccer should be worried about. All right Greg hopper report is brought to you by July construction companies celebrating over 100 years of teamwork solutions and excellence Greg Papa joining us here on 95 cent in the game. Bob good morning will bring your right into the conversation. The the new home at roll the new quarterback protection rules that are in place. Chris mortenson has the report that the NFL's gonna try to improve upon us by the start of the season. How bad could this get for the lead because right now it seems is of a lot of people are unhappy with the way the games being officiated. Yeah I I I really believed showed is talking a lot of people in the league in reading everything that it's if this is a crackdown they're trying to enforce an August and I think come September. They're going to adjust and they're gonna call it like they did before probably a little more strict. I'm Shauna areas but I I think third that are there they've been dead bill walking mandate for big game officials and appreciation is just a flag anything. And let's not worry about it let's rain a man and then pulled back when the season starts my prayers and staying that we have Matt Millen on the show yesterday and he thinks. That's exactly what's gonna happen a camera called baseball years ago the balk rule where they really took an excessively into the season for a couple of months and they just dropped it. I think the weather they wanna change the language. It and be more specific with the crown. Of the helmet the very top of the helmet and not get down to the funeral forehead and on the face mask area. Will see it's it's just gonna be the game officials are gonna have to. They have a tough job and that they're gonna have to legislate this during the game. And it's going to be difficult and that I think we're gonna have honestly I think the outcry is going to be. We're players lower their helmets. And they're not flagged in the regular season based on what we saw in the pre season. And so I think they're going to it Josh I think it system at a very popular talking point now in August because receive a lot of flags someplace we're not sure of but these games don't matter they're doing it to make a point and I think when the season starts it's not gonna be his biggest stories we think it is right now. You think it's more of just the PR campaign by the NFL on that ultimately the game won't it won't be of I disagree resembling what we had last year I. I don't not that it's a PR camp I think they're there they're they understand the CTE dad the brain trauma and what it's doing to their players in the short term in the long term and a lot of you know. Chris Borland the 49ers remember him he just retired from the NFL after what its first year. Very promising young linebackers so a lot of players are just choosing not to play anymore they've got to get a handle. On it. But I think there's did it was it was purposely done to where there was going to be overreaction. On the implementing other role in the pre season. And they've done this in past years. And then when the actual games start. It's gonna be different you may give it got a little bit of a gray area warning here but again then you know because we analyze everything backwards and forwards. What happens when. An offensive player or defense a player gets away with a violent. Play that we saw in the pre season. That was flag and it's not flag in the regular season there's going to be an outcry for that so you can write down whatever you wanna write down the rule book. Then these officials have to go out and and the spirit of the rule called the game. And I think they're gonna rain that a little bit and I think the that the the coaches he hurt couch enhance comment sure the players here. Richard Sherman going off on it on Twitter at Richard Sherman's you know he's a power player with the players association. So I'm sure there's so behind the scenes working with the owners the coaches the players the players union. To try to understand this troll but I. I think it's a popular talking point here in August I don't think it's going to be that that should POW a couple of plays here and there. That impact winning and losing but not not to the degree I think we're anticipating now. Bob when you look it Aron Donald peace with the ramseys you know not necessary Paxson but he showed up. What's the biggest thing that separates his situation from a clear all Mac situation and we've when do you think we'll match Sheila. I'm not sure I mean you'd have to ask the agency that you know. It's not transfered there and Donald and and Joel Siegel for collegial they're two different players I think they have a lot of similarities I think you iron Donald can play on the outside. And beyond covered. And be a very effective player and I think Calero could move inside in and rush in the NB gaps. But third data mean in theory you know once a defensive end ones defensive tackle. So there's a little bit of a financial difference there as far as the impact on the game and I think these two players really kind of lower blur that. I don't know. Again I don't know I'd I think Donald will get done. Sooner is based on everything you're reading it there's you know very close to getting it done. With less need instinct rocky and Kevin demo