Don Nelson knew Steph would be an All-Star point guard but not a 2x MVP

Winningest coach joined Damon, Ratto, & Kolsky

Whitley Sandretto
April 07, 2020 - 9:59 pm
Stephen Curry

Former Golden State Warriors head coach, Don Nelson joined Damon, Ratto and Kolsky on the 10 year anniversary of passing Lenny Wilkens for the most NBA career wins. 

During the conversation, Nelson was asked about Stephen Curry.

"I'm so proud of Steph," Nelson said. "You never think a guy could be MVP of the league. I mean, who would ever think that but I thought he would be an All-Star point guard."

He also admitted he thought Curry would be more like a Steve Nash type of point guard. 

"I thought he'd be Steve Nash-like with maybe more of an emphasis on the offense and the shooting end," Nelson said. "Steve, it was more important to him to make assists. I always tried to get Steve to shoot more but I never had to worry about that with Steph. If he had an open shot, he was ready to take it."

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