Gannon expects Raiders’ roster to look ‘very different’ in 2018

Former silver and black QB addresses talk of a slide in culture

Karl Buscheck
December 20, 2017 - 2:38 pm

With two games remaining on the Raiders’ schedule, MVP turned analyst Rich Gannon joined “The Greg Papa Show” with Bonta Hill on Wednesday to discuss the state of the silver and black at large.

Papa asked Gannon about a noteworthy conversation that took place on the Sunday Night Football broadcast of Raiders-Cowboys between Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth. The voices of SNF discussed a conversation they’d had with Jack Del Rio in a prodcution meeting when the head coach bemoaned a slide in the culture.

“I heard that,” Gannon interjected. “That was concerning.”

Gannon said he hadn’t heard that concern from Del Rio or any coordinator but did detail how such an issue would start.

“If your best players aren’t your hardest-working players, your smartest players, your toughest players, then you’ve got a problem,” Gannon explained.

“And my sense, and again, I’m not there every day, but my sense as I look at the team, I say, ‘Is there enough leadership? Are there enough powerful voices speaking out? At some point the coaches, Jack Del Rio, has to hand the team back over to the players.”

Gannon went on to emphasize the importance of having vocal team leaders who demand excellence and perfection from the club every day on the practice field.

“When you talk about how do you get it fixed, how do you change that culture and environment,  The first thing you have to look at is the makeup of your roster,” Gannon. “My sense is it will look very different next year.”

Jump to the 1:29 mark in the podcast below to hear the full interview with Gannon:

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