off and his people and I don't believe the raiders are not talking actually a Mac. I'm not sure what they eat the that data is a guy I said yesterday and I show that I think I think Labor Day Monday. Is when. You've really got to hope colonial Mac is gonna start to make his way to 1220 harbor bay parkway. They get ready to play the next Monday even he could literally show up a week later. On the day of the game and go play action I saw OJ Simpson you know after he had his 2000 season and 73 signed the day of the game played the raiders. In beat the raiders to or by appointment Monday Night Football I played that night. So what happens. If you're asked you for aware this is going to be I I have said all along I don't think he misses any league games there was a report from CBS sports yesterday that. That they would be shocked if he shows up on time but where are they getting that from is that coming from Jules Siegel. As a coming from the raiders like the one thing is there's not a lot of quotes. Inflammatory quotes from either side we've not heard a word from Joel Siegel. Reggie won't talk to uncle Tom DeLay any talk usually do on the contract. Actually does not talking so I think that's good you're not burning any bridges down I think that she's just a hard core NFL big money negotiation. That is typical of August and in Roger McDonald had a note the of the day that I had thought about but it's pretty obvious really. That is that the raiders give Khalil more than Von Miller whether it's 20/20 122 per whatever it is a number guarantees that raiders game the first team additionally. They won't be the last but will be the first of 220. Million dollar a year players on the roster simultaneously and really. Maybe the only two positions that it happened would be quarterback and defensive end outside linebacker. So it's you know when you start adding it up if you know. If you get in did Derek 25 including a 22 that's 47 million a 177 point two this year that would mean. Next year's celebration on the cap and it's a lot of money tied up in two players. Greg Haber joining us here on 957 game. We had this conversation this morning regarding the niners the running back position we offensive line. The pass rush where the secondary what do you think the biggest concern is heading into week one at Minnesota. Well Jerry made its first week one you know you're concerned about Nick Cannon. You have to hope he's gonna make it along with breeder. After that offered Morris has got to show you something because Joseph Williams just looks like he's he's a wave of a player but right now he's got a fractured rib. He got to be healthy before he can caught a view I don't know how that impacted the rib injury I heard it was third quarter I watched the game back again. Yesterday morning and he just resorting tentative the entire. Game just not the same guy saw last year in August and they want of shutting him down and I are the offensive line's going to be fine. They're not getting anything going in the outside stretch long. And they add to this game coming up against the colts on the weekend it got to get something going with that stretch run I don't care what back is wanting it he would have to drop all keep that he got a you've got to get some more. They got to figure out how to try to do landmarks and how to block the outside song but I think as time goes on. They got to generate a pass rush and Cassius marsh and Jeremy a chop you. And that really flashed a touch you had a really powerful inside move. Late in the game and on Saturday and you should have backed picked him up I've seen it touch you I thought he was more. HE. Shoulder dip when he was a charger lower your main I'll remember more than I I thought he showed flashes that's what try to bull rush everybody here so I don't know if he's got. Enough power to get that done I thought he could kind of bandit. And go around the edge a little more Cassius marsh is a try hard guy. That they're not you know great skill. The name Elvis Dumervil I've always said the back of my mind where C. He actually led the team last year at Saks and it would have 66 and a half somewhat that you've got a heat up the quarterback Q your backhand is what it is. I think Q doctor Robert salas gonna have to do more blitzing like it did with Brock oil right through the middle of the front the of the night you can popped and I proven Foster could be a good blitzer. As well but to answer your question in my typical long Nguyen did respond to craft a I would I would say that it did everything else is solvable Alicia had severe injury. But right now I don't see a lot of great pass rushers on the street. Do you think that the secondary pop is intact enough to where it's going to be solvable and take Richard Sherman out of that although I think he's quite a question mark coming back from the Achilles but. The young players they have back they're given a faith in them but that's going to be a solid enough unit. I don't know I mean I say I did not like Adrian Covert mission that tackle that was that was bad aviation it's you know there it's your learning how to tackle again it's free season. But that the whole point of his defense is nothing gets over the top you keep everything at funny usually can't miss tackles. In a hole like that that would that would have should have been you know an eight yard gain Wanda pop in for a big chunks so. I just don't know enough about these guys are tired Colbert. I like Weatherspoon shoulder. When he broke up their pass for the shoulder that was a textbook play. I think he he you know he he looks the part. But no did cite this secondary snapped proven anything yet they're very young. And then he got an older player Richard Sherman caught him back off a a bad injury an Achilles on that right leg which is as plant plant like plane that side corner so. I haven't seen a meal ready yet to hit a little bit of video I'm not gonna get we're worried it without about the Goodwin played it. He was limping inch could if it had no make up speed at all so I haven't really seen him do what. So no the secondary issue on the and they you know one guy that's got some veteran wisdom back there I'm not sure is completely healthy yet and I'm sure there in that. Bobby you like looking in guy's feet you talk about off until linemen back you know it's using the run back is slow to the hole fast to the whole press the whole. When you look at the offensive line look like a San Cisco for a nice look at their past Bakken pretty well. But you get sometimes you see him get pushed back in now on the run back pass and run the hump so we can't necessarily get in the hole. Pars up front are you seeing any push it in in in in how to how do you attribute these the blocking scheme what do you think could be some solution. Especially you don't have your party you know starting guard seems like right now this is to clear Dominic cork so just to push upfront. Yeah how many years did you play in as an outside zone scheme La likely they're different yet to tell you totally didn't I just so in Maine. It's complicated I don't think they ever got it really last year I think they're not Carla side was not a good outside zone stretch runner. Justin never feel for whether to keep it plays Snyder or cutbacks are battle he's playing great in Cleveland. In the pre season and he's just he's tough to tackle but he didn't fit the scheme. So this you know this outside zone scheme. You've had some injuries obviously on the right side of the line. Jonathan Cooper just does not look healthy if he's not he's limping and it's obvious. You could see his physicality and strength. But he's got to get healthy here I'd I think this Magnuson injury. And he's got the kind of guy you put on short term IR and bring them back you just let him go so if you have to IR him. Then I I think Dick Cooper and Garnett both make the team and one starts or once a back up and pursued your swing guy. But it's just a different kind of blocking scheme. Where. In if you're not all tied in to talk about landmarks and hit spots. They got the right personnel to do it but you got to wrap it that's why the big thing out of seeing Andy this weekend is that just get the stretch run play over and over and over again. And really get it down because all of your movement off of that all your complimentary pass action with the boots and a lag those. It's all offer that. Now in in you know Al Davis stated this is running scheme. Because it's easy to penetrate when you got offensive linemen they're moving to decide and not going right into a body you can get shooting GAAP. And blow it up so it's time judicially you know a lot of stops a lot of offensive linemen getting push back and they're running back has nowhere to gulp. But it does work and I I'd venture to guess more than half of the teams in the league run this kind of scheme is their base because it makes the defense overflow. And they get out of their gaps and it's harder to play. So your your your helping alignment by blocking half a body and Andy got the cut back on the back side and Al that the reach block on the front side so. It's just it out it works it just in I don't know what's going on I think it's a product of of way to train. And August football. They're just they're not getting it. And either get mitigated opening day hit the Minnesota Vikings with Kendrick should bar the hotter and they got some monsters on that front of big bad PR kid from New York Richard said his son a better keep. And if you if you are brought on that outside zone against that traveled all they're double like GAAP blitzes you may have minor charge Russia. So you've got to figure this out the tweet I would September that died. Kitchen noon to 3 PM he and Monta hill will be joined by Carmen policy today at 2 o'clock Greg Papa joining us here on 957 in the game pop it is always a pleasure thank you so much time. Karma and the chairman of the council here yeah. I had a good day yes San pop up. The rare OJ Simpson reference from pop. Not for the challenge. No but the rare and OJ as a football player reference your program got to click foot there tough task. Shot on Galileo high school here in San Francisco replied I'm pat but now. Yet 2009 but four yarder 2006 yard here. I remember that sadly. All right so. We get to new helmet rule got the officials Mike Zimmer all the stuff going on it led into a conversation right before pop this'll gym bag packed yet. Ten years from now what's more popular in this country soccer or ED. I'm just curious ten years from now as a country. Where we had it sacirbey more popular or. TV ratings solely or we also using like attendance at games. Numbers of franchise. I think let's say this. You put your product out there how many people view it just how many people watch got a product might do more people watch this or that. What are more people interest I know there's no definite metric back and show us that but we have numbers for TV ratings and an option we have streaming numbers what's more popular. I think soccer will be more popular I think. Soccer already in this country is more popular than knee gaming. I I'd like to say it's soccer just because I prefer to be soccer but sadly I think it's gonna be east was announcing it badly for the people in any sport they just think that. On the money and everything is going towards that towards that area so I have a feeling it's going to be sports. Adding that he sports because he got to go talk to the kids you can ask that school talked to the evening in the 1890 Euro kids that are planning. That you know I guess and it's in college. In for him pretty good and I'm Mike dude when he got done working out pursing his on his ball online play and you know the different games what is buddies and stuff it's like. It's it's a huge epidemic in you know on this kid does well in school when you see when you hear stats that's coming out to kids replacement in between three. To six hours a day. On them their own with a computer whether it's on their phone blame all these different games. That tells you word this war we're trending. And so when you when you look at certain things like that when you have the warriors and you have individuals that are buying these. It's not just. It's people Bynum because it's coming it's you you we had a guy on the mound did when he came to show and talked about buying and teams into one so. I really believe you that average people people who did doesn't take any skill set it takes skill set to play soccer. In soccer's pretty tiring you read it around your plan soccer Jason ball football is tough it's physical back all postings to lock. But when you're playing he sports a certain things. Everyone can do and it's a great way to lake blip when guys. Will Smith's son is all set he play he's a gamer for he he makes money do that there's a lot of kids out there and but I hope that are doing this better in just about it. I don't question though into would you say more globally are you talking more the United States the United States that it is going where east port diagnosed Osaka. Let's do both I mean right now globally. 300 million fans over 300 million fans for. In 26 team be legal legends world championship finals drew 43 million viewers while. Soccer has no chance against us in the soccer team here in the World Cup the biggest event in soccer team here in 1994 and since then 24 years later the sport is experienced virtually no growth that's not true. How what what's what wears a pop it's not provide additional MB HIR muscular than Majorly made the body that they NFL it's made no growth. That's not true because if you look at the number of professional franchises that are now in America. It's grown exponentially if you look at the television ratings from 94. Or not only the Major League soccer products but also for the PL those of grown as well soccer participation since 1994. Has grown as well now it doesn't rival the top three leagues no. But to say they've experienced no growth is just an accurate OK fine it hasn't experienced no growth we can get really technical Wimbledon will make sure we're very nuanced and our conversation. How big has it gotten since the World Cup team here. Again you're not popular than any of the other major sports in the country how have you gotten in terms of your product your MLS vs other leagues around the world. You still garbage Wayne Rooney comes over here at the end of his career. All of these dudes come here for the payday at the end of the career these guys are the Oakland Raiders. I'll be too doubt of the dots where everyone would come here to cash in at the end right that's what the raiders work every once final payday was an Oakland that's what MLS is is it not. In part they do gets an aging stars to come over yes and that the best American soccer player right now. I don't be Christian if you listen where does he play plays in the Bundesliga and Germany is that a mess on America why why would he play here if it mattered I mean it 24 years since the World Cup. Our best players don't play here yet it they don't play our best players in general but that I think doesn't speak to a sport experiencing no growth you're right. I was wrong it has experienced growth. Has success experience significant growth has it reached 300 million worldwide and handful of years. 43. Million viewers to 2016. That's growth where does this come from when the at any big business for ten years. Yes it has ten years and has it it wasn't around in 94 a lesson. Not probably not because there were a lot of you're putting out an audience of worldwide numbers for. SI don't think that's a fair comparison I guess I agree completely right but what I need is evidence that. Soccer is really growing in this country. The biggest soccer event in the world came here 24 years ago where we act. Our product is no better than it was back that that's wrong with our product is much better than it was weak in that World Cup. Yes yes is this most recent world I don't think that is really a little bit easier for going to be this year and you know we we didn't make this World Cup no one is forty years later we were in that World Cup were not in this World Cup how women's team do at the last Olympics. Again this is an apples and nor does congress say the answer how did the under 23 team do the young team. The team that was born right when the World Cup came here how did they do in the last two Olympics. The answer. I think they didn't qualify yes. In qualified were no better than we were back to our best players still go overseas so why what what is this product this this MLS product she we have teams out there were able to gouge the public for their money. But it's not growing sports. And I'm just gonna blow a soccer. For years everyone's been saying soccer is gonna come around it's it's no where where does it. It's everywhere with the expansion into every single major mark in this country in a minor league system that is now. Getting to be in greater place and more players playing at the youth level more money coming in the US soccer and whether or not. The US men's national team did what they should've done you can look back to. Four years ago they had a great result. At the World Cup instead of looking at this result which is obviously a major disappointment. For a number of different reasons they have. Organizational issues of the top US soccer coach we could anything now pays out at the top of the universe of over three designers people we couldn't beat Trinidad and Tobago a Third World island country that's a fact yes and it's I'm telling you it's a disappointment that they did that they didn't make the World Cup but that is not the only. Metric to measure whether or not soccer is growing in this country I know but I mean. It's again like. Convince me that this is a bit I think convince me that twenty years and now this is gonna matter you had the biggest advertisement for soccer you could possibly ask for an 94. And and in where you act. Okay let's talk about this week we offend Asean's all the time this conversation. As a soccer team here dibs yeah it was last time we mentioned him we don't talk about soccer lives are about hockey but so does and that's not that's not fair barometer either do you wanna be I'm. How about you. It you'd rather be soccer and hockey absolutely neither get mentions a local sports talk you're right down the street you don't get mentioned and Gil did mention because people are trying to offend you. You'll get mentioned because. You just if not you don't move them they don't get mentioned on their own flagship as we've thrown the flag ship out there the F forward as we all talk flagship and to the various responsibilities the quakes flagship. Doesn't mean that local programming so to your point they don't get a lot of buzz and talk to that doesn't. Mean that soccer is not growing in this country. Now I think it's an interesting question you threw up there about ten years from now because he can't. Denied the on a mitigated growth of on their devices on their video game consoles I only have computers apple. It's it's crazy it's and so I believe this. Basketball football I think it's your it's going to be a bit because the growth potential for people to make money. Average people it takes a steal the place for politics that really and I think this go to play those games but if you can put this got six hours between forty hours a day. That kids are on and on their devices. Everyone has a chance it's not jump in the senate high you can jump it's not how far you can get the ball so I think it's a huge difference in who think it's gonna. 211 Fremont welcome to the program what's going on. What sought paid. I don't think you're wrong and check out I think being a sparse all the way we are better and the game has grown. For us actually showed it were better physical part because the competition around the world is already so ordered it spent about. And there ought to be get better as well as we are true but it didn't show and is Arctic east or. Of course is going to be a wider our rate of people a lot of people because first of all charges and way. I don't treat people to play it all play it there's much more geographical sports people can actually access it. Kind of like kinda like population of America immerses the population of Trinidad and Tobago right. We. There are not met and and now what are we saw another country's. You just said that. 300 million people here. Trinidad and Tobago they have very feel it a fraction of that. So what do you buy your own logic to eleven by your logic mean that we should be able to beat them at soccer. Soccer he goes on you Robby batted I don't have a partner strategy there that's always happened and all the soccer well though. That's all it Aetna probably border all the have brought it really didn't talk with the all. Would it be better if it New York. He did not. We should phone call up against it I'm just I need to case I mean I'd I'd I'd get it that soccer is growing but. Not passing football you're not pass in the NBA not tanks in Major League Baseball finally get that.
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